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Chapter 445

Chapter 445: Here, Eat It, Quickly!

The corner of Ye Mo’s mouth twitched . Liu really knew how to take advantage of people . He had just been about to take it to Liu Duo .

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He turned around, took another piece of fruit, went to the well to wash it, and went to the kitchen to find Liu Duo .

“Duo Er, you should go outside, since it is very hot in here . ” Ye Ling said gently .

Little Lian saw how well Ye Ling treated Liu Duo and a smile appeared on her face . She felt that, although Liu Duo was a shared wife she was very blessed . All of them really cared for her, and it was actually not too bad .

Liu Duo smiled and went to sit beside him . He was in charge of the flame, and Little Lian was in charge of cooking .

She used the sleeve on her garment to wipe his sweat . “It’s not hot . A quiet mind keeps one cool . ”

Liu Duo wouldn’t wear the modified clothes when there were other people in the house . Although it was a bit hot, all four of them were against her wearing it, so she was completely defeated!

Ye Mo, who was arrogant from head to toe, walked in at that moment .

He handed over a freshly cleaned piece of fruit to Liu Duo for a second time . “Beloved . Here, eat it, quickly . It’s extremely sweet . We bought it especially for you!”

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“…” Liu Duo just kept ignoring him .

He shouldn’t have thought she was that easy to appease! If she were to forgive him easily, wouldn’t he continue to re-offend?

She didn’t want to be tossed around constantly and have to sleep for a long time the next day to regain her energy!

She needed to have him change this disgusting habit of his . If he didn’t learn how to control himself, sooner or later, he would get what was coming to him .

She didn’t take it, and Ye Mo kept his hand stretched out .

Ye Ling added some firewood and then looked at Ye Mo . He then looked at Liu Duo and knew Liu Duo was definitely angry .

“Duo Er, just eat it . There’s still some time before the meal . ”

Liu Duo saw that his brother complex was acting up again, so she reached out and pinched his face . “Ling, then make the flame bigger, so that you can steam the rice faster, and then Sister Lian will be able to fry the vegetables . ”

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Little Lian had already cut and prepared the vegetables . The only thing left to do was to stir-fry them .

Little Lian washed the cutting board and kitchen knife and then smiled, “I’ll go out to visit Little Huzi first . ”

She felt a bit embarrassed when she watched their interactions . It was like they were having a lovers quarrel in front of her .

When it was only the three of them, Ye Mo grabbed a stool and sat close to Liu Duo, sandwiching Liu Duo in the middle .

Liu Duo frowned, “Little Brother Mo, you better move away from me . Don’t you know it is very hot?”

“Then why are you so close to Ling? You’re not telling the truth . ”

“…” Liu Duo was left speechless . She only responded after being stunned for a second, “None of your business! So what if I want to sit close to Ling?”

“Nothing . I also want to sit close to you . What about it?”

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There was a bit of amusement in Ye Mo’s cool and arrogant smile . He liked arguing with Liu Duo, although both of them had about the same number of victories .

“Here, eat it, quickly!” He took the fruit and put it in front of Liu Duo’s eyes, as though he wanted her to eat it, no matter what .

It made Liu Duo so angry her teeth itched . She took the fruit over and gave it to Ye Ling . “Ling, you eat it . ”


Ye Ling looked at the two of them . Why were the two of them always so childish?

“Duo Er, you eat it . My hands are dirty . ”

“I will just help you hold it!”

Liu Duo put the fruit into his mouth . Just like Ye Mo, she also wanted him to eat it, no matter what .

At this time, Ye Liu walked in . “If you don’t want to eat it, it just so happens that I haven’t quenched my thirst yet . ”

When Ye Liu walked in with a mischievous smile, the atmosphere among the three of them stopped being so monotonous .

Liu Duo rolled her eyes at him . “If you want to eat then go get it yourself . This is for Ling!”

“Duo Er, you should give it to Liu . I don’t want to eat it . ” Since Liu wanted to eat it, she should give it to him .

Liu Duo held Ye Ling’s arm and pulled him up with her . “Ling, you are definitely tired, right? Let’s go rest and let the two of them watch over the flame . ”

After she finished speaking, she pulled Ye Ling along with her as she left the kitchen .

Ye Liu and Ye Mo were just left looking at each other .