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Chapter 64
Chapter 64: The Work’s Atmosphere

 It has been 4 hours since Kazura turned the refrigerator on .  In the middle of Nelson’s courtyard, Lieze, who had finished with her daily morning practice, received the towel from Eira . There was a thin one-handed sword worn at her waist and nearby there was a small round shield leaned against the tree . It seems that today she didn’t have a short spear training but a sword training .  

「Good work, Lieze-sama . How is your condition today?」(Eira) 「Un, perfect . I am strong in the sword art, to begin with . 」(Lieze) While wiping the sweat flowing on her nape with the towel, Lieze answered Eira’s question .  For the people who were born in Nelson House, there was a tradition where regardless of gender, they must be well-versed in tactics and handling weapons . Since her youth, Lieze had received battle or tactic lessons either from Nelson or his close guards . This training had become an intimate part of her daily lives .  After the war with Balveil entered ceasefire 4 years ago, Lieze mainly received her combat training under Zirconia’s tutelage . However, since Zirconia was very busy with her task recently, Lieze couldn’t receive her guidance .  Since it was not possible to receive Zirconia’s guidance, Lieze had requested from other people from the military, but after receiving Zirconia’s harsh guidance, she felt that they were somewhat lacking . Because of that, Lieze was practicing independently using her abundant practice time, thus in this way, she was practicing diligently every morning .  「Don’t Lieze-sama agree that soon you will be on par with Zirconia-sama or Isaac-sama in battle?」(Lieze) 「Don’t make an absurd remark . Isaac perhaps, but for Mother, don’t you think it will be settled without I am able to do anything?」(Eira) As far as Lieze know, Zirconia’s expertise is in one on one combat, even amongst the senior military officials, she is a top class one . It wasn’t that she was absurdly strong, but her skill in footwork, parrying, and reading opponent’s movement was beyond normal . Especially when she equipped small round shield and one-handed sword, her fighting strength was tremendous . Her ability was even equal or above when compared to the Nobles Guard .  Since Isaac and Lieze also received Zirconia’s guidance at the same period of time, their relationship could be said as being sibling disciples . [1]Lieze had many bouts with Isaac in the past, but until now she never seized a single victory . It was no wonder, even when his opponent was Lieze, Isaac, who was a person who never went easy on things especially on combat, absolutely didn’t let his guard down even when facing a girl six year younger than himself . In the first place, in case he was going easy on the bout in front of Zirconia, then Isaac will see hell afterward, so it was a situation where he had no other choice .  Perhaps because Isaac also bothered by it, after the practice he would be careful in contacting Lieze one way or another, but since the impression of that time was so big for Lieze, she felt discontent at Isaac for some reason and another .
Of course, she never showed this in her face or manner even for once .  Isaac hailed from Slan House, which had begotten numerous excellent military officers . Isaac’s father, siblings, and even cousins were mostly had taken up a position within the military . Isaac was the eldest son of Slan House and perhaps because he felt the responsibility of his position, he was normally being completely devoted to improving himself more than others . He never slacked in his physical training and battle training that he had grown into someone who was able to match Zirconia in battle . Even having said so, it was just 「able to match」 . [2] 「Give me a break already, Mother is in completely another level…… or rather it might, as expected, be impossible without any real combat experience…」(Lieze) 「It might be so…… That reminds me, last night Zirconia-sama and Kazura-sama had returned back . It seems the large sized baggage had been carried away to somewhere else . 」(Eira) Perhaps she just remembered since Lieze brought Zirconia as the topic, Eira reported to Lieze about the message that was transmitted in the morning report . The maids working in Nelson’s Estate, always perform a morning report or evening report between the day shift maids and the night shift maids to share information .  By the way, Eira’s line of work was exclusively day shift, so she didn’t do any night shift . Since Eira is Lieze’s exclusive maid, her day to day schedule would be synchronized to Lieze’s .  「Large size baggage? …… It might be the thing that Kazura-sama had mentioned before . 」(Lieze) 「Does Lieze-sama has some knowledge about what kind of baggage it is?」(Eira) Previously, during the dinner, Lieze had heard from Kazura that he will leave Isteria for several days . Therein, there was a bit of talk about transporting a large amount of materials to Isteria . Furthermore, there was a mention that the materials will be used to restore the grain fields, but she didn’t hear any more details like what kind of materials it will be .  「Hmm, Kazura-sama had said about this before . After this, he will do something to restore the fields to the north and west . Perhaps, that baggage is used in this . 」(Lieze) When Lieze mentioned this, Eira was opening her eyes in surprise .  「Eh? There were talks about how the northern and the western fields were completely devastated by the drought, right? He want to restore these fields?」(Eira) 「It was a hardly believable story but certainly he did say so . He also said about drawing water from the river into the fields…… If I remembered correctly, by using a tool called waterwheel……」(Lieze) 「Waterwheel…… It is a tool that I never heard about it before . What kind of tool is it?」(Eira) 「This is just something that I heard, but it is a tool made from a round wooden wheel with numerous boards set into it that will turn around when it is installed on a river . Then by putting wooden box on it, it will scoop up the water . 」(Lieze) 

「…… I don’t completely understand . 」(Eira) Eira tried to picture the waterwheel from Lieze’s story, but she didn’t understand completely what kind of shape it had . Even if Lieze want to explain it more, she never personally saw a waterwheel before so she didn’t know any more detail, so this was something that couldn’t be helped .  「I also only ever heard about it, so I don’t really know it in detail . They said that if it could be made in a large number then it could draw a large amount of water without any human’s hand . If this is true then it is a really wonderful thing . 」(Lieze) 「That’s true . By the way, perhaps the baggage that they brought over is that waterwheel tool…… Ah, I see . I just remembered a story about Kazura-sama . Since last night there was a strange sound coming from Kazura-sama’s room . 」(Eira) 「Strange sound?」(Lieze) 「Yes . There were people who were bothered by it and tried to check it, but Isaac-sama was guarding over the place with the sound and prevented anyone from approaching…… Also, after some time passed since the sound first appeared, there was a great shriek coming from Kazura-sama’s room . 」(Eira) 「Eh? Is he alright!? Don’t tell me it was a thief’s intrusion!?」(Lieze) It was an unsettling story, that made Lieze asked Eira in astonishment .  「That is… After hearing that shriek, the guards and Isaac-sama immediately rushed into the room, but there wasn’t anything particularly happened . It was just, at that time Kazura-sama was muttering, everything has melted, in a dejected expression…… I don’t know the complete story, however . 」(Eira) 「I-I see . But I am bit curious about it…… Soon it will be breakfast, perhaps I could try to ask Kazura-sama . 」(Lieze) 「Ah, Kazura-sama won’t partake in the breakfast . He is quite tired and so he will take a rest until noon . 」(Eira) 「Is that so? Then at the dinner…… But, won’t it be bad if I asked him too much?」(Lieze) She had a great curiosity about what had happened, but it wasn’t polite to question too much . She also wanted to try to go and see the source of the strange sound, but since it was Isaac who was guarding it, then it might be something that wasn’t supposed to be seen by unrelated people . In this case, it might be prudent for her to try bringing this up indirectly on her next conversation with Kazura and then judge his reaction before asking it any further .  「Do I have any plan on today’s afternoon?」(Lieze) 「You have a schedule to meet with the wealthy merchant from our province, Wirvell Maybach-sama just past noon . Afterward, you have scheduled to meet in turns: a noble from Fraise Province, Ardelt Trager-sama, a noble from Gregorn Province, Gunther Branden-sama, and a noble, also from Gregorn Province, Nibel Ferdinand-sama . 」[3](Eira) Eira enumerated the name of people who will meet with Lieze today as Lieze made a straightforward sickened expression .  「…… Isn’t that too much? Please, spare me . 」(Lieze) 「Even if you say that to me…… Also, you have an appointment with McGregor-sama for the tactic lesson after today’s breakfast . 」(Eira)

 「Umm…… when is my free time?」(Lieze) 「……After dinner . 」(Eira) 「……」(Lieze) ✧✦✧✦ That day’s afternoon . Under the midday sun that blazes the earth, Kazura, together with Zirconia, was heading towards the fields north of Isteria . In front of Kazura’s group were several carriages and a large number of carts carrying the fertilizer bags and waterwheel parts . In addition, there was about 300 personnel had gathered .  “For now, the gathered people will be divided into groups of 5 men each”, was the directions given by Isaac and Havel to them . Even though the gathered people were noisy about what will happen from now on, they obediently divided into groups as per instruction .  While Kazura’s group were away from Nelson’s estate, the one who will guard the generator left in the courtyard will be Isaac’s subordinate, Root . Previously, when Isaac arrested Kazura in Grisea Village, Root was one of the soldiers who followed Isaac . For Isaac, Root was his cousin, so he was a person that Isaac could really trust . At Grisea Village, he and one other soldier had heard by chance that Kazura is Greysior . Afterward, Isaac had firmly forbidden them to mention this to others . Seeing that there was no rumor until now, both of them might have properly guard the secret just like what Isaac had ordered .  「Now then, let’s start . Zirconia-san, please distribute one cart for each group . 」(Kazura) 「Yes . 」(Zirconia) After the groups had been divided out, Kazura gave an order to Zirconia . Just like what Kazura had ordered, she divided the cart and the servant assigned to it to each group . After a while, 60 carts had been assigned to the groups . Inside of the carts were 5 bags of fertilizer .  「Next, please dig up a shallow hole atop the soil . After digging it, place a bit of the soil inside the bag into it and then mixed it properly . 」(Kazura) At the next order, each group simultaneously began to dig the soil using hoes . It took a bit of time to dig up the parched dry soil, but everyone finished digging it one way or another . Isaac and Havel went to a group that had finished in digging the holes, took out some fertilizer from its bag, and scatter it on the soil inside the hole . Then after they received hoes from nearby people, Isaac and Havel showed how to properly mix the soil .  「Please mix it properly in this manner . Then one bag will be scattered into an area of……」(Kazura) Kazura was saying these words while walking and looking at his feet as he was counting the number of the steps he had taken . After roughly 35 meters, he stopped for a moment and then walked another 35 meter perpendicularly before stopping .  「About this wide, as even as possible . Please scatter the soil in this manner . After you have finished with scattering one bag, move into another field that hasn’t been scattered yet, and repeat these steps from the beginning . Please do this for every field on the northern part . 」(Kazura) After Kazura explained in this way, the assembled people showed an astonished expression . Although it was just limited to the northern fields, the fields were staggeringly vast . If someone thinks about how long will it takes to finish this, they might faint .  However, even after seeing the faces that the people made, Kazura didn’t get perturbed at all . Because last night Kazura had used a calculator and calculate the area scope for the fertilizer scattering and the rough time for the task to be finished .  According to Kazura’s calculation, if the 45 ton of compost that he brought was diluted into the usual 1:50 ratio, then the area that could be covered by it will be 3,712,500 meter square . [4]Although it was difficult to imagine just by the figure, but this area could be covered by 79 Tokyo Domes . If it converted into Japanese Tatami unit then it will be about 2,250,000 tatamis wide . (If it converted into Football (Soccer) Field unit then it will be about 520 soccer field wide . ) By dividing 300 people into 60 groups, then it means they could fertilize an area of 35 x 35 meters 60 times simultaneously . The prepared compost bags was 3000 bags, so by assuming that one group would spend one bag for two hours works of spreading the fertilizer, then with 8 hours of work in 1 day they would consume 4 bags . Since there were 60 groups, by simple calculation they would consume 240 bags . As long as there wasn’t any trouble like a disaster, then it would take 2 weeks to spend all the prepared compost, so was what Kazura had thought .  「Also, when scattering the fertilizer, each group need to do it side by side at the same . Even if you have finished earlier, you mustn’t try to go ahead too fast . Since it might cause the scattering area to be overlapped . 」(Kazura) When Kazura warned them, he looked at the dumbfounded expression they send to him .  「I have something that I forget to say . When this work has been completed at the dusk, then you will receive a pay from Istelle House . Since we will also plan to add an extra for the work’s precision and the state of progress, I hope everyone could work enthusiastically . 」(Kazura) When they heard about “pay”, the people who originally had a dead man like expression soon regained their vigor back . They weren’t expecting to receive any reward previously, so their eagerness was on a completely different level .  「Then, please start working . I wish everyone to work hard . 」(Kazura) With Kazura’s signal, each group simultaneously commenced their work .  ☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽