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Published at 26th of March 2020 05:50:15 AM

Chapter 251

Chapter 251: Then I Won’t Go Anymore

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They went to the first floor, and Liu Duo asked Ye Liu to bring the rocking chair she bought to the yard . It just so happened that there was a spot where the sunlight was blocked by the bamboo .

Sitting in a rocking chair and swaying back and forth was definitely much more comfortable than sitting on a stool with four legs .

Ye Yang and the others looked at how Liu Duo was enjoying herself on the rocking chair, and they felt she looked very cute .

“Ye Lanlan will be getting married in five days and will have a wedding banquet . Are you guys going or not?” Liu Duo asked . In any case, she didn’t want to go .

The relationship between them was bad . They lived in the same village but had not visited each other for ten years . And the time that they had come, they asked the Ye brothers to move their parents’ grave . And now they came and asked them to go to a wedding banquet . Liu Duo guessed they probably wouldn’t be going!

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Ye Liu was helping Ye Yang with the bamboo sheets . “Of course we aren’t going . ”

“Liu, didn’t you just say we will definitely go?” Ye Ling looked at Ye Liu and could not believe it . Wasn’t this what he had said to Ye Xuan moments earlier?

“Oh my, my naive little brother, just because I said we will go, does it mean that we will go? Even if they come to invite us with a palanquin with eight carriers, we still would not go! If it weren’t for the fact that we are moving to a new house today, Liu would’ve taken a broom and chased them out! Why else would I waste time talking nonsense with them and let them stay for so long?”

Moreover, the way that dirty bastard looked at Little Duo really made me want to beat him up! Ye Liu did not say this last sentence aloud . He felt extremely unhappy in his heart!

He wasn’t like Ye Ling, who couldn’t tell from Ye Xuan’s gaze that he was interested in Liu Duo!

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“Oh . ” Ye Ling nodded his head . He didn’t really think too deeply about it .

Liu Duo looked at the confused Ye Ling and felt that he really was too pure . It was also because Ye Yang and the others did too good of a job at protecting him .

“Mr . Liuzi, tomorrow, you and Yang go to the village chief and buy a few mus of paddy and vegetable fields . Yang will not go hunting anymore so you should also stay home and stop doing temp work . What do you think?” Liu Duo changed the topic . She didn’t want to talk about things that were related to the Ye family courtyard .

She had already discussed it with Ye Yang before that he shouldn’t go to the mountains to hunt anymore and should just stay home and work the fields . However, she still hadn’t discussed this with Ye Liu yet .

Ye Liu laughed when he heard her . “That’s fine . Since Little Duo can’t bear to part with me, then I won’t go anymore!”

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Although the dividends Liu Duo received from the tailor shop was a significant amount, he had never thought about just lazing about at home! He had actually been planning to go find some temp work the next day . After all, the house had already been completed for quite a few days .

“Be a bit more serious . I’m not joking! If you don’t like to work in the fields, then why don’t you run a small business? After all, you are quite good at talking . ”

Liu Duo felt that he was well suited for doing business . After all, he had a nimble mind and a quick mouth . She witnessed this while they sold the bamboo shoots! Recently, they were busy with building the house so they didn’t process any bamboo shoots to sell .

“I feel that what Liu Duo said sounds good . Liu, do you want to run a small business?” Ye Ling said aloud . Doing temp work was very tiring, and the pay wasn’t very good, and this pained his heart .

“Liu, you can try it . ” Ye Yang felt that although Ye Liu might be a bit frivolous, his brain was better than the three of theirs .

It wasn’t that Ye Liu had never thought about running a small business, it was just that they hadn’t had any spare cash . After all, they had to spend a lot on Ye Ling’s medical bills .

Now that their household was in better condition because of Liu Duo’s hard work, he would, of course, want to make more money . Otherwise, that would mean that they were useless! “Of course I want to, but I don’t have any capital . Little Duo, you are the God of Wealth, can you provide some financial aid? All the future profit will belong to you . ”

When Liu Duo heard him, she said with a smile, “Okay . I would, of course, be happy to do such a good thing!”


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