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Chapter 46
The Translator: Yukkuri Oniisan

The Editor: Yukkuri Oniisan TT_TT with online grammar checker… Chapter 46: Anxiety and HopeYOU SHOULDN’T SEE THIS TEXT . SORRY FOR THE READER READER AND TRANSLATORMeanwhile on the same day . In a certain room in the mansion, Isaac showed a surprised expression in front of Nelson . While Havel, who stood beside Isaac, didn’t show any particular expression and just nodded in consent with what Nelson had just said .

Here a little poem for the stealer「 Then, in other words, it will be alright for me to continue become Kazura-sama’s close aid in the future, right?」(Havel)Tempus ad hoc, lustris bis iam mihi quinque peractis,「Yes . Work earnestly and be careful to not incur his displeasure . Start with becoming someone that is trustworthy on Kazura-dono’s instructions and do your best on each task to earn his trust and confidence . So that Kazura-dono could be influenced to give additional support if you see signs that Kazura-dono would end his support then…… What’s wrong Isaac? Is there something bothering you?」(Nelson)Omne fuit Musae carmen inerme meae;「……Nelson-sama, even if for the country……or rather, for the people, to scheme for additional support from Greysior-sama who appeared to save us is rather……」(Isaac)Nullaque, quae possit, scriptis tot milibus, extatIsaac answered with a strained expression that made Nelson frowned . Havel who stood beside Isaac sent him a really cold sidelong stare at him . Littera Nasonis sanguinolenta legi:「Isaac, do you know the extent of national power difference between our country, Arcadia, and Balveile?」(Nelson)Nec quemquam nostri nisi me laesere libelli,「……Yes, I do . 」(Isaac)Until now, now that I’ve reached my fifties,「Then, you can understand this, right? We don’t know what kind of measures that Kazura-dono will take next, but he will resolve the food shortage, control the flood, deal with the hygiene problem, and in addition, if possible, rejuvenate the economic situation of Istelle Province . With our current situation, when the war resume between our country with Balveile 4 years from now, how much do you think the chance of our country will be victorious against Balveile?」(Nelson)all my Muse’s poetry has been harmless:「…… If we cooperate closely once again with the allied nations just like the times before the armistice then I think at least we will not be defeated . 」(Isaac)and no letter of Ovid’s exists, of the thousands「That’s also true, but there is no guarantee that in another 4 years, those countries wouldn’t become an enemy or just stand on the sideline and not cooperating with our country . On the last war, Balveile was underestimating the various countries in the south and attacked all of them at the same time . Because of this tomfoolery, the alliance could come into existence . In addition, at the same time as Balveile southern invasion, the northern barbarian do a large-scale raid into Balveile, that also work for our advantage . 」(Nelson)written, that can be interpreted as hostile:「Nelson-sama, do you think we will be defeated in the next war with Balveil?」(Isaac)and my books have hurt no one but myself:Hearing Nelson’s explanation, Isaac asked back with vexing expression .      Artificis periit cum caput Arte sua . 「Depending on the circumstances, there we might lose . However, we also keep doing preparation for the war and perform diplomacy to maintain the alliance relationship . So we wouldn’t be defeated that easily . 」(Nelson)Unus (et hoc ipsum est iniuria magna) perennem「Then, why!?」(Isaac)Candoris titulum non sinit esse mei . Isaac asked with criticism lined up in his tone . Nelson leaned back in his chair and took a small breath . Quisquis is est (nam nomen adhuc utcumque tacebo),「…… Just one month ago, Balveile signed peace treaty with some of the Northern Barbarian tribes . 」(Nelson)Cogit inassuetas sumere tela manus . 「Wh-!」(Isaac)the author’s own life was ruined by his ‘Art’ . 「They will also do the same peace or cease-fire treaty with the other barbarian tribes . With their rear secured, they will come to attack again . 」(Nelson)One person alone (and this itself is a great wrong)Beside Isaac who had become speechless, Havel also became wide-eyed in surprise . If Balveile signed a peace treaty with the barbarians, then that means the next war Balveile wouldn’t need to wage war on two fronts . In fact, there might be a possibility that Balveile would employ the barbarians as mercenaries and added them to their factions . won’t grant me the title of an honest man . 「D-do you mean there is no possibility to avert the war?」(Nelson)Whoever it is (for I’ll be silent still as yet about his name)
Isaac said this in trembling voice, but Nelson shook his head . he forces my novice hand to take up weapons . 「Having the peace treaty with the barbarian who had been severely harassing them until now, they will surely come to attack us . Furthermore, they had abolished army conscription system and adopted army volunteer system since 3 years ago . They had recruited a lot of soldiers from the poor people had increased their standing army numbers . Their diplomats might say that the peace treaty with the barbarian was 『part of economic policy』, but their real aim was really clear . 」(Nelson)Read the real translation at yukkuri-literature-service . blogspot . com「……However, how could Balveile prepared a large amount of equipment and cover the expenditure to maintain such standing army? In the last war, there were rumors that Balveile had a shortage of tin…… Do they found new large tin ore vein?」(Havel)not another site who copy paste my translationAfter Nelson gave his explanation, Havel who was quiet until now began to speak . That’s all the poem for today!To maintain an army, a large expenditure is necessary . Calling the citizen to become the soldier in time of emergency and dissolute the army in the time of peace, is the basis of conscription systems that Arcadia and the majority of other countries adopted . In this system, the country only needs to support the army maintenance cost for a limited period . In addition, the conscripted soldier’s equipment was provided by the soldier themselves . This was the typical army system in this worldAfter all, the cost that as burdened to the country was only the lump sum payment for the campaign period to the gathered soldiers and the ration cost that was needed to maintain such army . If that site keep stealing my translationHowever, recently Balveile adopted volunteer system, that was a completely different system . Including 『the country prepared the equipment』 that Havel had mentioned before, there were three important components on the volunteer system in Balveile . I will release a dummy releaseThe first point was that the country would provide the equipment for the recruited soldier, they would also provide them with a salary .  With this systems, the poor people, who didn’t have any financial capabilities to prepare equipment by themselves, could join the army even if lacking any possession as long as they applied into it, and could rid themselves from poverty . In one action the poor people could save themselves, not only this increase the number of soldiers but if the poor people have a better standard of living, then the public order would also increase . Killing two birds with one stone .  The second point was that it had been decreed that the soldier service period was 25 years .  Since the service period had been decided, it would facilitate the planning of long-term military strategies . Furthermore, since there won’t be any conscription of the farmers to become soldiers, it also didn’t have any major influence on agricultural productivity .  The third point was that when the soldier retired they would receive retirement payment or land grant .  With this, the soldiers wouldn’t need to worry about their livelihood after their service period finished . In other words, as long as they could safely finish their service period, although this also depends on the amount that they save during their service, then it was not a pipe-dream to retire and living a life of leisure with dignity .  However, to maintain these three points, it would need a great amount of capital .  The equipment that was used by the soldier was commonly made from bronze . Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, but its production yield was small, and especially because tin was only found in limited areas, so its price was also expensive . It wasn’t something that can be obtained in any amount just because there is money to paid for them . Just like what Havel had said, at the war 4 years ago, there was a rumor that Balveile had a shortage of tin .  In addition to the equipment cost there also the salaries need to be paid to the soldiers and the cost for their training . The components where money was needed were endless .  「That’s true…… It was unbelievable if they suddenly are able to provide a large amount of expensive bronze equipment for the whole soldiers . However, the volunteer system tenet is that it will be the country provided the equipment . It will be impossible to do it in short time period, but one way or another they will . I received a report that recently Balveile suddenly increased their timber production, just like what Havel had said, Balveile might have found a tin ore vein . 」(Nelson) Nelson stopped his words and turned to face Isaac .  「I understand what you want to say . To request further support for selfish reasons to Greysior-sama, who lent us his hand to our rescue plea, is something that is really impertinent . So, of course it would hard for you to approve it easily . But you know, Isaac . 」(Nelson) After he called Isaac name, Nelson leaned forward on his chair and bend his body towards Isaac’s direction .  「It is necessary to do so . You also know what happened to the country that was defeated by Balveile . They would seize all the land and properties and turned the survivors as slaves . Even if the country capitulate before war happened and annexed by Balveile, they wouldn’t escape the loss of land and properties . Losing war with them means that you will lose you freedom for eternity . So I will do all kinds of things even to increase our chance of victory just for a little . 」(Nelson) 「……」(Isaac)

 Isaac hung his head down as if he couldn’t reply anything back, Nelson sighed in his mind and then once again leaned back on the seat’s back .  「Let’s bring this talk to an end . Isaac, Havel, I am relying on both of you . 」(Nelson) ✦✧✦ 「Hmm……」(Kazura) After the pleasant conversation with Lieze, Kazura was staring seriously at the stone wall on the corridor at Nelson’s mansion . What Kazura was looking was not the wall itself, but the mortar between the stones . Then, after he looked at the mortar or awhile, he then scratched it with his fingernail .  「Hmmm…… Ah, Isaac-san, just in time . Can you come  here for a moment?」(Kazura) Kazura understood something as he observed the powder sticking in his fingernail . At that moment, he noticed Isaac who appeared from the mansion’s interior and called out to him . Hearing his name being called, Isaac noticed that Kazura was there and then came running to him .  「Good morning, Kazura-sama……」(Isaac) 「Good morning…… Hm? Are you alright!? Your face is pale!」 (Kazura) Kazura was surprised when seeing Isaac’s face . Isaac’s face was so lifeless it was whiter than white .  「No, I am alright, so Kazura-sama need not worry about me……」(Isaac) Somehow Isaac carved out a smile in his corpse-like countenance . His voice also lacked willpower, so he completely didn’t look like someone who is alright .  「(Although he usually showed a rather tired face, but he was fine until yesterday…… He is just like a new employee feeling depressed after receiving intense scolding from client or superiors . )」(Kazura) Kazura remembered the sight that he sometimes saw when he still working at the company before he came to this world . After all, this was the expression of someone who just received a big shock .  「……Please follow me a bit . 」(Kazura) Kazura said this and led Isaac through the corridor . He asked a maid he met en route for an empty guest room and asked her to bring some hot water to that room .  「I will quickly return, so please wait in this room for a moment」(Kazura) After they reached the guest room, Kazura let Isaac took a seat in the room and then head towards Nelson’s office . Then he grabbed the travel bag he had left in the office, covered it with cloth and then while under the curious eyes of the patrolling soldiers, brought it to the guest room where Isaac was waiting .  When Kazura entered the room, Isaac bowed to him while still have a depressed expression on his face .  「Thank you for waiting . I will prepare it quickly . 」(Kazura) Kazura smiled to Isaac and took out the candle style aroma pot, the pouch with small bottles of aroma oils, glass teapot, and several small bags with herbs from the travel bag .  「U-Um, may I ask what are you preparing?」(Isaac)

 「I think Isaac-san would enjoy a cup of tea . Do you like tea, Isaac-san?」(Kazura) 「Eh!? N-No way, does Kazura-sama want to make tea for me? To trouble Kazura-sama… . 」(Isaac) Isaac stood up with an extremely thankful expression in his face, Kazura just answered, “It’s fine”, sat down on the chair, and put the herbs from the small bag into the glass teapot .  「For the last several days, we were practically working without taking any break, then I think it will be better if we do have one soon, even if it only a tea break while we have a little nice chat with each other . 」(Kazura) Kazura said this while putting linden flowers, rose petals, St . John’s worts in equal amount to the pot . When he lined up the porcelain teacups from the shelf atop the table, someone knocked the room’s door . It was the maid before who came with the hot water .  Kazura received the copper pitcher with the hot water from the maid, dismissed her and poured the hot water into the glass teapot . The herbs softly shuffled as the water poured into the glass teapot, as the time passed the water inside it was beautifully colored light yellow by the herbs . While the herbs’ flavor was being extracted by hot water, Kazura poured the hot water into the aroma pot and put two candles at the pot base . Then, after confirmed that the herb had been nicely decocted, he poured the herb tea into a teacup and presented it to Isaac .  「Please have a drink, I hope this suit your taste . 」(Kazura) 「Thank you very much…… What nice smell . 」(Isaac) Isaac brought the teacup closer to his mouth and smelled the herb tea’s faint pleasant scent that made he have a small smile . Seeing Isaac took a sip of the herb tea, Kazura poured the tea into his own teacup and took a sip of it while enjoying the scent .  「How is it? If the taste doesn’t suit you then I can make other types of tea . 」(Kazura) 「No, this is really delicious . Thank you very much . 」(Isaac) Looking that Isaac had calmed down a bit after drinking the herb tea, Kazura smiled .  「Then, I’m glad . 」(Kazura) Kazura then took out the small bottle with lavender oil from the bag with aroma oil bottles . He opened the bottle’s lid and put several drops of oil into the hot water inside the aroma pot . Then he took out a lighter from the bag and light up the candle placed at the pot base .  「What is this?」(Isaac) 「This is called aroma oil, an oil we get after extracting the essence of plants in my co-…… in God’s realm . If we placed them beside the fire like this, then we can enjoy the particular scent from that oil . 」(Kazura) As soon as the candle in the pot lightened up, the soft pleasant scent of lavender quickly could be smelled .  「Then…… Isaac-san, I know that I had requested you to prepare 3000 bags of th same size several days ago, but if it is really impossible to fulfill, please just say it . After all, I never demanded that it must be prepared at any cost . 」(Isaac) After Kazura confirmed that lavender scent had filled the room, he spoke to Isaac with worrying expression on his face .  「No, there is no problem in the cloth bag procuring . We have already asked the tailors in the town to produce it and I believed it would be finished by tomorrow . 」(Isaac) 「(…… . Huh? He wasn’t depressed from the failure from procuring the bags?)」(Kazura) After hearing Isaac’s answer, Kazura became confused in his mind . Karura thought that surely it was because Isaac wasn’t able to fulfill Kazura’s instruction so he was scolded severely by Nelson or Zirconia . However, it seems the cause for Isaac’s depression was something else .  「Is that so, then that’s good . Since Isaac-san had such gloomy expression, I was thinking that surely…… Umm, if there something bothering you, then you can talk it with me you know? Ah, but, if you don’t want to talk about it, no need to force yourself to say it . 」(Kazura) 「……Yes……thank you……very much……」(Isaac) As Kazura spoke with him, Isaac voice became clogged and hang his head down with an expression as if to cry . Kazura thought that Isaac had something that he couldn’t share, so he just silently watched Isaac cast his sight down . Then, after he watched for awhile and since Isaac didn’t say anything, Kazura changed the topic .  「Ah that reminds me, there is something I want to ask Isaac-san, but is this the right time for that?」(Kazura) 「……Yes, feel free to ask . 」(Isaac) Inquired by Kazura, Isaac raised his face . It wasn’t a face that was on the verge of crying anymore, but a face of someone who had found the resolution to do a breakthrough for something . Even his ambiance had changed from the dejected spirit he showed before but of someone who was overflowing with determination to do something .  「(… . . Eh? Herb tea and aroma oil had this extremely powerful effect? Or during the last few minutes, something had happened inside Isaac-san’s mind?)」(Kazura) Kazura was bewildered by the sudden Isaac’s mood change . To cheer up Isaac who had become depressed, Kazura chose herbs that have antidepressant or relaxation effects and made tea from them for Isaac to drink . Not only this, but he also used lavender oil that has antidepressant and relaxation effect . However, if Isaac had such extreme heart changes, then the effect was too effective .  Previously, when Valin who was close to death’s door received Lipo-D, it took about 2 hours until he recovered his physical health . However, the herbs and oil he used just now wasn’t for physical recovery, but for the mental effects . Inside Kazura’s mind, there was a concern about whether the herbs and oils had a more powerful effect than food .  「(No, wait a moment, if this true then it couldn’t explain what happened last time when Valetta-san and Valin-san drank the herb tea . If there is such extreme effect, then since both of them drank hibiscus tea then they wouldn't stop peeing . )」(Kazura) 「Umm, Kazura-sama, is something wrong?」(Isaac) Kazura was pondering about the effect when Valetta and Valin drank herb tea last time . Maybe because Isaac feel uneasy when Kazura suddenly became silent, he asked Kazura with a worried look .  「Ah, no, it’s nothing . 」(Kazura) Kazura answered in a hurry while thinking that it would become into nothing if Isaac became depressed once more .  ☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽  Post chapter remainder:Sorry for the rather delayed release… Stuffs happens . Once again, I’m sorry for the other language translator that use my site as their translation basis for the rather messy anti-copy paste text inserted inside .  Lavender really does have some relaxation effect (there are several studies about it) either from their placebo .


Hibiscus really had diuretic effects . So please be careful in consuming it .