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Chapter 59
Chapter 59: Clary Sage

 The evening of that day.As the sun was hiding halfway beyond the mountains, the vicinity started became darker. Under such light, in the entrance of the tree grove of Grisea Village, Zirconia and Isaac could also be seen mixed with Valin, Valetta, and several other villagers. In a team of two people, they were filling the cloth bag with the compost that had been piled into a hill on the ground.Beside them was a large amount of bags with compost stacked up, perhaps they only need to fill several dozen bags and their work will be finished. Beside the stacked up compost bags, there were drums, gasoline jerrycans, a pile of lime bags and a large amount of cardboard boxes in various sizes.Currently, Kazura wasn’t there, since he had returned to Japan to transport the last heavy item, the refrigerator.

 Havel was in a location a bit far from that place. He was placing the compost bags that the villagers transported into the cargo carriage that had been brought to the village..「Even so, what a huge amount…… I wonder what is inside those boxes.」(Zirconia) Zirconia stabbed the shovel that she borrowed from the villagers on the ground and took a breather as she looked at the stacks of cardboard boxes that was placed next to the compost bag.Isaac, who was opening the mouth of the bag, also lured by Zirconia and looked at the cardboard boxes. 「I had asked about it this morning to Kazura-sama, it seems that those boxes contain food that Kazura-sama usually ate in the God’s Realm and tools like the lantern that he had shown to us before. He had ordered to be careful when transporting it as much as possible.」(Isaac) 「Hmm…… I understand if it tools, but he brings this much food…… I wonder if our dishes doesn’t suit his taste.」(Zirconia) 「That’s true…… The canned food that Kazura-sama gave to us to eat the other day had a considerable rich taste. The dishes that we usually ate might taste bland for Kazura-sama.」(Isaac) 「Certainly, the taste was splendidly rich…… We need to consult Kazura-san about the dish’s taste later.」(Zirconia) When Zirconia dines together with Kazura back in Isteria, Kazura didn’t make any particular unsatisfied expression on his face.However, if he had brought such large amount of food, it made her thought that he was just behaving himself to not made Zirconia’s side worried. 「I heard from Havel that when Kazura-sama was staying at his mansion, Kazura-sama was extremely pleased with the dishes that Havel provided. About the dishes, I think it will be better for us to discuss this with him.」(Isaac) 「Ara? Is that so? Then, perhaps we really need to discuss it with Havel. Or rather, it would really help us if we could take the people who made those dishes.」(Zirconia) 「Then, we will need to do this as soon as possible, right?」(Isaac) While Zirconia and Isaac were talking, there was a loud sound coming from inside the tree grove.Then several minutes later, Kazura appeared from inside the forest, driving the agricultural transport tractor. On the transport tray, there was a large cube box that was placed sideway.Perhaps it was to absorb the vibration when the transport tractor was moving, but there were several layers of blankets placed under it. When Kazura arrived at the tree grove entrance, he turned off the transport tractor engine and left the driver seat before stretching his back. 「Ah, finally it’s finished.」(Kazura) 「Good work, Kazura-san. Please have a water.」(Valetta) 
As soon as Kazura arrived, Valetta ran approaching him with a leather water bag in her hand.Kazura gave his thanks to her and received the bag with a smile. He then gulped the water and wet his parched throat. Seeing this sight, Zirconia began whispering to Isaac. 「This something in my mind since long ago, but doesn’t it seems that Kazura-san is pleased with that girl?」(Zirconia) 「Seems to be that way. Even when he heard about the bandits’ attack back in Isteria, his first words was asking about Valetta-san’s safety.」(Isaac) 「……Hmm.」(Zirconia) Perhaps she was thinking about something, Zirconia saw Kazura and Valetta while tilting her head.Perhaps because Isaac knew what Zirconia was thinking about, he just shook his head and let out a sigh as he tied the bag that had already been filled. 「Zirconia-sama, I will bring this bag to the carriage.」(Isaac) 「So that means he swings both ways…… Ah, yes, thank you. I will follow you later.」(Zirconia) After giving a bow, Isaac transported the bag to the carriage where Havel waited. Zirconia then walked approaching Valetta and Kazura who were having a pleasant chat. 「Kazura-san, is this all of the baggage?」(Zirconia) Zirconia asked Kazura and he nodded while smiling. 「Yes. I finally have transported everything. Afterward, we need to load these all to the carriage. However, it will soon get dark, so we should continue this tomorrow and take a rest for now.」(Kazura) The weight of the humongous amount of goods that Kazura transported today, including the compost and the lime was close to 52 ton.[1]With the number of carriages that was brought to the village, if every villager were to load the cargo to the carriage, they could finish with loading the whole cargo that was scheduled to be transported to Isteria in just under 1 hours.However, the sun had already begun to sink, so it will be alright even if they continue the work at tomorrow morning. By the way, the entire weight of the compost that Kazura brought was 50 ton, but the amount of compost that was packed into the bags was only 45 ton.The remaining compost was for Grisea Villages’ own use. 「I understand. I thought about bringing the carriages to this place tomorrow, but the coachmen couldn’t enter this village. Because of this, can I ask several villagers to help driving the carriages?」(Zirconia) Originally, she intended to order the coachmen to drive the carriages into the village. However, the sight of the crops inside the village was too fantastic.It was a sight that must not be seen by anyone other than the villagers, so she lacked sufficient manpower to drive the carriage. 「Then, I will inform this to everyone in the village. Tomorrow morning, we will head to your camp as you requested.」(Kazura) 「Thank you very much. Then we will return to our campsite.」(Zirconia) Zirconia thanked Kazura and then walked towards the compost bag filled carriage where Isaac and Havel were waiting. ✧✦✧✦ Several hours afterward.At the living room in Valin’s residence, Kazura and Valetta were sitting side by side in front of the sunken hearth and chatting while drinking herb tea.In front of them, there were dozens small bottle with essential oil and an opened full colored reference book that described the essential oil’s effects.
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 Currently, Valin wasn’t in the residence, he had gone guarding the goods that were left behind in the tree grove.Since he said he would return to the residence late at night, until then Kazura and Valetta were alone in the residence. 「Essential oil is amazing. They have so many effects like these……」(Valetta) Valetta showed her admiration as she read about the oil’s effect on the reference book. The reference books describe the effects of dozens of essential oils and list the recipe guide for how to use the oils in a blend.In addition, various ways of using the oils or how to distill the oils are mentioned inside the book. 「The essential oils have various types, so it’s interesting to try them for many things. It’s just, I still don’t really know how strong the effect will be for the people of this world……」(Kazura) Considering that the food and Lipo D that Kazura had brought had shown a tremendous effect until now, then it wouldn’t be strange if the oils would also have an abnormal tremendous effect.However, even though he had used the oils on Isaac and Marie, he still didn’t really know how strong the effect was. When he used lavender oil that have antidepressant and calming effect on Isaac who was really depressed, Isaac seems recovered in several minutes.However, that time he also drank the herb tea that has an antidepressant effect, also Kazura speak with Isaac about many of Isaac’s worries, so he didn’t really know how much the oil had effects on Isaac’s recovery. When he used the oil for Marie who suffered from motion sickness, Marie immediately felt better. However, the time until that effect appeared was about the same when he used the oil in Japan.Because it originally had an immediate effect, of course, it would be effective, but he didn’t know the degree of the effectiveness. 「It seems that it need about 2 hours for the food and energy drink to demonstrate its effect, but what about the oils? …… Since it won’t be absorbed like nutrient, so how the effect appeared might be different.」(Valetta) 「I suppose so…… If every essential oil is proven to work immediately and have a great effect then it could be quite handy depending on how we use it. However, if we use it wrongly then it could cause a serious problem.」(Kazura) 「Umm, would you like to test it to me for now? By doing this, I believe we can quickly judge the difference.」(Valetta) Valetta voluntarily offered herself as a test subject for the human trial. After thinking about this for a few seconds, Kazura nodded.Since he didn’t use poison, there won’t be any especially bad effect that could happen.Furthermore, he had already used the oils on Isaac and Marie, so this made him could do the experiment with ease. It’s just, Valetta had already had her physical ability enhanced by the food that Kazura brought.Because of that, the result they would get from the current experiment could only be thought as the effect of the oils on the physically enhanced human.Although if the oil demonstrated a tremendous effect on Valetta, then it could be expected that it will also have at least the same effect on the not physically enhanced human.There was enough significance in performing the experiment. 「You’re right. Then, please choose something that you like from these oils. Since how to use their scent are mentioned in the book, we can use it as reference.」(Kazura) 「I understand. Which should I choose……」(Valetta) Valetta flipped through the pages while skimming it for the effect and the scent.Then, perhaps because she had found an oil that she was interested in, she took one bottle from the lined up oil bottles, 「……I want to try this one. It says just put one drop and it will be alright.」(Valetta) 「Ah, you can’t put the oil before putting a bit of water.」(Kazura) Kazura stepped down to the pit and scooped out water with a ladle from a jar placed in the pit before he poured that water on the water receptacle of the candle type aroma pot.[2]After the water receptacle had been filled sufficiently, Valetta opened the oil bottle and put one drop on the receptacle.
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Then, she lighted the candle at the base of the pot with a lighter.After the fire burned for awhile, the water in the receptacle began to heat from the candle fire and vaporize. A sweet scent from the oil began to waft to the surroundings. 「This is alright…… Hm, this is…… What is this? I don’t recognize it.」(Kazura) Kazura’s nose twitched from the faint sweet scent from the oil that began to waft in the air as he began to try guessing the type of oil.However, it seems to be an oil that Kazura hardly ever uses, so he didn’t know what kind of oil is this. 「I use Clary Sage.[3] If it indeed possesses a tremendous effect just like the food, then I believe I will feel an extremely relaxing feeling. Perhaps I will also become sleepy ……」(Valetta) 「Eh? It has such kind of effect?」(Kazura) It seems that the effect didn’t immediately appear after sniffing the scent as there was no change in Valetta’s state until now.Until the time the oil effect appeared, Valetta and Kazura passed the time by discussing the current construction work progress on the village or what happened when Kazura went shopping.Then, 10 minutes after the candle was lightened, there was a change in Valetta. 「Hm…… I might become a bit sleepy……」(Valetta) When Valetta say this, she looked at Kazura with rather sleepy eyes.Perhaps because her face was illuminated by the firewood burning in the hearth, it was faintly red and felt unusually erotic. 「So it has shown its effect. Do you feel a strong sleepiness?」(Kazura) 「It doesn’t feel that strong, but how can I say this…… If I lied down right now, I believe I will quickly fall asleep. Something like, how should I put it, a warm and soft feeling.」(Valetta) Kazura wrote down each of Valetta’s body and mental condition changes that he heard from Valetta on the large notebook.Then on each effect that Valetta felt, he smoothly wrote down the time that was needed until the effect appeared. 「I see, I see. So this means that when I used the oil for Isaac, it was effective, right?…… Perhaps there are individual differences.」 When he used the lavender oil for Isaac, he had a more drastic change.However, if only this level of symptoms appeared on Valetta, then it would be hard to think that the change was only caused by the essential oils.There might be a difference from being physically enhanced by the food, but he couldn’t completely verify this right now in this place. Either way, for the people in this world, the essential oils’ effect wasn’t as strong as the food, but they exhibited a bit strengthened effect.Perhaps there will be a difference in result based on the concentration and frequency of use. 「Kazura-san, can I ask one thing from you?」(Valetta) While Kazura was mumbling and nodding as he wrote in the notebook, he heard Valetta, who was watching him intently, called out to him. 「Yes, what is it?」(Kazura) 「…… Just like before, I want you to hug me.」(Valetta)   Valetta had made a sudden astonishing remark that made Kazura unconsciously dropped the ballpoint pen in his hand and stood still unmoving.Then, while he was doubting if his ear had misheard things, as if making a creaking sound, Kazura turned his face towards Valetta.
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 「……」(Kazura) Valetta had a bit blushed expression and looked at Kazura. The sound that reached Kazura’s ears was the sound of the firewood crackling while burning in the sunken hearth and the sounds of his heart that suddenly began to beat fast.The distance between Kazura and Valetta was only several dozen centimeters.It was a distance where if he reached out his hand he could immediately touch her. A very nice atmosphere dominate the living room. 「(……Eh, seriously? Is it really that thing!? ……But, the thing like before is a landmine right!? What is happening!?)」(Kazura) Even though Kazura’s inner mind continued to be shaken greatly, he frantically maintained his composure and fixed his expression. 「……You, can’t?」(Valetta) Perhaps she felt something from Kazura’s expression, Valetta once again asked Kazura with an uneasy expression.Her eyes was a bit wet. 「……Come here.」(Kazura) Kazura put his hand on Valetta’s shoulder and draw her closer and then embrace her small body gently. Maybe because Valetta was nervous, when Kazura was embracing her, her shoulder was quivered and her body stiffened.However, as the time passed she gradually loosened, and after a while passed, as if she had lost her entire strength, she leaned upon Kazura’s chest. Both of them didn’t speak anything. Time passed for several minutes. 「Kazura-san……」(Valetta) For Kazura, his posture had become somewhat painful, so he began agonizing whether to call out to Valetta, but suddenly Valetta muttered Kazura’s name. 「Yes?」(Kazura) 「……」(Valetta) Kazura made a reply, but there was no reply from Valetta.After waiting for a while and still no reply, Kazura though, “perhaps”, and then he pushed her a bit to look at her face. 「……Of course, right…」(Kazura) Perhaps she had fallen asleep midway, Valetta was sleeping soundly.Her expression was of someone who was extremely happy, seeing this Kazura’s cheek also loosened and he was actually feeling happy as well. Kazura scratched his head and made a wry smile on this clichéd manga-like development while thinking what he should do right now.Then, he gently put Valetta down on the floor and headed towards her bedroom to prepare her bed. ☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽