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Chapter 1004: 1004

Chapter 1004: Cold Male Voice

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“I can afford it regardless of the price!”

 “I think so too . ”

 Fu Ya’s words made Jason happy . He was about to reach out and grab her shoulder when Fu Ya lifted her right leg and kicked Jason in between his legs .


 Unprepared for the excruciating pain, Jason knelt on the ground involuntarily . His hands covered his crotch, and he had a contorted expression on his face .

 Fu Ya smiled leisurely . “This is the price to pay for inviting me for a drink . Mr . Jason, do you still want to have a drink with me now?”

 His men immediately gathered and helped Jason up .

 As he was still feeling the pain, Jason’s legs were trembling . He pointed at Fu Ya . “Grab this bitch! I’m going to play with her to death today!”

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 A group of people immediately pounced on Fu Ya .

 Lin Wanwan frowned . She grabbed one of the leader’s wrists and twisted it lightly . He fell heavily to the ground .

 “Mr . Jason, we have no intention to create trouble . If you stop now, we can just forget about this matter . Otherwise, if this matter blows up, it won’t do anyone any good . ”

 Lin Wanwan’s move made Jason’s face change . He laughed ferociously and raised his hand . “Seal off all the exits of this bar! These two yellow-skinned bitches who don’t know their places actually dare to be impolite to me . I’m going to train you into cheap sluts and sell you off at a high price!”

Jason’s men sealed off all the exits of the bar, including the escape routes .

 The other spectators in the bar weren’t afraid . Instead, they started to cheer .

 “Jason, you’re too ungentlemanly toward the ladies!”

 “Two pitiful Oriental beauties . You’re in for it now!”

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 “Jason, after you’ve finished playing with them, can you let me have a taste of them as well?”

 In everyone’s eyes, Lin Wanwan and Fu Ya were like two white rabbits who had fallen in with a pack of evil wolves and were at the mercy of others .

Upon her witnessing this scene, Vivian’s eyes shone with excited and cruel laughter .

 A man who was considered good-looking walked over . He seemed to have some relationship with Jason as he placed his hand on the other’s shoulder .

 “I’ve seen this Miss on Robert’s show previously . As long as you’re willing to sleep with me for a night, I’ll help you this once . How about it?”

 Lin Wanwan laughed coldly . “I’m sorry . I’m not at all interested in a huge gorilla who has hair all over!”

 “Ignorant bitch!”

 The man’s expression became colder . He tilted his head and looked at Jason . “As long as you’re willing to give this woman to me, I’ll agree to invest in your business!”


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 Jason asked his men to light up a cigar for him . He ordered, “What are you standing like a stone there for? Catch them!”

 Lin Wanwan clenched her fists .

 She didn’t need to go all out to take care of this group of good-for-nothings .

 However, Fu Ya…

 Fu Ya sensed her worried gaze and smiled lightly . “You don’t have to worry about me . ”

 Lin Wanwan made up her mind and swept up the situation quickly .

She waited for the chance to make a move .

 Just one minute would be sufficient!

 However, she didn’t have the chance to make a move .


 The door of the bar was suddenly kicked open violently . Everyone in the room was taken aback by the loud noise .

 “How crowded . ” The cold male voice resounded in the quiet space .

 A black-haired man in a black shirt and trousers appeared at the door . There was a suit jacket in his arms, and he seemed to be a guest who came to the bar for a drink .

 He wore a golden mask shaped like an eagle’s wings . The thin lips that were exposed curved up slightly .

 Jason was the first to react . He shouted, “Get lost . The bar is temporarily closed for business!”

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