Published at 18th of March 2018 10:46:57 PM

Chapter 2

[Clover's Regret] Chapter 2 - The Visiting of the Fox

  Well, it's been more than half a year since the last update, so it's time for a new Clover's Regret chapter . Sorry for taking so long, but these chapters are just so long that it's hard to find the time to translate them . The next chapter is actually nearly 1 . 5 times larger than either this or the previous chapter . . . Luckily, I've just finished translating it (and it was a fr***in' pain in the ass, mind you), but we still need to edit it . . . so I wouldn't expect it to be released all that soon . Anyway, back to the topic . With this chapter, we take a break from the actual quest for some real world time, background stories, discussions about VR and similar stuff . . . and, apparently, cats and gods . Don't know how on earth it came to that, but, oh well, let's just go with that . The entirety of the next chapter will be about the quest . And it'll also have some Sleeping Knights stuff, in case you were wondering if this story was going to tie in with them in any way . We had a poll on how many notes we should make for Clover's Regret and, although the majority of the small number of people who actually bothered to vote decided that the number of notes we had in the previous chapter was acceptable (strangely, closely followed by the demand for more notes . . . I was actually expecting the opposite situation, but people are weird, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), we didn't actually have much to note in this chapter . And with a lot of the things we could have made notes for, we just got around with furigana or other tricks, so we only ended up with 6 notes in total . Surprisingly . Don't worry you eight people who actually want more notes, the next chapter has a bit more stuff that needs noting . On a side note, I'm nearly done with the Hopeful Chant translation, but I'm going on holiday as of tomorrow, so I wouldn't expect the translation to be released for another week at the very least . Depends on how fast editing will be done . Bold text marks the use of boutens (dots beside the text that are used for emphasis) in the raw . Comic sans font is used for unusual text, like English words in hiragana (rather than katakana) or katakana for Japanese words . We also make great use of furigana for both when the original text used it and for explaining Japanese text when we had to keep it in the translation for the discussion to make sense (or to show the puns that would be lost in the translation otherwise) . Remember that the big text at the bottom is supposed to be the meaning of the phrase, while the little ruby text above it supposed to be how the text is read . Parentheses covering a paragraph seems to be the author's way to denote the character's monologue/thoughts .