Swallowed Star - Chapter 979

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Chapter 979
Chapter 979: Another Sky and Land

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The moment he entered the Nine Remoteness Whirlpool, Luo Feng felt an immense, tearing current the likes of which he'd never encountered before . He felt like he had been caught beneath a millstone grinding grain . His body crackled, and his face twisted .

"The current alone will annihilate me!" Luo Feng realized, terrified . "Seal Star!"


A seal star appeared—a sealing treasure with a space inside—and Luo Feng wriggled into it . As long as he hid in it, attacks from the outside would be significantly weakened . However, there was a major downside to doing so . Since the seal star couldn't fly quickly or dodge independently, enemies could grab hold of it . This made it practically useless when trying to avoid a pursuer, such as fleeing Bark Mirror Emperor .

It was a beautiful world inside the seal star . Beams of golden light flashed through the sky above the boundless solid ground . Luo Feng merged his mind with the seal star and used his spiritual force to detect the external world around the star .

It's kind of like the wormholes of the secret region, thought Luo Feng .

Previously, a wormhole had sent to the five-colored pool, and luckily, he had gotten the Space Heart as a result .

"Well, here I am," he said .

But as Luo Feng felt the surroundings becoming steady, he inspected the external world, and his heart missed a beat . He could distinctly sense an army formed by life forms of other races, all of whom had red, burly bodies and bloody horns . They appeared to be of the same race as the universe knight that had chased after Bark Mirror Emperor .

A squad of warriors closest to the portal of the whirlpool suddenly flew toward it, approaching the seal star .

"Huh? A valuable?" one said .

"What valuable is it?" said another .

When they felt a spiritual force passing through their bodies, all of them started to roar furiously .

"An invader from another race!"

"Other races trespassing!"


The star disappeared, instantly replaced by a silver-armored, silver-winged man .

Luo Feng looked around and saw 300 warriors, all of whom were undying fighters . The leader had such powerful energy that he might have been an invincible emperor .

Luo Feng felt numb . Even the human race did not have the ability to deploy 300 undying fighters to guard a single area .

For a random squad stationed here to be so strong… he thought, looking around in astonishment . According to my knowledge of this place, this isn't the only Nine Remoteness Whirlpool in Nine Remoteness Ocean . I wonder if all of them are so heavily guarded .

Many of the bloody-horned warriors grew eager—like predators in the presence of prey .

"Sorry," said Luo Feng . "Can't stick around . "


Luo Feng shook his wing and started to fly away .

"Intruder!" one of them roared .

"Quick! Go after him!" the captain shouted . "First team and second team, follow me! Third team, stay here!"



Suddenly, one bloody shadow after another flew up into the sky, roaring and raced toward Luo Feng .

As soon as Luo Feng breached the ocean, he felt the stark difference between the outside world and the sky and land, which were so different from other districts in Nine Remoteness Space . Stars shone in the sky, and a blurry, bloody mist permeated the air, giving the entire sky and land unparalleled strength .

"The resistance is so strong!" he said .

Suddenly, he realized that the strange strength here stopped the space ripple completely, thus suppressing God Country Transportation .

"No teleportation…!" he muttered in disbelief . "No God Country Transportation!"

Finally, Luo Feng understood why even universe knight-level great beings could only arrive here through the Nine Remoteness Whirlpool . Teleportation and God Country Transportation were impossible .



Laughing voices blasted Luo Feng's ears with undying energy . He looked back to see a multitude of bloody figures dashing toward him .

"Foreign invader!" roared the captain . "This sky and land belong to our race . While you are heavily suppressed here, we are unaffected . There's no way you can get away!"

Luo Feng could feel the bloody mist suppressing the space ripple, yet these creatures flew unaffected .

"You, merely undying fighters, want to catch up with me?" Luo Feng said .


His Shi Wu Wings ripped through the air, causing space turbulence as his speed surged, and he shot into the distance .


The warriors could only watch as the intruder flew farther and farther away . Soon, he became a small, silver spot, then vanished . They stood there, perplexed and staring at each other .

"How could he be so fast?" they asked one another . "He's only an undying fighter from a foreign race . How can he be faster than us here in our homeland?"

The 300 undying warriors were unprepared for this . They were highly experienced in dealing with foreign invaders . The speed of undying fighters of other races was always sharply reduced when they entered their homeland, thus allowing them to easily outpace any intruders . If it was a universe knight, they would immediately report it and ask the universe knights of their race to take up the matter, but this one had only been a normal undying fighter .

"Damn it!" roared the biggest of the bloody-horned warriors . "We let an undying fighter from another race get away!"

They warriors looked to their captain . "What should we do, captain? What now?"

The burly figure growled, "We report what happened, of course! Unless you want to die!"


Stars shone in the sky, dimmed by the bloody mist hanging over the land . Mountains, streams, and forests covered the land . When Luo Feng finally felt confident that he had evaded the 300 warriors, he slowed to a halt and looked around .

"Such a large world," he said . "I've flown 6 billion miles already and haven't encountered any other life forms . This race must only have a small number of creatures, but they're all incredibly powerful . "

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He sat down with his legs crossed .

No teleportation and no God Country Transportation, he thought . Which means I can't break out of here . All I can do is wait to be killed by this race like a lamb awaiting the slaughter!

Luo Feng checked his coordinates and found that, strangely, this sky and land were the at the bottom of the Nine Remoteness Ocean .

"I'm at the center of Nine Remoteness Ocean," he muttered to himself . "According to my coordinates, it's still inside Nine Remoteness Space . "

Though I can't teleport myself, my Mosha body could use his talent technique "domain" to get in, he thought . As long as Mosha body isn't also hunted, he should be able to get here without any trouble .

"I'll wait here first," he said . "Mosha body has been floating for such a long time on his approach to the World Tree, and it's only a month before he reaches the final stage of the mission . "

Luo Feng pondered the situation for a while and concluded that what happened around him was already beyond his control, whereas he was confident that Mosha body could get a twig and leaf of the World Tree this time .

"I can't give up now," he decided . "Besides, escape is not guaranteed, even if Mosha body were to enter now . I need to get in touch with my teacher first . "


Just as Luo Feng connected to Primal Chaos City Leader through the virtual universe, members of the indigenous race were communicating with each other through the virtual world they had set up in Nine Remoteness Space .

In an opulent palace in an ancient city at the center of Nine Remoteness Space, a burly black-armored universe knight roared with fury .

"A foreign invader? You can't even catch an undying fighter from another race! Follow me, my children!"

"Yes, general!"

The burly universe knight led an elite team of ten warriors to fly out from the city .

"Ma Ma Tuo," a voice said within the universe knight's head .

His godly body trembled before he stopped, and the warriors behind him followed his lead .

"General?" the warriors said, confused .

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"It was the prince," the burly universe knight said in a deep voice .


The ten captain-level elite warriors were all started . They quickly began to grovel, along with their general, as in the distance, tens of creatures flew out of the most towering palace of the ancient city . Three of them were unbelievably powerful . They reached the group in no time .

"Your highness," the universe knight-level general said, bowing to show respect .

"Your highness," echoed the ten warriors behind him as they kneeled .

The leader of the creatures that had just arrived had a handsome face covered in red engravings . He wore gorgeous armor of gold and red, emanating a powerful ripple that could only have come from a true treasure . He was the prince, and he stood apart from all the others of his race . He looked as if he were from a different race entirely .

"General Ma Ma Tuo," said the prince in a fair voice . "I just heard that a team under your command found a foreign invader . He's only an undying fighter, yet he managed to escape your team?"

"Yes, your highness," the burly general answered respectfully .

"Interesting," the prince continued . "An undying fighter with such power . I heard that out of the heirs in the Ancestral God School, some undying fighters are mighty . I'm also undying . Who's better? I wonder . Him or me…?"

"You have invincible power, your highness," answered General Ma Ma Tuo . "That invader is not your match . "

"We can't underestimate other races," the prince said . "Lead the way . Let's go hunt this undying fighter from another race . "

"Um…" The burly general was dazed .

"You're afraid that I might run into danger?" the prince asked .

"No, that's not what I meant, your highness," the general answered .

"Humph! All of my 107 brothers are still alive," the prince said confidently . "How dangerous can it be? Go . "

"Yes, your highness," the general said, with no choice but to follow orders .


The great beings departed to hunt down this undying fighter alongside their prince .