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Chapter 444

Chapter 444: Get Away From Me, It’s So Damn Hot

“I can, but the tomatoes in the ground still need a few days before they can be picked . My child is sick, so I really need money to buy medicine . That’s why…” The villager’s face looked very anxious .

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Upon hearing this, Liu Duo raised her eyebrows . It wasn’t like she had a stone heart, but what did this have to do with her?

After Liu Duo heard him say a bunch of stuff, she didn’t respond . Her stance was very clear . No matter whether it were true or not, she would not lend him money!

On the other hand, Aunt Li’s heart softened when she heard him . As a parent, he would, of course, feel very anxious when he didn’t have money to cure his sick child .

“What is your child’s illness?” Aunt Li asked out of concern .

The villager could tell Liu Duo wasn’t going to lend him money, but he didn’t blame her .

Nevertheless, he still replied, “Lung fever . He had it when he was born . ”

Although he and his wife didn’t have this illness, his late mother had had it . It was perhaps a transgenerational, epigenetic inheritance .

In those ancient times, lung fever and Ye Ling’s heart illness were incurable . They could only be managed with medicine .

Ye Ling was only able to live until such an age because he had three older brothers who did everything they could to make money to buy medicine for him . He always fell ill when he was young .

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Upon hearing him, Aunt Li could understand why his relatives were unwilling to lend him money .

Who would lend him money? Spending money on such an illness was just a waste of money . It wasn’t like they could cure it .

However, at this time, Liu Duo suddenly asked, “How old is your child?”

Lung fever was what people now call tuberculosis .

“Six years old . ” The villager replied .

Six years old?

Liu Duo was a bit shocked that a man his age had a child who was just six years old . It seemed he must have had the child when he was very old .

At that moment, Ye Liu and the others returned on the ox-cart .

“Little Duo, we’re back . ”

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“Beloved, we brought back a lot of tasty food for you . ”

The two of them said this right as they entered the yard door, as if no one had noticed them come in .

Li Wazi, on the other hand, didn’t say anything . When he got off the ox-cart, he helped to carry the fruit and snacks they had bought and temporarily placed them on the table underneath the roof .

Although the villager had a sad look on his face, he still said politely, “Sorry to bother you . I’ll be heading back . ”

Liu Duo nodded .

After Ye Liu parked the ox-cart, he went and stood beside Liu Duo . “Little Duo, what was up with that guy? He changed his tomatoes into money, but he looked so sad . ”

Aunt Li replied, “Oh, he wants to borrow money from the silly girl . His child is sick and he needs money to buy medicine . ”

Upon hearing her, Ye Liu sat beside Liu Duo and laughed, “Little Duo probably didn’t lend it to him, did she?”

He understood Liu Duo very well . She wasn’t someone who would get soft hearted, and it wasn’t like the man was related to her!

The reason she had spent two hundred tael’s to “buy” Liu Ran back was that he was her brother, and he was only ten years old . She couldn’t bear to see him suffer . Otherwise, why would she bother?

Aunt Li nodded .

“Get away from me, it’s so damn hot!” Liu Duo slapped the hand Ye Liu put on her waist .

Taking advantage of her right in front of Aunt Li . He really was shameless .

Aunt Li’s attention was all on Little Huzi . After all, that villager had said his child was only six but had lung fever . She was praying that her own grandson could be healthy .

She wouldn’t pay attention to Ye Liu behaving like a hooligan .

At that moment, Ye Mo walked over from the well . In his hands were two freshly cleaned pieces of fruit .

He handed one to Aunt Li and then approached Liu Duo . “Beloved, try it . It’s sweet . ”

Liu Duo rolled her eyes at him, got up, and went to the kitchen to look for Ye Ling .


Ye Mo’s cool and arrogant face was full of gloominess . So many hours had already passed, but she was still angry?

Hadn’t he also made her feel good? What was there to be angry about?

Ye Liu didn’t show any manners and took the fruit meant for Liu Duo . He laughed, “Thanks! It just so happens that Liu is thirsty . ”