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Chapter 55
Chapter 55: The Madam is a Grave Digger

 Six hours had passed since Kazura’s shopping.In the middle of the sun rays which poured down from the slanting sun, Kazura struck a daunting pose in front of the huge mountain of compost.
At the side of the compost were the bags of lime, while a refrigerator and a portable electric generator stood near the mansion’s entrance door, together with a laptop and massive quantity of groceries.Even inside the car was packed with various items ranging from yet another food groceries, drugs, gems and accessories to be converted into money in Isteria, to daily necessities such as alarm clocks and soaps.Of course, he had bought frozen foods and vegetables which was placed in a large cool box packed with dry ice. After this, he would transport each and everything of this large quantity of items to the other world.To be honest, even now Kazura felt quite a bit of apprehension about this situation.However, different from the last time, there was a strong partner beside him. 「Let’s go, Mini Exca[1]. If you are with me, I can still keep fighting!」(Kazura) In front of the mountain of compost was a parked mini excavator. He had purchased it in cash from a shop that used construction machinery which he found on his way back from the engineering firm.In addition, behind it was a parked agricultural transport tractor that was furnished with a dump box hydraulic lift function in the back with a maximum capacity of 500 kg. It was the ultimate combination.In the corner of the yard, the cart who had been working incessantly until now were watching over Kazura’s group. Kazura felt that he won’t lose to anyone right now.He had been so busy that it was hard for him to think so he didn’t care about his quite excited condition.He didn’t understand the reason for it, but his trembling didn’t cease. Kazura board the mini excavator and turned on the engine and manipulating the levers according to the user manual he received from the shop.Matching Kazura’s movement, the mini excavator’s arm section made a moan as it elevated.Carefully controlling the arm, it scooped out a compost from the mountain.Then keeping the arm level, its body turned and dropped the compost on the dump box section of the transport tractor. It was perfect.There were times when some compost fell from the bucket, there were times when he scooped to little compost, but even when this happened he was glad.He could transport an amount that will be bone breaking to his body.Seeing the reality in front of his eyes, Kazura were deeply trembled in emotion.Perhaps until today, Kazura hasn’t felt gratitude to the power of science like this.His eyes glittering with this respect sentiment. In such way, Kazura was working hard to manipulate the mini excavator that he used for the first time, in order to transport the entire 50 ton of compost to Grisea Village.It was already past 4 o’clock in the afternoon.Although it was an emergency situation where he needed to transport entire goods by today, even if he sighed, there were no one but Kazura who can help him in this.
He had no choice but to keep working with vacant eyes and half-opened mouth while grumbling out his resentment and curse words after his bravado was exhausted. Since the transport tractor didn’t have a weight measurement function, he just loaded the compost by estimating with his eyes.He felt wasteful if there was fertilizer spilled out from the vibration if he loaded too much compost on it.After Kazura judged that the amount is just right, he exited the mini excavator and board the transport tractor.
Kazura and the Agricultural Transport Tractor
「Alright! Onward to Grisea Village! Must not think about how many trips I need to make!」(Kazura) Kazura started the transport tractor engine and drove it towards the residence.While the transport tractor made a loud noise, it smoothly ascended the iron plate slope placed on the mansion’s entrance door.Because the transport tractor was a caterpillar model, the tractor steadily moved atop the iron plates spread around the floor. Kazura didn’t know who and for what reason the floor was covered by iron plates, but it was very useful for his current situation. Kazura drove the tractor and successfully crossed over from the other world border and appeared at the stone passage.Before long, he passed the grave that he had built before and headed towards the tree grove. After driving the loud tractor inside the tree grove for a while, the familiar scenery of Grisea Village came to his sightPerhaps because the villagers had heard the tractor’s loud engine, they began to gather in the tree grove entrance. 「Hello everyone, I see that today’s weather is hot as always.」(Kazura) 「Ka-Kazura-sama! What is that vehicle!?」(Villagers) The villagers were looking in amazement at Kazura who raised one of his hand and made an excited greeting while operating the tractor with the other hand. Well, of course, this was a natural reaction.Until now, Kazura had transported the goods while assiduously pulling the cart, but today he appeared riding a strange big vehicle that produced loud noise.It wasn’t an overstatement to say that the villagers were surprised. 「Ah, this vehicle? This is a vehicle that was made and used in the God’s Realm to transport massive amount of goods. It’s really useful since it can transport a lot of goods at the same time. Since I will unload the cargo right now, can everyone stand a bit away from this vehicle?」(Kazura) After Kazura made the villagers kept a distance from the tractor, its dump box parts tilted to the back and dumped the compost it transported to the ground. 

「Well, with this amount of fertilizer, I need to do this for 100 times more. Since I will leave it in this place, can I ask for your help to leave some people to watch this place?」(Kazura) 「W-we understand!」(Villagers) 「Kazura-san!」(Valetta) Just when Kazura put his hand on the handle to return to the mansion in Japan after hearing the Villagers’ reply, Valetta came running from the direction of the village.Just like the other villagers, Valetta also showed a surprised expression when she saw the tractor that Kazura drove.Although surely she had already known about the existence of automobile from the book that Kazura brought from Japan, as expected the impact from seeing the picture and the real thing was different. 「Valetta-san……」(Kazura) Seeing Valetta came running, Kazura’s excitement that he showed just now suddenly became toned down.It was unknown whether this related to the event with Valetta two days ago. However, the gloomy expression that Valetta had in her face from yesterday morning had disappeared and returned to her usual expression.The village girl who Kazura asked for help yesterday were following Valetta from behind. When their eyes met, the girl made a wry smile while nodding.He didn’t know how the talks went, but it seemed to be effective. 「Kazura-san, is that…… fertilizer?」(Valetta) 「Yes, I planned to bring them all to Isteria. I believe we then can restore the devastated grain-producing region in Isteria. For now, I will prepare 50 ton, so perhaps it will progress smoothly.」(Kazura) 「Fif-fifty ton? So, you will bring that many, I see…… But, I think that water is also important, so do you also will bring a lot of waterwheel?」(Valetta) 「No, the waterwheel is being mass produced in Isteria right now. After dividing the parts into several different groups, I had ordered the craftsman in the city to produce them.」(Kazura) Several days ago, when Kazura was issuing large amount of instructions to Nelson’s group, so that it was possible for the waterwheel to be mass-produced, Kazura ordered Zirconia to make preparations for manufacturing the needed parts.If Zirconia moved according to Kazura’s instruction then right now they might already begin mass production of the necessary waterwheel parts. 「Mass production?…… That’s right, if you mobilized the entire craftsmen in the city, then it is possible to produced large amount of waterwheel in short time span.」(Valetta) 「Yes, since I reused the blueprint that was used to make this village’s waterwheel, it saved me from a lot of trouble.」(Kazura) The blueprint that he handed over to Zirconia, was the blueprint of Waterwheel No.2 that had been previously built at Grisea Village, so the entire needed materials were something that can be found or built in this world.Although he never planned for it to be used like this, but he was really glad that he had made a new waterwheel for the village. 「What about Valetta-san’s side? It seems that you already began the construction work.」(Kazura) As Kazura said this, he turned his sight towards the village. 

He couldn’t see it well since it’s still far away, but there were timbers lined up at several places in the village and the construction of the palisade and the watchtowers had begun. 「Yes, with the cooperation of everyone in the village, we had begun the construction of what I had discussed with Kazura-san two days ago. First, we plan to construct palisade that will surround the whole village, afterward we will construct the watch tower.」(Valetta) 「I see, hmm…… Ah, I also had prepared some lime. I will bring it after this. Since I prepared about two tons of it, I think it will be more or less enough……」(Kazura) 「Th-thank you very much! If we have them, then I think it will surely be alright!」(Valetta) Kazura felt relieved inside his heart as Valetta already returned to her usual lively attitudes.Perhaps he was quite worried about what to do for Valetta, who was depressed all the time.Furthermore, he was thinking that perhaps he had done something that hurt Valetta’s feeling. As a matter of fact, on the night two days ago, Kazura had done nothing that hurts Valetta’s feeling, though. 「Please, inform me if you need anything…… Then, I will return to transport the rest of the goods.」(Kazura) Kazura spoke this with a smile to Valetta and while being sent off by everyone, Kazura returned once more towards the mansion in Japan. ✧✦✧✦ While Kazura was transporting fertilizer from Japan, a large convoy of carriages and wagons arrived at Grisea’s village entrance. The one who leads the convoy was Zirconia, while their bodyguard were 200 Nobles Guards who reinforced the convoy’s surrounding.These soldiers were mostly heavy infantry, the few cavalrymen only served as the convoy’s scout.This is the popular army’s formation in this world.A force composed entirely of cavalry like the one who accompanied Kazura the other day before was an unusual sight. Zirconia didn’t wear the loose clothing she wore when in the Nelson’s mansion, instead she was clad in the bronze armor, carried a round shield on her back, and armed with shortsword and longsword in her waist just like the other soldiers.She was dressed up gallantly, far in contrast to her usual gentle impression. 「Welcome, Zirconia-sama. You must be tired from the march. I will now return the right to command back to you.」(Isaac) 「Thank you for your hard work…… Umm, what is this sound?」(Zirconia) While receiving the right to command that was relinquished by Isaac, Zirconia shifted her sight towards Grisea Village.There was some kinds of strange sound coming from Grisea village’s direction.It was the engine sound of the tractor that Kazura drove. 「This sound is something that suddenly audible some time ago…… Since I hesitate to enter the village without Kazura-sama’s permission, for now, I only observe the general situation.」(Isaac) 「Ah, I see. But, isn’t entering the village wouldn’t be a problem? After all, he had said that we can continue our rule over the village. Nevertheless, I believe it’s better for anyone who didn’t know about ‘that matter’ should be prohibited from entering the village.」(Zirconia) 「I……I see. I understand, I will go to the village and come back after asking about this matter.」(Isaac) After thinking for a few moments, Isaac nodded in understanding.It seems that Isaac was similar to Kazura in his tendency to paying attention to things. By the way, ‘that matter’ that Zirconia mentioned was 『The fact that Kazura is Greysior』. 「I will leave this to you. Also, I have brought the bags that Kazura-san had ordered to prepare. Since it was packed in that carriage, can you take it together with you?」(Zirconia) 「Yes, Ma’am.」(Isaac) Isaac made a small bow to Zirconia and then ran towards the carriage with the bags that Zirconia had pointed out before. After Zirconia had confirmed, that Isaac had led the carriage to enter the village, she ordered the group behind her to prepare the camp.Receiving the order, the soldiers and their accompanying servants began to prepare the camp in a hurry.The soldiers who had camped out in the Grisea Village entrance also rushed over to the newly arrived group and began helping with the preparation. 「Otis」(Zirconia) 「Yes, Ma’am!」(Otis) Otis the escort soldier who was on standby with the Noble Guards, rushed over to Zirconia when his name was called. 「Can you lead me to the place where the corpses of the bandits were buried?」(Zirconia) 「The place where the corpses were buried…… Ma’am?」(Otis) Otis, who had been ordered to accompany Zirconia’s group without any explanation, unconsciously questioned Zirconia’s order.Otis was with the villagers when burying the bandits’ corpses after he heard Valin’s report, so he knew about the location.However, he was questioning what Zirconia want to do in such place. 「That’s right. Do you know where it’s located?」(Zirconia) 「Yes I know, Ma’am. But to go to that place, what is…… It can’t be.」(Otis) A terribly unpleasant sight came into his mind, so Otis spontaneously gulped.Zirconia made a glance towards Otis and began to recite out Otis’ worst expectation. 「Isn’t that clear? We will dig out the corpse.」(Zirconia) ☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽