Sword Among Us - Chapter 219

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Chapter 219: 219

Chapter 219: Ultimate Technique VS Ultimate Technique

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The palm strikes of Sunflower Manual were gentle, but also fierce and strong . When used, they looked soft and powerless, but they could easily leave behind a small pit that was several inches deep in the ground . If they landed on a peach blossom tree, it would be broken .

Naturally, Happy did not let those palm strikes land on his body . Each time, he would avoid them with perfect timing, and hence, the trees around him suffered . Bright red peach blossoms danced in the air, and the fragrance from the torn flowers added hints of tragic beauty to the solemn battlefield .

When the mysterious man’s attacks missed again and again, his blood boiled, and his face turned a little pale . He finally could not help but shout, “If you have the guts, don’t dodge!”

Happy laughed heartily .

Once he avoided the mysterious man’s sinister palm, which he delivered when he tried to divert Happy’s attention, he moved to the mysterious man’s left and kicked like a spinning top . Around a dozen shadows of his kicks appeared in an instant, tearing through the air . Their fierce momentum was even above the mysterious man’s attacks, and it startled him so much that his expression changed . He had to use his Needle Tide to avoid it .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The peach blossom tree behind the mysterious man was instantly yanked off the ground with its roots . Its broken branches and torn leaves spilled all over the ground, and not a single peach blossom could be found in perfect condition . A few shallow pits appeared on the ground .

“Aren’t you dodging as well?”

Happy’s mocking tone made the mysterious man even gloomier .

‘What the heck . Sunflower Manual is the ultimate technique that made Dongfang Bubai famous, and it can’t even get rid of him?

‘Again! Sunflower Acupuncture Point Brushing Hand!’

Once he found that he could not defeat Happy with his skills, the mysterious man swiftly moved a few feet back and danced around Happy like a phantom . He then curled his middle and ring fingers slightly toward his thumb to form the shape of an orchid while his fair hands remained hidden in his sleeves . He pointed at Happy through the air in a very simple manner .


A white gust was hidden under the effects of the demonic sound . It quietly shot out from the mysterious man’s sleeves and rushed toward Happy .

At the same time, three flying needles appeared between the fingers of his left hand . He flicked his wrist right in front of Happy! The two killing techniques complemented each other and could be used at the same time .

Even if a normal player could discover the three flying needles and the killing intent hidden in the sleeves, they would definitely panic, and since it was extremely difficult to handle such an attack, they would reveal their weakness .

However, to Happy, it was just a small trick .

He ignored the gust that came sneaking up on him, and instead of retreating, he took the initiative to charge toward the mysterious man .

“You’re just asking for death!”

The mysterious man hissed angrily in a feminine and gentle manner, and it made Little North and Thunderous Battle skin crawl while they watched the fight . They shuddered to calm themselves while shocked by the sound .

“Is it now?”

Happy did not care about the mysterious man’s words . He hummed softly, and at the moment the gust was about to touch him, he activated his Golden Bell Cocoon, which had leveled up and reached the ninth realm!


Golden light shot out of his body! A grand and mighty presence that had no match for it came out when Happy’s true qi covered his body . The weak gust was broken down before the light could even truly take shape .

The three flying needles all landed on Golden Bell Cocoon as well . After three clear sounds rang out, the flying needles were knocked away, and they also changed shape . Golden Bell Cocoon only became slightly dimmer, which shocked the mysterious man so much that his face turned pale . His judgment of Happy’s strength rose again!

All of that had happened in the blink of an eye .

The exchange of blows had only lasted for an instant . While under Golden Bell Cocoon’s protection, Happy rushed forward until he was seven feet away from the mysterious man . Without hesitation, he showed great confidence, and for the first time ever, he forced the mysterious man to retreat and temporarily stop his attack .

But Happy did not intend to continue fighting against him!

A lot of qi was required to use ultimate techniques . After fighting multiple battles in succession, he believed that there was not much qi left in the man’s body . Instead of continuing to fight against him, it would be better if Happy ended the battle quickly to avoid the man thinking that they won because he had been forced to fight continuously .

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At the moment the mysterious man used Needle Tide and moved—

Happy used Dragon Capture!


A powerful suction force suddenly came from Happy’s hand, and it instantly dissolved the mysterious man’s resistance . His qi froze, and so did his body . Then, he was quickly dragged in the opposite direction of where he wanted to go . He was pulled toward Happy, and as if he was cooperating in a performance, he delivered himself into Happy’s palm .

Happy seized him and clamped down on him!

The freezing qi from his Green Jade Shrouded in Heavenly Silks swiftly entered the mysterious man’s body .

Bang, bang—

‘While he’s incapicitated, I’ll take his life . ’

He executed his Stormy Shadowless Kick with the force of water rushing out from a dam once the floodgates were opened . He delivered all the attacks on the mysterious man without mercy, and in an instant, the shadows of his kicks landed on the mysterious man’s joints, because Happy was aiming for making the man unable to recover and counterattack within a short period of time .

Bang! Bang!

Once he delivered a few kicks, he seized the man with another Dragon Capture, and while the mysterious man’s eyes were filled with shock and despair, he struck him continuously on the chest with his green palms that had a freezing aura surrounding them .

Thud! Thud! Thud!


The mysterious man’s chest was struck repeatedly, and he coughed up blood violently . In the end, he was thrown into a peach blossom in the distance like a kite whose string had snapped!


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Another peach blossom tree was destroyed . The huge force of the crash caused the beautiful trunk of the tree to snap, and it fell, leaving behind a ground covered in torn flowers and leaves .

Little North and Thunderous Battle could see everything clearly . From the moment Happy counterattacked, closing in on the mysterious man to deliver punches on the chest, kicks to the joints, and a few violent kicks at random parts of the body, they only saw the mysterious man retreating while being struck repeatedly . That scene lasted until he was forced around thirty feet back before being freed from the disaster .

“Boss, you’re awesome!”

Little North’s face was filled with delight . He was so excited that he got up without caring about his injuries . No one knew whether he was happy because Happy had helped him take revenge, or whether it was because his leader had won against the successor of Sunflower Manual .

Thunderous Battle was also excited, and he quietly ran over the battle in his head and pondered over the profundity behind Happy’s chain attacks .

‘When he doesn’t take action, he is calm as a mountain, but when he moves, he does so with the agility of a freed rabbit . He can make his enemy completely unable to fight back .

This was something that Thunderous Battle had figured out during the battle just then .

When he looked up, the mysterious man, who was now covered in wounds and rendered into an incredibly pathetic figure, swiftly took a medicinal pill . He stood up with shock and bewilderment on his face .

‘As expected of a crazy player the system has chosen . His vitality is as great as a cockroach’s . He actually managed to stand up after receiving the thunderous offense!’

But there was no longer any question about who was the victor of the fight .

Thunderous Battle knew who won, Little North and Happy knew this as well, and the mysterious man also knew it .

“What martial art did you use just now?!” The mysterious man stared into Happy’s eyes . He did not care about the blood that had yet to dry at the corners of his lips . He just asked while heaving, “Or did you also become the successor of someone’s ultimate technique?!”

Happy did not say anything, but when Little North and Thunderous Battle heard the mysterious man say those words, their hearts trembled at the same time . Then, they looked at Happy with disbelief .

Happy smiled . He did not refute his words, but he did not admit to it either .

Instead, when he heard the sound of swift footsteps as well as robes fluttering, a light crease appeared between his eyebrows, and he looked past the mysterious man at the area beyond the peach blossom forest .

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“I knew it, he hasn’t run yet!”

“Hurry! Surround this place!”

A large group of players surged into the forest .

“Damn it! Nian is dead! Buck up, do not let a single person in here escape!”

It was Orange, who had already died once . He rushed into the forest with a pale face . Then, in a fit of impatience, he charged out of the crowd to stare at the mysterious man with a face full of resentment .

He only noticed the chaotic and disorderly remains of the terrifying battle along with the pathetic sight of the mysterious man covered in blood a few seconds later . Then, his expression changed .

At the same time, most of the large group of players who had rushed into the forest recognized a certain young man dressed in archer gear . They stopped, but before they could gain steady footing, their pupils shrank, and they turned tail and ran!

The players had come with a grand momentum, but when they left, they looked like they had been instructed to flee in a disorderly fashion .

It was only at that moment that Orange noticed the youth standing across from the mysterious man . He had an elegant and calm air about him, but there was also an indestructible powerful air about him . His get up was very similar to a certain person in a battle replay he had seen a few days ago . When he saw the two players who also had extraordinary presence not too far away, his pupils dilated, and he instinctively lowered his head, which was originally raised in an incredibly prideful manner!

“I’m sorry, I got the wrong person . ”

Orange fled, and his thoughts about seizing Nian disappeared into the wind .

The four people were rendered speechless at the same time .

However, the farce managed to dispel some of the originally incredibly somber atmosphere in the peach blossom forest .