Published at 18th of March 2018 10:46:58 PM

Chapter 1: 1

[Clover's Regret] Chapter 1 - Mitsuba Detective

  Ho-ho-ho, happy holidays everyone! You know what that means? A holiday translation update! And what better translation to publish than the first chapter of Clover's Regret (for those who forgot this was even a thing, see here . ) that had been stuck in editing hell for half a year, since the holidays finally gave us the respite to finish up the editing . Especially since one chapter of this story is like 1/4 of an entire book .  Clover's Regret is a series which rather heavily capitalises on Japanese culture, including tons of yokai-that-I-never-even-heard-about, various Japanese sweets and food (this chapter kinda made me hungry . . . ), and various cultural references . Also, expect some Japanese puns and even riddles-that-required-leaving-the-original-text-for-the-discussion-to-make-sense for good measure . So, whoever is interested in all of that stuff will find this series a blast . . . and those who don't . . . well, you have my condolences for all the Japanese stuff you'll have to go through . Because of the variety of cultural references (as well as the size of this chapter . . . ), we have ended up with a ton of translation notes . To reduce the number of notes, we've decided to refrain from explaining all the various yokai and foods, as well as other things that I would have normally left a note for . However, we've also decided to have a poll to gauge our readerbase's interest in translation notes . The poll will be available on the side bar and will be open till around February . So, please share your opinion if you're interested in continuing the series! For those interested in future releases of the series, the story seems to have finished its serialisation on the Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE and has been compiled in its entirety as a single tankoubon volume, thus it seems that the series has been finished in Japan . The volume consists of the three chapters serialised on the magazine, as well as an additional final chapter . Each chapter is about as big as this one, thus they will take time to translate . And seeing as the series isn't progressing anymore, we will probably not be in a hurry to catch up to the Japanese side . As such, expect long breaks between releases, as we'll probably only get around to it when we have considerable free time . Bold text marks the use of boutens (dots beside the text that are used for emphasis) in the raw . We also make great use of furigana for both when the original text used it and for explaining Japanese text when we had to keep it in the translation for the discussion to make sense (or to show the puns that would be lost in the translation otherwise) . Remember that the big text at the bottom is supposed to be the meaning of the phrase, while the little ruby text above it supposed to be how the text is read . Parentheses covering a paragraph seems to be the author's way to denote the character's monologue/thoughts . Unlike for AGGO, we did not bother marking out the Engrish in the text for this series, as the author of this series has much fewer issues with overuse of Engrish .