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Chapter 68
Chapter 68: The Tools are not Weapon

 「Umm, hammer and nails and saw…… How bothersome, the nailgun and the electric saw will be better. It might be fine if it’s that two.」(Kazura) Kazura, who had returned to the room, took out power tools from a toolbox packed inside a large cardboard box.At first, he thought to use a hammer and a saw for the work, but right now it would take too much time using those tools. Though the sounds were a bit conspicuous, but it was already dark, no other human presence nearby, and he also had an electric generator.It will be convenient for him if the work finished faster by using power tools. Kazura placed the power tools, lighting tools and other implements inside a nearby empty cardboard box, and then carried it towards the courtyard.
✧✦✧✦ 「Kazura-sama, is there anything I can do to help you?」(Maid) 「Thank you very much. I can handle this so it’s fine…… Hm?」(Kazura) While he was walking in the corridor while carrying the box, he met a maid that happened to pass by, who then opened the door towards the courtyard for him.Then while he said his thanks and pass through the door, he saw several objects flying in the night sky. 「What’s that? Birds?」(Kazura) Kazura looked up at the night sky and muttered those words. Then, the maid who noticed this looked up at Kazura’s line of sight. 「Ah, those are bats. Since the light from the torches and candles in the Estate is brighter than the town, it came to eat the flying insects that were attracted by the light.」      (Maid) 「Eeh? So it’s bats. What a number.」(Kazura) When he looked closely at the sky, there was a considerable number of bats flying around.If there was such large amount of bats then the flying insects that were gathered at the Estate might be more tremendous. Together with the maid, Kazura stared at the night sky for a while. When he came to himself again, he fixed the cardboard box he carried in his arms and then walked towards the courtyard where Isaac and Root were waiting. ✧✦✧✦ Kazura returned to where Isaac and Root were, put the cardboard box on the ground, and then took out the power tools and LED lantern.Again, this might be just a mere consolation for his mind, but they put the wooden boards leaning the generator and the cart at his surroundings and made a simple covered space between it and the building. 「Well then, since I don’t want this to take much time, let’s finish this quickly.」(Kazura) He put the switched on LED lantern nearby, and then manipulated the switch at the generator so that it gave out the maximum output.At the moment he did this, the low sounds that the generator had produced until now, suddenly became louder, that the surroundings began to reverberate with the loud roaring sound. Disregarding Root who opened his eyes in surprise from this noise and Isaac who was looking around restlessly, Kazura took out the power cord for the electric saw and then plugged it into the generator.The electric saw that Kazura held was a circular saw type, it was a type where the circular blade will rotate at high speed to cut the material. 「Isaac-san, please take up 2 pieces of square lumbers[1] there.」(Kazura) 
「Y-yes.」(Isaac) After he received the square lumbers from Isaac, he placed them on the ground with a space between them.This served as a simple pedestal for cutting boards. Next, the boards that he received from Isaac were placed perpendicularly at the square lumber pedestals.The board thickness was about 2 centimeters, its width was about 30 centimeters and its length was more than 2 meters.As it is, the board was too big, so it must be cut into suitable sizes. With the measuring tape and permanent marker taken from the cardboard box, he measured precisely one meter and then put a marker to it.Then pinning the board with his knee, and applied the blade of the electric saw he held with both of his hand at the edge of the board. 「Alright, let’s quickly cut this. I will cut the board continuously so please prepare the next board. Since I will cut about 20 boards.」(Kazura) *insert picture* Kazura made his order and then began to activate the electric saw and cut the board.The high-speed rotating blade let out its distinctive cutting sound, the wood chips scattered around as it began to cleave through the board. Together with his father, Shinji, Kazura had used the power tools before to make wooden compost box for the field fertilizer back in his home, so he knew how to use an electric saw.Since Shinji had repeated time and time again, that it could result in serious injury if one’s not careful, Kazura knew this risk by heart. 「W-what is……」(Isaac) Isaac and Root were staring intensely at how the board was cut so easily with astonishment.To cut this sort of timber in this world, generally one will use a bronze or copper pull saw.Because it was a pull saw, it took a lot of time to cut the board, if someone does not use it right, it was normal that the blade would bend. As if to perfectly negate that common sense, the bulky board in front them right now, was being cut with a ruthless power by that small mysterious tools.Isaac had understood that the tools that Kazura owned have an out of common sense ability, but the event happening in front of his eyes had crossed his imagination by far distance. 「The next one  please.」(Kazura) 「A, yes!」(Isaac) Kazura, who had finished cutting the board in 10 seconds, requested the next board, so Isaac and Root presented the next board to Kazura in hurry.Kazura received the board presented to him and then piles it on top of the board that he had just cut, then he put a mark next to the section that had been cut.Then, once again the electric saw began to cut the board. 「Hmm, this will still waste too much time. Isaac-san, please bring those two square timbers and place it here.」(Kazura) Kazura, who had cut the second board, stopped his work and called out to Isaac. 「Will this place suffice?」(Isaac) 「Yes, that’s will be fine. But it’s a bit too long. Let’s cut it.」(Kazura) Receiving the square timber that Isaac brought, he measured the length with the tape and then cut it with the electric saw.In the blink of an eye, two 1.5 meters long square timbers had been made.

 「While I am cutting the board, I want Isaac-san to construct the shed’s wall using this tool. I will explain how to use it, so please look at this.」(Kazura) Kazura placed the square timbers that had just been cut on the ground with a 1-meter space between them, then he placed the boards that he had cut before atop of it, and then he took out a nailgun from the cardboard box placed nearby.This nailgun was a spring type, it was different from air pressure type that needs to be connected to a compressed air hose to be used.Its source of power was a battery and its nail load was 100. 「This is what is called as nailgun, it’s a tool to drive a nail into a board without using a hammer. I can also be called as a nailer machine.」[2](Kazura) While grasping that Isaac was listening to Kazura’s explanation with a serious expression, Kazura pushed the nailgun on the part of the board where it met with the square timber. 「Press this part and then the nail will be driven into the board. Please be careful so it won’t be driven slantwise.」(Kazura) Kazura explained and pointed at the nailgun’s trigger, then Isaac kneeled down and brought his face close to nailgun to see it and then nodded. 「Since I will show how it’s work, please watch this.」(Kazura) The nailgun was placed perpendicularly at the board and the trigger was pulled. *bash*. With a slight sound, the nail had been instantly driven into the board. 「Kinda like this. Place the board atop of the square timber to build the shed’s wall, while I’m cutting the board, Isaac-san please use that nailgun to construct the wall.」(Kazura) 「I understand…… What a wonderful tool this is.」(Isaac) Isaac received the nailgun from Kazura, then looked at its shape with an admiring sight.The figure of him placing his fingers on the trigger was strangely looked appropriate. 「Ah, more or less it has a mechanism where the nail won’t come out if it doesn’t being pressed against a board, but since it is dangerous, don’t point it at a person. Just in case something happens.」(Kazura) 「Yes. I will pay attention to it.」(Isaac) Kazura warned him, so Isaac nodded and removed his finger from the nailgun’s trigger.Power tools are convenient things, but there is a risk of the mistake in its use might cause serious injury.So a thorough caution was necessary when handling it. 「Then, shall we start? By splitting the work, it will finish faster.」(Kazura) And so, Kazura and Root was cutting the wood, while Isaac was building the wall. With this role division, the work continues. ✧✦✧✦ One hour later. Thanks to the power tools, the construction work progressed favorably, in front of the three people a 1-meter side square box, or rather, a small shed for the generator had been finished.The small shed’s opening had copper hinges attached to it, it was a single door type.This hinge was something that had been requested to Root, who then searched throughout the Estate to obtain it.The lock was also something procured from the Estate, a bronze padlock was fasten to it. The small lock that the three had made, was placed on top of four pillars driven into the ground, there was a 10 centimeters gap between the wall and the ground surface.A generator in operation will release carbon monoxide. So that it could be ventilated by the wind, they created a gap.

 The pillars at the ground were buried about 40 centimeters deep, the base had been threaded down solidly, so it would be hard to dig it up.The roof was also been covered with the board without any gaps, which then tightly fixed with nails. 「Ah, so tired. One thing or another, it had taken quite a time……」(Kazura) 「That is true. But if not for these tools then it won’t be finished by midnight. As expected, the tools from God’s Realm is amazing.」(Isaac) In contrast with Kazura who looked at the small shed with a tired expression, Isaac sounds energetic.Root’s face was also a bit tired, but compared to Kazura, he was still looked better. 「By the way, I thought that there would be someone who will come and see the situation when they heard the sound, but it looks like no one came. Even though the electric saw made such loud noise.」(Kazura) 「Come to think of it, this is true. The loud sound should be conspicuous…… Hm?」(Isaac) When they were talking, they looked at the surrounding and noticed that someone was walking from the residence. 「Kazura-sama, has the work finished?」(Havel) 「Ah, Havel-san. It was finished just by now…… Eh, had I mentioned about the work in this place to you?」(Kazura) After they returned to Nelson’s Estate from the fields, Havel was entrusted to tidying the carts and carriages, so he shouldn’t be informed about the work of constructing the small shed.Perhaps he had seen Kazura’s group working at the small shed from somewhere? 「You hadn’t. I didn’t hear anything about the work, but there was a loud sound coming from the direction of Kazura-sama’s room…… So I have been detaining people who gathered to check the situation.」(Havel) It seems that Havel had been clearing people out for all this hour so that Kazura’s group could work easier.In spite of the sounds that they scattered during the work, there was no one visiting them, this was all thanks to Havel who had done many things at places unseen from them. 「Umm, I am really sorry, but when Kazura-sama does this kind of work in the future, please kindly inform us beforehand…… Since if we had been informed beforehand then Nelson-sama’s order can be transmitted to the whole Estate and then no one will dare to approach.」(Havel) 「…… Umm…… I see, I’m sorry……」(Kazura) 「Ah, please, no! Please do not apologize! Since it’s already night, there were only a few maids and guards that came to check the situation!」(Havel) Kazura made a dejected expression, so Havel quickly made a proper follow-up response.Beside Kazura, Isaac and Root too, made a dejected expression like him. ✧✦✧✦ At the same time. Zirconia, who had returned to Nelson’s Estate from Leveson’s Mansion, was ordering the servants to convert a storage room inside the Estate into Marie’s room.In Japanese term, the room will be 8 tatamis wide, the interior was normally filled with several unused tables or shelves. When Zirconia was looking at the servants carrying the furniture out one by one, Marie came running from the corridor in a hurry. 「Please forgive me for being late! Did Zirconia-sama called me?」(Marie) Marie arranged her breath and nervously bowed her head down to Zirconia. 「There is no need to be that rushed, so it’s alright. Please raise your head.」(Zirconia) Zirconia spoke out in a soft tone as if to calm Marie down. Marie raised her head although she was still a bit scared.“Had I done something wrong?”, she was extremely worried. 「From today, this will be your room. Then, you will be appointed to be Kazura-san’s servant. From hereafter, please attend to Kazura-san’s daily needs. Of course, you will also work as a personal cook.」(Zirconia) 「W-!? U-understood!」(Marie) Suddenly being allocated to a new room and appointed to new duties, Marie was bewildered, but she still replied vigorously while bowing her head down.She completely didn’t understand what is happening with the sudden events but he understood that something amazing had unexpectedly happened.Of course, Marie didn’t have a position that can reprove Zirconia, no matter what she said, Marie could only answer, 「Yes.」 「I don’t know how long this will be, but you have been loaned temporarily to Istelle House. Since this had been talked with Nord, please be at ease.」(Zirconia) 「Yes! Understood.」(Marie) 「Also, all of your personal articles had been retrieved, so there was no need for you to return to Leveson’s house. Clothes and furniture will also be provided, please use it from now on. Your monthly wage will be 1000 Ar.」(Zirconia) 「……Eh!?」(Marie) 「Because any sundry expense will be deducted from that money, the money you receive will be less. Since you might not understand much of the environment, you and one more person will be assigned as Kazura-san’s official servants. Please ask all things that you don’t know to that girl. Since that girl has been working in the Estate for more than 10 years, she should have understood anything you asked.」(Zirconia) “Wage” was an unexpected word, so Marie was surprised and hardly made a move.Up until now, Marie was, more or less, received a wage from Leveson House, but that was just a meager salary in such amount that whether or not it exist wouldn’t matter at all.And then, this place had a high salary of 1000 Ar per month.Furthermore, she was allocated a personal room inside of the Estate[3], this was a generous arrangement.Really, what just happened was incomprehensible. By the way, the salary of 1000 Ar per month was the same amount given as the wages for Isteria guards or new recruit soldiers. 「If you save the money properly, then you might redeem yourself and released from slavery. Depending on your work, I plan to increase the salary too, so do your best.」(Zirconia) 「Y-yes……」(Marie) Perhaps because to be able to redeem herself didn’t seem real for her, Marie was just nodding blankly. 「Ah, also.」(Zirconia) Though she had completely forgotten this since they were talking about the terms and the salary, but Zirconia remembered something that she has to be said.Just for caution’s sake, as more or less, it might become a trouble if she didn’t say it. 「Since you may be ordered by Kazura-san to attend him in the night, so always keep your body clean. If you need it, just give me a notice as I will give you special permission to use the bath.」(Zirconia) Receiving yet another unexpected order, Marie had a cramp on her face. ☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽