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Chapter 36
Chapter 36: The Worried Noble’s Preparation

 Kazura followed Isaac and arrived at the front of a tent . The tent was large, in Japanese terms it was 6 Jou[1], with a square configuration . Maybe there was a pillar erected in the middle of the tent since the tent ceiling was in triangular shape so that it wouldn’t be weighted down by the collected water when it rains .            Beside this tent, several other tents were pitched in the surroundings; each of them had the same large size of this tent . Furthermore, there were still a lot of tents being pitched in the surroundings, so it was clear that the tent in front of him was the first one to be pitched .  「This is the tent . 」(Isaac) Isaac spoke this, opened the thick cloth in the entrance of the tent and entered inside . Kazura’s group also followed suit and entered the tent .  

「Whoa…… Amazing……」(Valetta) Seeing the spectacles that spread out in front of their eyes when they entered the tent, Valetta leaked out words of admiration . It wasn’t surprising since inside the tent had a superior quality animal fur spread out on a simple wooden bed that was installed on the side of the tent while in the middle of the tent was a long table and couches . In addition, a lantern with a burning candle inside it was suspended in the ceiling from the pillar .  The tent’s interior was illuminated by the soft light from the candle . If it was only for a trifling job then there wouldn’t be a problem with this brightness . For an ordinary person of this world, when making a camp, it was usual for them to sleep in open air . Excluding the facility like the resting lodge where Kazura and group stayed previously, it was quite rare for an ordinary person to be able to rest in such a wonderful environment .  「Then we will quickly deliver the meal . After the meal we will prepare cloth mats for two persons, feel free to use it . 」(Isaac) Isaac spoke this and bowed towards Kazura before exiting the tent . Kazura saw Isaac off and put the travel bag that carried his luggage on the floor and *phew* let out a sigh .  「Whew, this place is quite comfortable . If they carry so many of these tents, the wagon would surely become filled . 」(Kazura) 「That’s true . But if we sleep inside this tent we won’t need to be worried about the cold night . 」(Valetta) Kazura and his group were conversing like this for several minutes, until a voice called out to them from outside the tent .  「I have come with the meal . 」(Soldier) 
Somehow, a tint of nervousness could be heard from the voice . Kazura gave them permission to enter and then after saying, “excuse me”, two young soldiers entered the tent and brought together a new long table and couches from the outside and put them near the already placed long table and couches in the tent . The two soldiers arranged the old and new tables and chairs so that the tables were facing each other . Then they deeply bowed towards Kazura before leaving the tent . As the two soldiers left, in exchange this time another three soldiers entered while carrying a wooden tray with the meal with both of their hand . The three soldiers nimbly placed the wooden tray with the meal on the table and just like the previous two soldiers, bowed deeply to Kazura before exiting the tent .  After Kazura confirmed that the soldiers had left the tent, he looked at the meal they had brought in .  「Is this their combat ration?」(Kazura) While giving his impression in cheerful voice, he took out his digital camera from the travel bag, started it up, and with a click he took a commemoration photo . [2]After Kazura confirmed the taken picture, he turned the camera off and returned it to the bottom of the travel bag .  「Even so,  it seems that the noble unit eat quite a lavish meal . It’s hard to believe that we are in the middle of food shortage . 」(Kazura) Valin and Valetta deeply nodded on Kazura’s remark after he finished storing the digital camera . This was an understandable reaction, on top of the three trays that were placed on the table, there were 2 large loaves of bread, dried jerky with steamed potato and thick oatmeal that was made from a lot of grain . Furthermore, on the tray that seemed to be Kazura’s food was a slice of smallish apple-like fruit and a copper goblet with fruit wine inside it .  Even if they make clamor of not having a decent meal, the fact that they do were was vividly reflected in front of them .  「However, that they even had prepared our part too…… was a bit unexpected . 」(Valetta) Maybe it was either Isaac or Havel who was taking Valin and Valetta into consideration and prepared the portion for both of them, for the sake of giving a good impression to Kazura .  At any rate, it was useless to just look at the prepared food . They sat in front of the tray that was prepared for 3 people and after saying their gratitude for the food they began to consume the food .  「It’s been a while since I eat a bread . 」(Kazura) Kazura spoke this and began to tear up the bread to eat . He picked up the bread on its side and pulled it . But, no matter how much power he packed into his hand, the bread completely didn’t get tore up .  How hard is this? While thinking this, Kazura watched Valetta and Valin . Both of them were tearing up the bread from the side and eating it without any problem .  「Hmm?」(Kazura) 

Seeing this, Kazura was wondering if the way he tore them up was wrong and this time he tightly grasped the bread with both of his hand and then pulled it with all of his strength . His hand was trembling as he invested all of his power into it and along the way, while producing an unpleasant sound, the bread finally split into two parts .  「Umm, doesn’t this bread look excessively hard to you?」(Kazura) While looking at the halves of bread in his hand, Kazura spoke out while looking at both Valetta and Valin who were deliciously eating the bread . Valetta and Valin then became a bit confused .  「Eh, is that so? But it doesn’t seem to be that hard for me?」(Valetta) 「I also don’t find it especially hard . 」(Valin) Since the two found it strange, Kazura thought, “maybe it won’t be that hard when eaten”, and then he try to bite at a piece of bread .  「……」(Kazura) Hard . The white part in the center was still acceptable, but the rim part was so hard that Kazura began to doubt if this was really bread . Since there was no other choice, Kazura dipped the bread halves on the oatmeal and let it soak, until the hardness reduced to the extent where it was edible for Kazura .  「(That reminds me, I had once read in an article that the black bread that Soviet Union provided as ration was really hard beyond belief . This bread might be something similar to it . )[3]」(Kazura) While being deeply impressed, Kazura ate the bread with an expression that he had understood something wonderful . While comparing her bread with Kazura’s bread, Valetta effortlessly tore up a small piece from the stone hard bread with her fingers and then ate it .  ✦✧✦✧ When Kazura and his group were eating their dinner inside their tent, on a different tent not far from it, Isaac and Havel were discussing about the marching schedule tomorrow . Just like inside Kazura’s tent, inside the tent was a candle lantern in the ceiling suspended from the pillar and give a faint illumination inside the tent .  「With our current marching speed, then we would arrive at the sunset two days from today……?」(Isaac) At the table that had several parchments placed on it, Isaac wrote down today’s marching report with a quill pen while leaking out a groan . According to the plan they had when they departed to Isteria, he was sure that the marching would be completed in 2 days, however the actual situation showed that it would only be completed in 3 days . The cause for this tardiness was because they stopped marching considerably early before sunset, since the camp preparation time took abnormally long .  Because most of his subordinate was of nobility background, they normally left the everyday chores to their servants or slaves . Because of this reason, in this marching practice where they performed all the chores from pitching the tent to preparing the meal by themselves, the work efficiency was the worst as they were doing tasks they weren’t familiar with .  

The few soldiers who came from destitute low ranked nobility were an exception, since they were used to do daily tasks like manual work or cooking . Because they had routinely performed mundane tasks before they entered the army, not only when they were practicing marching in the fields like today, but also when they practiced in Isteria, they showed exceptional results . However, this too was quite an ironic story .  「If it possible I wanted to reach Isteria by tomorrow’s noon, however if it’s like this…… If we marched at night then we could reach Isteria at the morning the day after tomorrow, however……」(Havel) Havel let out a sigh at his own words . it was a pointless to discuss this further so he dropped his shoulder . If it was just them alone then they could have performed it, but it would be impossible to force Kazura who was accompanying them to do this . If only they brought along servants, although this came to his mind, Havel just buried this thoughts without paying attention to it .  「Even so, the problem is about after we arrive at Isteria . It won’t be possible to arrange meetings between Nelson-sama with Greysior-sama in a short span of time . 」(Havel) 「That’s right . As soon as we have returned to Isteria, I will soon request an audience with Nelson . If I convince Nelson-sama with proper explanation about the utmost importance of the meeting, then I think we wouldn’t need to make Greysior-sama wait for long . 」(Isaac) For Isaac, even if it would interrupt the other public business, he wished for Nelson to immediately conduct a meeting with Kazura . However, only he and Havel had confirmed that Kazura is Greysior, Nelson still didn’t know about this . Isaac was worried that if due to some circumstances so that the meeting was to suddenly get postponed, it could incur Kazura’s displeasure .  As if Havel had anticipated Isaac’s worry, he began to offer a proposal .  「Yes, however, if by some chance our report to Nelson-sama didn’t turn out well, Greysior-sama might need to stay in Isteria . Therefore, until Nelson-sama is ready to accept him, I think he could stay in my Leveson House’s mansion ……」(Havel) 「Rather than Nelson-sama’s mansion, we take Greysior-sama to your mansion?」(Isaac) Isaac immediately made a frown at Havel’s proposal . Although he didn’t know if Kazura could have a meeting with Nelson at once, as Greysior he would still be treated like a foreign state guest .  「Yes . Although I think it would be proper to let him stay under Nelson-sama, we will arrive at Isteria in the night of second day . If we ask for an immediate meeting, then not only Nelson-sama, but Greysior-sama would also be troubled… Of course this will be only if we received permission from Greysior-sama and Nelson-sama’s acceptance . 」(Havel) 「…… I see . Since the meeting won’t be finished quickly, it will be unreasonable to push the meeting time at night . I think your proposal is better . However, in that case rather than your mansion, my…… Slan House’s Mansion would be a better option . 」(Isaac) The reason why Isaac said this was because of the matter of House formality . In this unit, Isaac is the Captain, while Havel was the Vice-Captain, also from the point of pedigree, Isaac more or less had a better position than Havel . If someone think about this, then normally it would be obvious which was the better choice .  「Ah, no, while that was indeed true, however…… When Captain returned to Isteria, wouldn’t you be busy with either writing the report or negotiating the meeting time with Nelson-sama? On the contrary, after we return I’ll have free time until the next day, so I could immediately guide Greysior-sama to my house when we arrived in Isteria . Because I could directly give instructions to the people in the mansion, it would be somehow more convenient for Greysior-sama to stay at my mansion . 」(Havel) “I will take him to my house . ” When Isaac start saying this Havel quickly refuted it with a bit in hurry . But after he heard Havel’s reply, Isaac nodded, 「That is also true . 」Currently the only people who knew that Kazura is Greysior was Valetta, Valin, Isaac and Havel . Even if they bring him to the house, if they didn’t always pay attention to him, then some problem could occur .  「Certainly, you have a point in what you said . If I relinquish all of my plan after returning to Isteria and take Greysior-sama to my house, then I wouldn’t be able to explain the reason to other people……」(Isaac) At the present point, the fact that “Kazura is Greysior” is a top secret . They explained to the soldiers in the unit that Kazura was a 『defecting noble from another country』, and concealed the fact that he is Greysior . Although this fact was accepted by this unit, after they returned to Isteria, either Isaac or Havel needed to always cling to Kazura until the time he meet with Nelson . It would be a serious problem if they foolishly took their eyes off, then in that gap, people that had more influence than Isaac noticed Kazura and ask, 「Who is this person?」 Truthfully, it would be best if Isaac could accompany Kazura, but he didn’t have any good excuse to abandon his duties . If Isaac could say to Nelson directly that 「This person is Greysior-sama, please shelter him until the meeting time . 」 then it could simplify things, however as expected t was impossible to hold such discussion .  「Alright, then let’s talk with Greysior-sama tomorrow about this matter . 」(Isaac) Havel let out a sigh of relief when Isaac spoke so . I understand, he replied .  ✦✧✦✧ It was the second night after Kazura experienced his first camping with the army . Kazura, guided by Havel, was walking in the Main Street near the center of Isteria . On both sides of the Main Street, were numerous big mansions from stone that give off an impression of being a stately mansion . Most of them were single story houses, however two story houses could be seen here and there . It was a very different scenery than the city’s outer districts, where 2 or 3 story buildings densely stood together . The scenery here was indescribably calmer .  When they arrived at Isteria, Kazura quickly parted from Isaac and the other soldiers . Currently the only soldier with him was only Havel . Valetta and Valin followed behind Kazura and Havel . Yesterday morning, when Havel asked if Kazura would like to spend a night on his house, he certainly invited Valetta and Valin to go together with a smile . Kazura remembered strongly how Valetta and Valin were quite surprised, and while being extremely grateful, they expressed their thanks .  「This is my mansion . 」(Havel) After they passed numerous large mansion, Havel stopped in front of a gate to a majestic stone mansion with an elegant vast garden . It was a single story house, but there was a long and narrow second story building annexed near the edge of the house . There was one man that stood before the gate, and when he saw Havel, he bowed deeply to Havel, “Welcome home”, before he pushed the closed wooden gate door open .  While the gate door opened, the copper bell that was fastened near it began to ring .  Havel passed through the opened gate and continued to the garden inside, Kazura’s group also followed him in succession . When Kazura’s group was walking, the man who opened the gate, overtook him from beside with a fast pace, and slowly flung open the mansion door with both of his hands .