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Table for Two - Chapter 75

Published at 13th of November 2018 07:36:38 PM

Chapter 75

Joann climbed up from the floor . As she rose so did her confidence and presence . She whipped her head around to level Xu Jing a fierce glare before challenging, "Xu Jing, I just have one question, do you not trust me?"

The sharp question was like an arrow that pierced through Xu Jing's jealousy-fueled rage . It poked a hole through his conviction and that was the spot where his anger started to leak . Xu Jing did not answer but he merely stared at his wife and the man who was still lying on the floor . Lee Mu was grimacing from pain and the jab to his face probably did more damage than Xu Jing anticipated . 'Good!' the man thought as he evaluated the extent of the damage he had incurred with a cold eye .

Since Xu Jing had said no words, Joann pressed forward, "Do you have such little faith in me? Do you really think I have cheated on you?"

The needling from his wife pulled Xu Jing's attention back . Joann's interrogation loosened more wind from his sail .

To be perfectly honest, there was indeed a suspicion at the back of his mind or else the man would not have been so angry . The worst things happened to the best of us, he didn't even need to look far to find an example . He could just look at himself, but does that mean Joann would do the same mistake that he did?

Xu Jing did not know .

However, to admit the possibility that his wife had cheated on him was something that he couldn't do . It would shatter his heart into pieces and yes, he realized how hypocritical the whole thing was .

Then again, if one took a step back, this was a perfect representation of the relationship between Xu Jing and Joann . The man loved the woman to a fault but could he say the same thing of her love to him?

Perhaps, at the time, there was a part of him who went along with the seduction because he wanted to know what his wife's reaction would be when he was found out . Would she care or would she just brush it off?

Not knowing was a dangerous thing because the desire to seek an answer would often push one into doing regrettable and stupid things .

"No… I…" Xu Jing stammered as he struggled for an answer, "Of course, I believe you…"

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Joann found the fact that Xu Jing did not answer with a definite and firm, "Of course, I believe you" incredibly hurtful . This was not a feeling that she experienced often but at that moment she felt wronged . With the weight of the scarlet letter on her shoulders, Joann felt the desire to punch the man or to demand for a detailed explanation .

Instead of physical assault, Joann settled with the question that was on her mind, "Xu Jing, why are you doing this? Even if you harbor a suspicion, as ridiculous as I find that to be, there is no need to turn to violence . Why can't we talk this out like civilized people? What could have possessed you so that make you do something like this?"

The answer came from the most unexpected place . "It's because he's jealous . "

Both Xu Jing and Joann turned to the voice . Lee Mu was trying to get up from the floor, using the chair as his support . After he straightened himself, he touched the bruise that was forming on his face and he winced from pain . In the end, he still forced a smile for Joann's benefit, to show that everything was fine . "Don't worry, I won't press charges . I understand that it's a man thing . "

"Who asked for your opinion?" Xu Jing growled warningly, his rage returning . At that point, Joann felt like smacking her husband . Lee Mu was kind enough to put this behind them but why was the man so insistent on making it worse?

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However, she resisted the urge because she was a celebrity in a public environment . In fact, Joann had regained enough of her senses to realize they were creating an unnecessarily large spectacle .

The crowd that was screaming earlier for the fear of their safety had stopped as their fear turned into intrigue . This was not a fisticuffs as they imagined but a conflict-filled love triangle . There was nothing the public liked more than live celebrity drama and gossip .

Out of the corner of her eyes, Joann noticed people in the café had started to take out their phones, surreptitiously trying to record the whole debacle . With the arrival of social media and easier means of communication, everyone could be a reporter . In fact, some media companies would pay good money for a candid shot of famous celebrities . Joann could only imagine how high the asking price for this humiliating video would be .

The shame from the public humiliation and disappointment as well as distraught from being accused of infidelity gripped Joann's heart and she did the one thing that she felt right at that moment . She picked up her purse and stormed off .

Before Xu Jing could stop her, Joann had already left the café .

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"You better go chase after her," Lee Mu told Xu Jing . The latter glared at Lee Mu but with less hostility than before . 'Why would he give me this advice? Am I really mistaken? There's really nothing between them?' These thoughts filtered into Xu Jing's mind but he did not have the time to process them .

He nodded a cautious thanks at Lee Mu before turning to give chase after his wife .

"Good luck . " Lee Mu called from behind him .

While the couple went to settle their business, Lee Mu, like a perfect gentleman stayed to clear up the mess that was left behind . He apologized to the customers for the scene and called the waiter over to have him evaluate the damage .

He paid for both their bills and compensation for the damage incurred .

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