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Published at 26th of March 2020 05:50:18 AM

Chapter 249

He only saw her fair, long legs that seemed to stretch forever .

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This was his first time seeing Liu Duo in such a daring get-up, and he was immediately hooked by such obscure beauty . Ye Lanlan’s blush went up to her ears . In a voice low enough to hear herself speak, she whispered, “She’s shameless, I tell you! Wearing something like that, she might as well wear nothing!”

Liu Duo hadn’t expected that Ye Xuan and Ye Lanlan would visit . She was stunned for a second but neglected them anyway, and rushed to the outhouse .

Ye Liu had his back to the stairway, so he hadn’t seen her coming down or what she was wearing . He only looked back when he saw Ye Xuan staring transfixed at something behind him .

And he saw Liu Duo’s figure just as she entered the outhouse and closed the door behind her .

“Little Xuan, that’s your sister-in-law!” He turned to his guests, raising his brows .

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He didn’t like the way Ye Xuan was staring at Liu Duo, as though somebody else were holding his woman close to their heart . But he didn’t show it and maintained a gleeful appearance .

Ye Xuan came to when he heard Ye Liu’s unfeeling tone . He continued grinning, “I know . We’ve met on several occasions . ”

“Oh, if that’s the case, then I don’t need to make any introductions . ” Now Ye Liu was very crossed . How many times had they met?

Ye Yang and Ye Ling were already used to Liu Duo’s get-ups, so they didn’t find it strange . However, the image had left one of them red on the ears and the other red on the cheeks .

Ye Yang stopped his work and went upstairs .

Liu Duo exited the outhouse and washed her hands by the well . She shook off the droplets and returned to the house .

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Right then, Ye Xuan greeted her with a smile, “Good day, sister-in-law . ”

Ye Lanlan glanced at her and repeated the same thing .

When Ye Liu heard them say so, he quickly looked back to find Liu Duo wearing thin layers . No wonder Ye Xuan couldn’t take his eyes off her – even Ye Liu himself found it difficult . He thought, What an imp . Doesn’t she know that wearing something like that would attract men’s attention?

He was about to get up and pull her inside when Ye Yang arrived with her robe, “Put this on . ”

Liu Duo smiled at his gesture and looked down at what she was wearing . It wasn’t a mystery what they were thinking . She didn’t say anything, since they had visitors, and accepted Ye Yang’s assistance as he helped her put on her robe .

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After that, he left to continue his work, refusing to speak to his guests . Between them, they had nothing to talk about!

Liu Duo didn’t want to talk to them either . She wanted to get back upstairs, but Ye Xuan stalled her, “Sister Liu Duo, why don’t you sit with us? My sister Lanlan has something to tell you . ”

And so she looked back at them . Something to tell me? She barely knew Lanlan . What was there to tell?

Yet, she joined them .

“Sis, you told Liu, so you should tell Liu Duo too, shouldn’t you? Go ahead, say it,” He reminded Ye Lanlan, still grinning .

Telling one person should be enough, shouldn’t it? Confused, she conveyed her message again, “We come to extend an invitation . ”

“Here, this is their card . Tell me what’s on it . ” Ye Liu passed it to Liu Duo, eager to know how many words she could read now .

Liu Duo noticed Ye Lanlan’s reluctance and remained expressionless . She took the card .

“We’re invited to a banquet at their house five days from now!” She read and passed the card back to Ye Liu .

“Sister Liu Duo, you know how to read?” Ye Xuan’s eyes brightened . This had exceeded his expectations .

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