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Chapter 26
The One Wishing for the One with Divine Protection
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 To Valetta who had asked a ridiculous question with such a serious expression, Kazura opened his mouth wide: 「......What?」(Kazura) He unconsciously returned the question back to Valetta.Although he understood the meaning of Valetta’s question, he really didn’t understand the intention behind the question.If he was asked whether or not he was a human then his answer, of course, will be “Certe”[1]. Doesn’t asking that questions mean that until now he was considered as a creature other than human? 

Hearing Kazura’s reply by throwing back the question back to her, Valetta answered in trembling voice because of her extreme mental tension: 「......Hu-Human...... Aren’t you?」(Valetta) She asked Kazura once more.So far, Valetta had repeatedly visited by vague feelings like 『Could it be Kazura isn’t Greysior but a normal human?』, however when they were drying the waterwheel this noon with Kazura and she had heard about 『The company that is managed by Kazura’s parent』, her doubt had seemingly been confirmed.Therefore she daringly inquired Kazura about it, however when Kazura didn’t gave immediate reply, Valetta immediately became uneasy and wondered if she had asked something preposterous. 「I am a human! I am really a human and not something else!」(Kazura) Kazura, who was thrown with the same question for the second time, noticed that Valetta’s hand had started shaking, and swiftly answered her question. 「...... Is that true?」(Valetta) 「Of course, that’s true. Or rather, do you see me as something other than a human?」(Kazura) Valetta heard Kazura’s words and let out a big sigh of relief that came from the bottom of her heart. 「......Th-Thank gods...」(Valetta) She leaked out words of a frail relief.Contrast with the Valetta who was feeling relieved as her doubts resolved, Kazura was still had a bewildered expression. 「Umm, what did you mean by that? Were you thinking that I wasn’t a human?」(Kazura) When Kazura questioned Valetta, her expression changed completely into an apologetic one before she began to answer while trembling nervously. 「Yes......Actually, since the time Kazura-san arrived at the village, I had always thought that Kazura-san was Greysior-sama...... I think that even now, everyone in the village also believes that Kazura-san is surely Greysior-sama.」(Valetta) 「Greysior......Hm? Wait a moment, is that possibly......」(Kazura) When Kazura heard the word “Greysior”, he remembered that he had learned another word similar to “Greysior” from Valetta.When he remembered what it meant, his face immediately grew pale and his body gradually began to sprout cold sweat. 「Err... When we were previously praying for the rain, I remembered that Valetta-san told me a story about the Water God 『Suipsior-sama』.」(Kazura)
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 「Yes, that did happen.」(Valetta) 「...... What does the 『Sior』 from Suipsior-sama mean? 」(Kazura) 「It has the meaning of “the God who Governs”. Suip means “Origin of Life”, but it also has the meaning of “Water”.」(Valetta) 「 could this be......」(Kazura)[2] When Kazura heard Valetta’s answer, he brought his head into his palm.[3]He had sensed the excessive respect from the Villagers since long ago, but since he had brought a lot of things to the village, he had become some sort of respected famous person, so he had this misunderstanding in the corner of his mind.However, even if he was trying his utmost best everyday to settle the problems in front of his eyes, truthfully he hadn’t thought that far about how the villagers thought about him. 「......By the way, what does “Grey” mean?」(Kazura) 「It means “Benevelonce” and “Good Harvest”. To be exact it is “Greysios”...... Ano, are you alright?」(Valetta) Hearing Valetta’s answer, Kazura was greatly perplexed while started to groaning in a low voice.If he thought about it properly, the deeds he had piled towards this village, although he had noticed it too late, was something very amazing.Completely recovering more than 50 malnutritioned patients back to health, brought in large amounts of food and salt from an unknown place, and, although it was a coincidence, made rain come down in the village after a prolonged drought.All done during the timespan of only 3 days.Furthermore, he brought a lot of machines and tools that the villagers never seen before, and on top of all that he had improved the crops so they had became enormous, along with the food he had brought having an effect that had almost transformed the Villagers into supermen.If Kazura put himself in the villagers’ point of view, he might have  thought about himself as a savior god. Kazura let out a great sigh and languidly raised his own face. 「I’m alright...... God of Benevolence and Good Harvest, right? It looks like there has been some great misunderstanding......」 (Kazura) Perhaps the things that he had done could have been called as the works of a god, but there was the possibility that being misunderstood as a god like this could cause great trouble in the future.[4]Kazura was thinking about how he could quickly resolve the misunderstanding amongst the villagers, when Valetta spoke once more with an apologetic tone. 「Actually, it was me that told everyone in the village about Kazura-san being Greysior-sama...... Because Kazura-san resembled Greysior-sama too much in the legend that is passed down in the village...... I’m so sorry.」(Valetta) 「...... Legend?」(Kazura) Kazura responded to the word “legend”, so Valetta began to speak in order to explain the content of it. 「Yes. It was a story of what happened several hundreds of years ago. A long time ago, a great drought caused severe famine to strike the whole region, a man with an unusual appearance appeared in this village, the man then brought a lot of food and saved the villagers. Furthermore, even if they eat small amount of food that the man brought, they could recover a bit of their health...... Ano, is that person Kazura-san?」(Valetta) 「No, I’m not. I don’t have a long life span like that.」(Kazura) Hearing Valetta’s words about such a possibility, Kazura immediately denied it.The deeds that had been undertaken by the man who had appeared several hundreds of years ago were very similar with the deeds that Kazura had done recently, but it was absolutely not the same person.More precisely, if the man who appeared several hundreds of years ago was the same person with Kazura, then maybe Kazura was not human, however Valetta still thought the possibilities of it being『A Certainty』. 「T-that’s true, right? What am I saying......Kazura-san is a human.」(Valetta)
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 Kazura gave Valetta, who was reflecting her own words, a sidelong glance while thinking about what to do in the future.First of all things that Kazura need to do was to gave『Shino Kazura’s Declaration of Humanity』[5] to the villagers  to resolve the misunderstanding about him being Greysior.It seemed that they wouldn’t rejected all the aids that Kazura had provided to the village until now just because they had realized that he was not Greysior, since the Village Chiefs daughter Valetta would follow up on any dispute that might occur.The Village Chief, Valin, would also help Kazura if he gave him an detailed explanation. 「Yes, I am a human. Then I need to resolve the misunderstanding of everyone in the village quickly...... tomorrow morning, we’ll give a detailed explanation about me not being Greysior but a human to the villagers.」(Kazura) 「Ah, please wait!」(Valetta) When Kazura spoke so, Valetta raised her voice in panic.Kazura, who wanted to resolve the villagers’ misunderstanding as soon as possible, was confused when Valetta called him to stop. 「Please let me tell you the continuation of the legend, the man who came to the village...... Greysior-sama, was captured by the Feudal Lord and his soldiers that came after they heard the rumor about him.」(Valetta) 「Captured? But he didn’t do anything bad, so why.... leaving that aside, what is the relationship between this legend and my giving he explanation that I’m not Greysior?」(Kazura) To Kazura, who inquired towards Valetta in such a manner that showed that he didn’t understand at all, she faced him with a serious expression. 「The root cause of why the Greysior-sama that appeared in this village several hundreds of years ago was caught by the Feudal Lord was the rumor of Greysior-sama that spread out everywhere. It would be good if the people who wanted to be saved by Greysior-sama heard the rumor, but that rumor could also reach the people who want to monopolize that blessing, and......」(Valetta) 「Those bad scheming group will come to this village, aiming at me. Is that what you mean?」(Kazura) Kazura listened to Valetta’s explanation and comprehended it fully.In other words, Valetta had instructed the villagers, so that it wouldn’t follow the same path as in the legend, so as to not mention anything and prevent outsiders from knowing about the deeds that Kazura had done throughout the village.The current Feudal Lord Nelson and the Feudal Lord of several hundreds of years ago might not take the same action, but it wouldn’t be only the Feudal Lord that lured by the sweet story. 「Yes. That’s why, I implore Kazura-san to keep behaving as Greysior-sama in the future.」(Valetta)[6] 「......Eh?」(Kazura) Kazura could understand how the story meant that they should be careful to keep the hearsay about Greysior from spreading out. However, he was really caught off guard by the other unexpected words from Valetta.Kazura thought that Valetta already knew that he wasn’t Greysior.But even so, she was begging and wishing him to keep behaving as Greysior-sama in the future. He really didn’t know what the reason behind this.Is this girl wanted to start a new religion or what?[7] 「No, that’s not it, Valetta-san, I’m not Greysior-sama, you know? Even so, why are you telling me to behave like Greysior-sama?......」(Kazura) Kazura replied in utter bafflement so Valetta waved her hand in front of her panicked face. 「Ah, I’m so sorry, I said it the wrong way. I want Kazura-san to pretend o be Greysior-sama, who wouldn’t want anyone to recognize him, and keep behaving like what Kazura-san has already done so far with the villagers.」(Valetta) 「......Why?」(Kazura) 「If the villagers believe that Kazura-san is Greysior-sama, then they will absolutely make sure that the subject of Kazura-san’s charity won’t leak outs to the outside. The question ‘Where did Kazura-san had come from?’ Or ‘Ho was Kazura-san able to bring in a large amount of food and fertilizer in uch a short time period and also large amount of tools that we had never seen before in the village?’, but because everyone believe that Kazura-san is Greysior-sama and because they has fear[8] towards Greysior-sama in the legend, they won’t investigate it. If the villagers know that Kazura-san is not Greysior-sama then I think they will search for explanation for everything until now. Besides, in the worst case, the villagers will be unable to keep it secret, the rumor spreads out, and then if it reach the ear of Nelson-sama or the Royal Family, then.......」(Valetta) 
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「Yes, it will be trouble beyond belief. It seems giving the Declaration of Humanity is a path to ruin...」(Kazura) Kazura heard Valetta’s thorough explanation and immediately withdrew the plan he had wanted to carry out.If the villagers continued to mistake him as a god, then in the far future there might be various problems that could occur, however this way was still much better than the serious problem that Valetta had pointed out.Because Kazura originally didn’t intend to do anything big in this world, he only wanted to do something like carefreely sightseeing in Isteria without standing out or leisurely passing time in the village.[9]Since the village’s crops had been grown extremely well and also, thanks to homemade waterwheel that the villagers had built together, there would be no problem with the water supply and even if the existence of the waterwheel was exposed, there wouldn’t be any major concern.In the future Kazura thought to refrain from supporting the village in any showy way, but he would still continue the herbs cultivation with Valetta. 「...... I understand. Although I’m still reluctant to do this, I will deal with the villagers as 『A god who doesn’t want anyone to recognize him as a god』 in the future. I’m sorry, but if I do my act shabbily then at that time I hope for your help to do some follow up.」(Kazura) Mixed with his sigh, Kazura spoke this to Valetta and she delightedly made a large nod.「Yes! Leave the 『Follow up』 and『Support』 to me!」[10] For some reason Valetta made an excessively delightful expression. 「(Ah, she might have already learned the Latin Alphabet before I noticed it)」 His tired brain cells absentmindedly made that thought. When he thought of how he had to live as a god starting from tomorrow, he once again made a large sigh. ✦✧✦✧ At the same time as when Kazura made up his mind to live as a faux-god, in the office on Nelson’s residence at Isteria, Nelson and Zirconia were receiving the report from Isaac who had just returned from his inspection at the fortress under construction near the border with Balveil.As usual, Nelson was sitting in his chair behind his work desk. Maybe because he was satisfied by the work’s progress, he occasionally nodded while reading the report.Beside Nelson, in the corner of the desk was Zirconia who was inquiring Isaac about various portions of the current construction work’s status, but sometimes she peeked at the report that Nelson was reading. 「The fortress construction is progressing extremely well. If the work continue proceeding at this pace then I think it will be finished 1 year before the armistice treaty expires.」(Isaac) Just like what Isaac said, the fortress construction was progressing very well.Because the fortress construction alongside the national border was currently Isteria’s number one priority, it receive the preferential allocation of materials and personnel, so it was justifiable that it was going well, however the construction was still proceeding at higher pace than what had been first predicted.All the people who had undertaken the construction had participated in the war against Balveil 4 years ago, so they realized in what way the fortress will become an important defensive position in the future.They didn’t use slaves in constructing the fortress. It was completely build by the citizens of Arcadia Kingdom, hich might be one of the reasons why the forest construction was going very fast.[11] 「How much is the food production inside the fortress?」 Zirconia inquired Isaac on one point that she was especially bothered about, and he immediately retrieved the information from his memories and started to answer: 「I don’t really know how much the blessings from Greysior-sama that land has, but I judge that it is possible to continue producing enough food for 50 to 100 people to live for one year.」(Isaac) 「...... the most you can estimate is only for 100 people, right? Even so, I guess it’s better than nothing.....」 When Zirconia heard that report, she let out a small sigh.She has been racking her brain the whole time to search for a method to establish fortress self-sufficiency, but there was a limit on how much food that can be produced even if the fortress was enlarged.If it was water availability, it could be solved by digging some wells, however they couldn’t do the same with a food supply.In the case this fortress was utilized in the drawn-out war against Balveil then the fortress had to be supplied with goods from outside, but with Balveil’s great army as the enemy, would it be really possible to send it?The main problem of completely encircling and laying siege to one fortress for a long time period was the matter of the indispensable transportation capacity for the supplies, however even by taking a glance at the opponent country, it can be surmised that Balveil was a large country that Arcadia couldn’t match.The feat of completely encircling a fortress for many months might be something that could easily be done. 「It is pointless to think deeply about something that you can’t do anything about it. Let’s just think that the food reserve for emergency situation is ample enough for now.」(Nelson) Nelson lifted his head from reading the report and called out to Zirconia whose face had become gloomy.Towards the man standing in front of the desk, Isaac, who seemed to be dejected as if he completely thought that the low food production was his own fault, Nelson made a wry smile. 「Isaac, don’t make such a face. To be able to provide meals completely just by producing food inside a fortress, it is impossible no matter what age it is.」(Nelson)[12] 「Yes...... However, if there were other wiser means, then......」(Isaac) Isaac, who was too serious, was being even more dejected. Nelson shook his head and made a sigh while he was searching for the next task he could give to him. Then he pulled out a memo paper from the scattered documents on top of his desk.He skimmed the content of the memo before sliding it towards Isaac. 「Well, I will deal with the rest of that matter, so you don’t need to worry about it. Do your next assigned duty and finish it properly!」(Nelson) Isaac who took the memo in his hand, confirmed the content and made a nod. 「I understand. Well then, as I have confirmed the content I will go and accomplish it!」(Isaac) 「Wait a minute! This is already in the midnight, you know? You had done well today, so get some rest now and do it tomorrow.」(Nelson) Towards Isaac who wanted to carry out the work even at midnight, Nelson once again made a wry smile before reprimanding him. 「(Doesn’t Nelson-sama also work until dawn?)」(Isaac) The reprimanded Isaac made a protest only inside his heart. 「......Understood!」(Isaac) He made a small reply before bowing and leaving the room. 「......He really is a very serious person, a boy who perform his duty earnestly. Don’t bully him too much okay?」(Zirconia) 「I’m not bullying him.」(Nelson) Zirconia looked towards the door where Isaac had exited and vented out her thoughts to Nelson, who immediately made that blunt reply as he started to arrange the scattered documents.Zirconia threw a wry smile towards Nelson as she started to help with filling the documents, however a curiosity suddenly appeared inside of her mind and so she turned to ask Nelson. 「Come to think of it, what kind of duty did you issue to him?」(Zirconia) 「For the next 7 days, he will command the training site and reorganize the corps...... Well, it’s something like a break. After that has finished, his next duty is the Grisea Village inspection.」(Nelson) Grisea Village, hearing this word, Zirconia made a distant look for a while before muttering. 「So, it’s Grisea Village, right?...... Really, if only Greysior-sama could really appear there.」(Zirconia)[13]