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Chapter 67
Chapter 67: Reason to Fuss Over

 Several hours passed . Zirconia, who had finished with the work in the grain fields for today, was meeting with Nord, the Leveson House, in the guest room at Leveson Mansion .   There was no one inside the room other than Zirconia and Nord, the guards that she brought and the servants had been ordered to wait outside the room .  

Alongside the walls of the guest room were adorned with expensive decorations and paintings with such an exquisite balance that it won’t be too obtrusive for sight . The floor was covered with marble tiles, that had been polished to such degree that it was glistening and no single hint of dirt could be seen .  Zirconia took a glance at the room interior and then smiled as she faced Nord who was sitting opposite of the table from her .  「I am terribly sorry for interposing your schedule against your will . There is something that I must ask you no matter what . 」(Zirconia) 「I am obliged that you deliberately made a visit to us . However, may I know what is that you request for?」(Nord) Nord answered with a genial manner mingled with a smile, just like Zirconia . He did not show any nervous appearance even if he was in front of Zirconia, it was indeed an impressive conduct .  「She is a slave working at your House, but I want you to sell that girl to me, a slave named Marie . 」(Zirconia) When Zirconia mentioned Marie name, Nord’s eyes narrowed .  「……Marie?」(Nord) 「Yes . Ten days ago, Nelson’s friend, Kazura-san, stayed at your mansion, isn’t it correct? It seems that Kazura-san is really pleased with the dinner that your mansion had served . 」(Zirconia) 「……If it was ten days ago, then a person that my son Havel accompanied with?」(Nord) 「Yes, that’s right . Kazura-san had been staying at our estate for a short while, but it seems that the dishes cooked by our chefs didn’t suit his palate . Thereupon, we plan to employ Marie, who was responsible for cooking the dinner for Kazura-san ten days ago, as a personal chef for Kazura-san . You may ask any price for her, but won’t you sell that girl to me . 」(Zirconia) After Zirconia finished speaking, Nord turned his sight from her and knitting his brow in silent .  「……Is there a problem?」(Zirconia) Seeing Nord was behaving like this, Zirconia tilted her head . Being called out by Zirconia, Nord raised his head, made a bitter expression and began talking .
 「…… Can it be anyone else? There are several other maids that are tasked with cooking duty in our Mansion . 」(Nord) 「It will not do . It looks like Kazura-san doesn’t only interested in the cooking, but also in that girl herself . She wouldn’t be able to be substituted with another person . 」(Zirconia) 「……」(Nord) 「Is there any reason for your hesitation? If it does, can you inform me about it?」(Zirconia) With a frowned face that erased her smile, Zirconia questioned Nord who was once again averted his eyes and became silent . The other party, Nord raised his face in a hurry with a flustered expression .  「Marie is my illegitimate child, so I want her to be close to me as much as possible . If it only lending her for a limited period of time, then……」(Nord) 「…… Do you care about Marie that much?」(Zirconia) 「Yes . Even if she was an illegitimate child, she is still more or less my child . 」(Nord) Zirconia asked back with a surprised expression and so Nord replied with a really earnest expression .  「…… There is something that I don’t understand from your words . Marie is a child born from your slave, right? If you really care about her that much, then why did you leave her status as a slave? If you applied for her in the Isteria yearly census survey, then she could be released from her slave status, right?」(Zirconia) 「If I did that then Marie would enter the Leveson’s House genealogy…… As one would expect, it will be hard to formally admit a slave’s child into the genealogy…… Furthermore, my wife and children wouldn’t accept this, so I can’t do anything but to leave her status as a slave while keeping her close at hand . 」(Nord) 「Even so, if this true won’t Marie will feel that she is shaming this house? Other than you, the other member of the family hate Marie, right? Then won’t it will better to use this chance and sent her outside so that in the future her livelihood would be guaranteed and she would be happy, right?」 When Zirconia pointed this out, for a moment Nord showed an expression as if he was saying, 「Damn」 .  「Ah, no…… That’s is…… true, but……」(Nord) 「(……Ah, so it is like that…)」(Zirconia) Nord had difficulty in enunciating his answer, that Zirconia vaguely understood why Marie was left in such situation . This was just her guessing, but Marie is an existence that is similar to a collar to bind Havel within the Leveson House .   A few days ago, when Kazura headed towards Grisea Village with Havel and others, Zirconia had heard from Isaac that Kazura had instructed Marie to board the carriage with him . Although Isaac said that Havel was taking Kazura’s need into his consideration and thus bringing Marie along as someone that Kazura had acquainted before, but perhaps this might be for a different reason .  

It was because, when Kazura was heading towards Grisea Village, the problem with Kazura’s meal preference hadn’t come out yet . If the meal problem had already been known, then it could be reasoned that Havel had predicted this and so he took Marie along with him . However, since at that point this meal problem hadn’t be known yet, she couldn’t find any reason for him to bring Marie along with him .  If Marie was brought along to be someone who will assist Kazura in his need or to be a someone to talk to, and indeed she had heard it so, if she properly thought about it, this was somewhat strange . Among the servants taken along for that journey, Zirconia had also taken along people who had been in charge of waiting for Kazura’s necessities during his stay in Istelle Estate . Havel should have known about this and yet he deliberately brings a servant to serve him and chose that servant to be Marie, a very young girl with the only reason of being Kazura’s acquaintance . Furthermore, different from the servants that had served him for several days at Istelle Estate, Marie only served Kazura for only one night . She didn’t know how close was Marie to Kazura at that time, no matter how affable Kazura was with everybody, could he be close to a servant he just met for one night? Furthermore, from what Nord had said, except for Nord, no one in the Leveson House would think Marie in a favorable light . If this is true, then all the more, it would cause a contradiction with the reason why Havel choose Marie as the servant .  Also when she approached Havel for Kazura’s meal situation, he immediately recommends Marie . If Havel hates Marie then he wouldn’t recommend Marie like this .  If Marie ended as Kazura’s personal chef, then she would be under Kazura and Istelle House’s patronage . Zirconia ended up on a conclusion that perhaps this was what Havel aimed at .  「……Well, since you have said that far, then for now, even lending her is acceptable . 」(Zirconia) Nonetheless, there was no reason for Zirconia to purposely match Havel’s intention . Even if she persisted in buying Marie’s ownership forcibly right now, Leveson House’s impression on Istelle House might deteriorate more than necessary .  Although it had already progressed to some degree with Havel’s intention, there was no change in her first aim of allocating Marie for Kazura . For Zirconia, no matter how the method will be, as long as Marie could become a chef for Kazura, it will be fine . If Kazura said that he wanted Marie herself, then without any answer Zirconia would buy Marie’s ownership from Leveson House . But if it not so, then there wouldn’t be any problem even if she was just loaned .  「I-is that so . Thank you very much . 」(Nord) 「However . 」(Zirconia) Nord showed a relieved expression after he heard Zirconia’s answer, but Zirconia continued her words .  「During Marie’s loan period, she will live at our estate . Her ownership will still remain with Leveson House, but if Kazura-san say that he wished for Marie herself, then at that time please surrender her . 」(Zirconia) 「…… Understood . 」(Nord) 

Zirconia confirmed that Nord nodded, albeit reluctantly, and so she loosened her expression and smiled .  「I am very sorry to ask something unreasonable from you . Well then, since I will retrieve Marie’s personal belongings, can I have you to arrange it?」(Zirconia) 「Yes certainly, please wait for a moment . 」(Nord) Nord bowed to Zirconia and then stood up before exiting the guest room .  ✧✦✧✦ At that time, The courtyard in Nelson’s Estate was dark as the sun had sunk completely . At that place, Kazura and Isaac were in the middle of a serious discussion in front of the electric generator . Havel who had returned together with them was responsible for tidying the carriages and carts, so he was currently not there . Root, who had been guarding the generator until now, not too long ago had been ordered by Kazura to prepare a large amount of lumber and boards, and so had gone to the material storehouse inside the Estate .  「So, this place is to be enclosed and attached with a roof, so it will become something like a small shed . 」(Isaac) 「I want to put a door on it so it is possible to take out or bring in the content since this couldn’t be completely enclosed like a wooden box… . . . Also, to bring out the drums that had been left inside the room to the courtyard, as I also want to make a small shed to store them . 」(Zirconia) As Kazura explained, he turned his attention on the corner of the courtyard that faced the location of the generator .  The sun had already set, but both of them was preparing the construction of a storage shed to store the materials like the drums . Of course, even if the construction began this evening, it won’t be finished by tonight . Even if they want to gather the needed personnel, it had already in the middle of the night . So they plan to begin the construction in earnest from tomorrow morning for several days . However, before this, they will need to construct a simple small shed to enclose the continuously operating generator by tonight .  Currently, there were several boards set against the generator to cover it from prying eyes, so there was a risk that unrelated people could easily peek through the gap .  However, if they made something like a shed, even a simple one, and locked it, then there would hardly be a person who will deliberately destroy the lock to peek at the content . Of course, he could post guards around it, however, if the shed was completed, then it will decrease the personnel that he need to employ .  Nonetheless, it will be necessary to choose personnel who wouldn’t lose to their own curiosity and try to peek the generator even if they hear the sounds which came intermittently from it .  After some time passed as both of them were conversing at that place, Root had returned pulling a cart that had been filled with materials like wooden boards and the likes .  「Kazura-sama, will this much be sufficed?」(Root) 「Yes, this much will be enough . Thank you very much . 」(Kazura) Kazura nodded in satisfaction at the cart with the materials .  「Then, let’s quickly assembled it right now . Isaac-san please wait in this place for a while, I will bring the tools . It will be fine for Root-san to return today . I am sorry to make you guard for extended period . 」(Kazura) 「No, please let me help too . I will do anything . 」(Root) Although Kazura had given his permission for Root to return home, Root straightened his posture and made a statement that he is willing to help Kazura .  Root had been standing watch over the generator since the morning, so he ought to be tired . Nevertheless, Roots expression was still full with eagerness .  「Yes, but, Root-san hadn’t eaten any dinner yet and must be tired, right? Since I also planning to ask for your help tomorrow morning, it will better for you to return home for today……」(Kazura) 「I am thankful for the consideration . However, I am still in good condition, so please let me help . 」(Root) Root’s eyes were slightly wet from being emotionally moved due to Kazura’s consideration . Beside him, Isaac looked a bit delighted at Root .  By the way, Kazura and Isaac already ate their dinner . Since Nelson and Lieze couldn’t participate at today’s dinner, they ate the meal individually before meeting at this place .  「(Ah, this person is just like a small Isaac-san . Petite-Isaac-san . )」(Kazura) This morning, when Kazura conversed a bit with Root, he had felt that Root’s ambiance was similar to someone . This turned out to be Isaac .  Root was 160 cm tall so he was small compared to the 180 cm tall Isaac . However, his body was buffed up from the daily training just like Isaac, without any excess fat on him . His manner was a bit stiff, but he knows the proper etiquette, giving a strong impression of an honest young man . Although, his age was still 17-year-old, give or take several years, he would surely grow into a splendid soldier just like Isaac .  「Kazura-sama, Root is a man who will not leak out the secret to other people . Since he has known that Kazura-sama is Greysior-sama since the beginning, there won’t be any problem with him helping us . 」(Isaac) 「……Then, I will look forward to your help . With three men, let’s finish this quickly . 」(Kazura) Since Isaac also recommended Root, Kazura consented with his help suggestion and this made Root’s expression brightened .  「Thank you very much! I will strive to work with my whole power!」(Root) Root answered energetically . Kazura made a wry smile and then headed back to the room to bring out the tools .