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Chapter 446: 446

Chapter 446: This Is For Being Shameless And Acting Like A Hooligan

Ye Liu walked over to where Ye Ling sat, crossed his legs, and said with a smile, “Mo, it seems like your appeasement is not working . Little Duo did not buy it!”

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He knew Little Duo was using it as a warning to them, to not do what Ye Mo had done .

Ye Mo looked at his second brother’s smile . Why did he feel like Ye Liu was hitting him while he was down?

“Liu, what do you think I have to do to stop beloved from being angry with me?”

Upon hearing him, Ye Liu looked at the flames in the stove and then looked at the arrogant, but also distressed, Ye Mo .

“Come and tell Liu what you did last night, and how many times you did it… Tell me everything, no matter how insignificant, and I will help you to analyze it . ”

Hearing him, Ye Mo’s ear turned a bit red . He cleared his throat and said, “Last night, I…”

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The extremely arrogant Ye Mo actually recounted everything very clearly . Listening to it made Ye Liu giddy . His smile remained on his face, never disappearing . He even crossed his legs, like a hooligan .

“That’s all . I didn’t do anything else . ” Ye Mo looked at Ye Liu .

Ye Liu glanced at Ye Mo, took a piece of firewood and swung it around . “Mo, listening to your detailed description, Liu Duo ought to be angry with you! If it were me, I would also ignore you . ”

He muttered in his heart, It’s one thing to have no self-control, but for a big man like him to be blabbing next to Little Duo’s ear like a woman…?

He never would’ve thought this arrogant younger brother of his would have this side to him .

“Liu, you need to tell me what I should do to get rid of beloved’s anger!” Ye Mo felt depressed .

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“What should you do? Go and admit your wrongdoing immediately! Use the proper attitude . Your mouth needs to be sweeter . Don’t always show that arrogant face . Otherwise, just slowly wait until you revert back into a monk!”

Ye Liu was full of smiles as he put the firewood into the stove .

Buying some food to coax Little Duo into not being angry? She wasn’t so easy to appease .

Upon hearing him, Ye Mo frowned . He needed to sweeten his mouth and say what exactly?

Little Lian came in right on time, as the rice finished cooking . She then started cooking the vegetables .

Ye Liu and Ye Mo didn’t continue their discussion any further .

When Ye Yang returned, they were just about to start having their meal . Liu Duo laughed at him, “Yang, you really came back at the right time . You get to eat as soon as you get back . Quickly, go and wash your hands . ”

The expressionless Ye Yang had wanted to see Liu Duo when he arrived at the yard door . When he heard her cheerful voice, he looked over with his calm eyes . When he saw her, his eyes were filled with love, and he made a sound and nodded towards her in reply .

At the table, Liu Duo was flanked by Ye Yang and Ye Liu . Next to Ye Liu was Ye Mo, and next to Ye Yang was Ye Ling .

Li Wazi sat near Ye Mo, followed by Aunt Li and Little Lian, who was carrying Little Huzi . They all sat around the table and ate .

Liu Duo grabbed a few pieces of meat for Ye Yang and Ye Ling . “Yang, Ling, you guys were busy the whole day, so you should eat more to replenish your energy . ”

She then said to Aunt Li and her family, “Aunt Li, you guys should also just help yourselves and eat more . ”

Ye Liu smiled and grabbed some vegetables for Liu Duo . And he put the hand that wasn’t holding his chopsticks on Liu Duo’s thigh, touching her . “Little Duo, you should also eat more . ”

Getting so suddenly attacked by him shocked Liu Duo so much that she almost couldn’t hold her chopsticks still . She felt really embarrassed and angry!

She leaned her body over and seamlessly moved her free hand underneath the table . She then pinched Ye Liu on his thigh and muttered in her heart, This is for being shameless and acting like a hooligan!

But Ye Liu was fine, and he just let her pinch him . He smiled giddily and gave her a flirtatious wink .

As if to say, You need to use more strength . This is too soft . You can pinch me any way you like, as long as you are happy .