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Chapter 71
Chapter 71: Together with Lieze-san

 Two hours after the breakfast finished .  Kazura was in the entrance of the fields to reaffirm the content of the work in front of 300 servants .  Lieze stood next to Kazura and while looking at the servants, she earnestly listened to Kazura’s explanation . Beside Lieze there was a servant holding a large cloth parasol to shield her from the relentless sunlight . The parasol’s umbrella parts was a flat square, its handle was fixated to a support located at the servant’s waist .
Eira was not at that place since she needed to handle her moving into the Estate today, so the one standing beside Lieze was another maid . Since Eira was suddenly being ordered by Zirconia to move in the Estate this morning, she should be busy with the moving works right now . Marie was accompanying Kazura and stood to wait for orders at a nearby place with the other servants and guards .  Lieze didn’t wear the dress like she usually does, but a long sleeved tunic under a bronze reinforced leather light armor and a longsword in her waist . By equipping not a completely bronze metal armor like what Zirconia wore, but a comparatively lighter composite armor, there wouldn’t be any problem for her physical strength . Kazura was thinking why she was wearing armor when it wasn’t a military exercise, but it was the norm for the women to wear armor when performing a duty outside the Estate . Not only because the reason that it will be easier to move, but the sight of them carrying a weapon with armor will be more intimidating compared to plain clothing, they could convey more solemnity as a woman who was usually prone to not be taken highly by the other party .  In front of a nearby horse wagon, Isaac and Havel was there too . While Kazura was explaining, both of them, together with the servants who followed them, keep working to unload the fertilizer bags from the wagon and load several bags to the 60 carts who were parked surrounding the wagon . Perhaps since Lieze was there, Isaac seems to work more enthusiastically than the usual, as if to display this to her . Kazura looked at Isaac who was behaving like this, 「(As expected when a cute girl is looking, one will be enthusiastic, right . )」(Kazura) While having a somewhat incorrect impression, he felt a close affinity to Isaac .  Perhaps because Lieze’s herself was extraordinary to begin with, not only in her usual dress but also her rough appearance in the morning practice and even her current armored figure, no matter what she wore, it suits her . Lieze, who tighten her expression and was wrapped inside the armor, gave a dignified atmosphere but this only made her cuteness even more prominent, which looks so beautiful that could instinctively charm someone . If such beautiful girl was watching, most men will be enthusiastic to display their good point .  「From what I saw from the progress of yesterday’s work, I believe that we will finish scattering all the bags content on the fields in half a month . Is there any question?」(Kazura) After he finished repeating the work procedure, Kazura asked this question and before long the gathered servants began to clamor for a bit .
There was nothing especially wrong with his words, but the servants’ ambiance was a bit uproarious . While thinking why they are that clamoring, Lieze, Isaac, and Havel too, send a confused gaze at the servants .  After a brief interval, one young man raised his hand .  「When the time for lunch has come, may we return for a moment to our house?」(Mob) 「No need for that, since the meal will be prepared by us . Because I will give the order for it when the time has come, please gather for a meal break . 」(Kazura) 「Will the meal cost be taken away from the wage?」(Mob) 「Isteria House will bear all the meal cost . Even if there are other costs related to the work, it will not be deducted from the wage, so please be at ease . Since we intend to prepare the meal in sufficient amount, if it isn’t enough then it can be increased too, just speak out at that time . 」(Kazura) Kazura answered the questions and 「Ooh」, the servant lets out rejoiced voices .  The matter of preparing a meal for them had been discussed by Kazura with Zirconia yesterday . Since if they didn’t eat properly while working under a long period of time under the blazing sun, then the work efficiency might decrease . For this reason, they prepared a somewhat larger portion of the meal than the usual meal for one person . Since they will sweat a lot, he had ordered that the salt content will be a bit higher too .  「Since it wouldn’t be possible for you work non-stop, please took a small break every half a stound . The break order will be sent out by the work supervisor Isaac-san . Since the group of servants with the bucket of water will go around the groups, when they came, please have a drink even if you are not thirsty . Is there any other question?」(Kazura) After they heard Kazura’s explanation, the young man who asked the question and the other servants made an expression that they had understood . Even after waiting for several seconds, there was no other question appeared, so Kazura nodded and then send out the order to begin the work .  ✧✦✧✦ 「Umm, this place is where we installed the waterwheel yesterday, therefore should the next place will be that one? I wonder if we can set five or six pieces before today over……」(Kazura) Leaving the servant who started working to Isaac and Havel, Kazura was looking at the map that he carried while walking in the fields towards the river . Perhaps so that Kazura would be covered by the parasol, Lieze was walking really close to him, while watching the servants scattering the fertilizer .  「We are performing such an awfully large-scale work . If we scatter the content of that bag at the fields, will the crops be restored?」(Lieze) 「I believe that it will be impossible for the crops that already withered, but the still surviving ones will be restored . The thing being scattered is called ‘fertilizer’, it’s something similar to a drug that can make the field’s soil healthy . 」(Kazura) 

「Soil healthy…… is it?」(Lieze) Kazura explained to Lieze who looked at the work with great interest . She then looked back at Kazura and asked back with curiosity . It was the same reaction like the time when he first explained about the fertilizer with Valetta and others at Grisea Village back then . As expected, the concept of scattering fertilizer itself didn’t exist in this world agricultural practices . The idea that the crops could grow is all thanks to the gods’ mercy or blessing, might be the common sense of this world .  「Yes, it is . For that reason, originally it should be the soil from the rotting leaves in the forest, which is called humus, that will be mixed with the fields’ soil . But at the present condition, it wouldn’t be able to overtake the problem with just that, hence why we are scattering the fields with the special fertilizer that I had prepared . This stuff is really strong . 」(Kazura) 「(Hmm, then, that mountain of bags with the fertilizer thing are something that Kazura-sama had prepared…… Are?)」(Lieze) Although Lieze made a proper response to Kazura’s confident reply, she was puzzled inside her mind .  「(I am sure that Kazura-sama left Isteria 8 days ago, then he returned 2 days ago, so that means even at the shortest, one-way traveling will be 3 days…… It will be absolutely impossible to make a one-way travel to Claylatz’s city in 3 days…… Eh? Then where did he traveled to?)」(Lieze) Yes, when Kazura was away from Isteria, where did he go was something that Lieze had no idea at all .  As for the fertilizer, that was scattered for this vast area, would surely something that was quite enormous in amount . To prepare such amount of fertilizer would surely take a suitably long time, even if for example, he had planned this and prepared the goods in advance, then even a place to store them would be necessary . There should be an arrangement which had delivered the fertilizer from someplace before, was something that Lieze keep pondering, but her interest was not on the fertilizer itself, but rather of where is the country that Kazura originated from .  「(The country with the shortest distance of 3 days in which the goods could be delivered and is the origin of a rich great noble . Since Okaa-samaMother is together with him when delivering the goods, then Balveile will out of the picture . The remaining one will be Claylatz…… But I heard that Claylatz don’t have any rich great nobles…… . )」(Lieze) 「Ah, that’s right, during conversation with Zirconia-san yesterday, this topic came out for a moment . 」(Kazura) Lieze was thinking in circles while walking when Kazura raised his face from the map in his hand .  「I heard that last year around this time, it will soon be the time for seed planting, but I forget to ask what kind of crops that will be planted . Do Lieze-san know what kind of crops will be planted?」(Kazura) 「Eh, crops?」(Lieze) 「Yes, since I don’t really well-acquainted with the agricultural practice of this region, perhaps you can teach me if you know about it . 」(Kazura) When Kazura brings up that kind of subject all of a sudden, Lieze rethink about the content of the lecture she studied in from the civil official before . Since she didn’t have much interest in agriculture, though she had listened to it seriously more or less, the content only vaguely remained in her mind .

Her memory was considerably uncertain about the types or method of the ritual for harvest prayers, but if it was the planting seed season or the type of the seeds then it somehow had remained in her memory .  「Uum…… If it was the usual year then the air temperature will soon decrease, then the winter potato and bean will be planted . The harvest will be just before the snowfall . 」(Lieze) 「So it’s tuber and bean . Is there any other?」(Kazura) 「U-umm…… round onion and various types of leafy vegetables…… Also, the bread wheat and Rata wheat planting will begin in the early autumn . 」(Lieze) Lieze never thought, not even in her wildest dream, that she would be questioned in agriculture subjects, so she was digging up her memory in a hurry, while regretting, even though it was late, that she should have taken the lecture more seriously . If she was to be asked any further, to be honest, she didn’t have any confidence that she could answer everything correctly .  「I see…… Um, that do you know how the bean will be used? Like how will it be processed and the likes . 」(Kazura) 「There are various types of bean, but I’m sure that the winter bean will be dried and stored for preservation or for oil extraction . 」(Lieze) 「I see, oil…… in what way they extract it?」(Kazura) 「C-certainly it’s by putting it inside the box and then it is pressed to squeeze the oil out…… A-ano, I’m sorry . I should have studied it in the lecture I had from the civil official before, but I had forgotten its content, so I don’t really know in detail……」(Lieze) 「Ah, please no need to be that worried . Or rather, even to know that many things are already something amazing . 」(Kazura) Lieze replied apologetically, but Kazura said his thanks with a smile . Since Kazura also never think that Lieze was dealing with government affair or agricultural work on regular basis, so in the first place he never thought that she could tell him in details . Since Lieze also seems to be very busy with yesterday audience, there might be no much break time for her to study . It seems that the social position of a nobleman’s daughter also had a lot of hardships .  「(Perhaps it was extracted similarly with the soybean oil in Japan . If I’m not mistaken, it is called a “presser” . )[1]」(Kazura) Kazura didn’t know the details, but he knew that oil can be extracted from soybean or rapeseed . If he could examine the pressing method of this world, then he could improve the efficiency in the extraction amount and the working time .  「(However, if I’m not wrong, isn’t presser awfully taking too much time to work? If it’s to extract the oil then by using centrifuge, the efficiency could be considerably better…… . )」(Kazura) A centrifuge was a machine which squeezes a material using the centrifugal force obtained from a rapid rotation which is used to separate the components of a liquid . Kazura had seen his father, Shinji, used the centrifuge to separate oil from the oil soaked metal material, so he thought that it could also be used to extract oil from the beans . Actually, because centrifuge is also used in the oil extraction at the mills which produced soybean oil and olive oil, Kazura’s idea was not wrong .  Kazura walked while thinking with a serious expression, then he suddenly noticed that Lieze, who was walking beside him, repeatedly took a glance at him with a worried expression . She might be worried since she couldn’t make a detailed answer about the oil extraction method . Since Lieze looks like she wasn’t very good at agriculture or food processing methods, it would be better to talk about something else .  「By the way, when we first met before, it was in the city . Does Lieze-san normally go out to the city?」(Kazura) 「Yes, I often stroll in the city for a change of pace . 」(Lieze) Perhaps because she was relieved that the topic had changed, Lieze’s expression slightly calmed .  「Since it’s depressing to be always in the Estate…… Also, going out to the city and talking with various people are very fun . Since I also able to personally observe the city’s condition, I can learn to know the lives of ordinary people too . 」(Lieze) 「Oh, Lieze-san is really a studious person . If you normally go to many places then are you also well-informed about the city shops or the citizen’s food?」(Kazura) 「Since I often go out to the city’s center, I have been a close friend with the people around the shops there . Since I also went eating out together with Eira, I also know very well about good places to eat . If you like, would you like to go for an outing together next time? I will guide you to various place . 」(Lieze) 「Oh, that sounds nice . If the circumstances permit, certainly . 」(Kazura) Kazura reply which could be interpreted just as replying out of a courtesy made Lieze very delightful that her expression brightened . [2] 「Wa, how glad! I will make a time open for the outing, so I will doing my best to help even more from now on . 」(Lieze) 「Eh? Ah, yes . I will be looking forward to it . 」(Kazura) Receiving such unexpectedly assertive proposal, Kazura agreed while somewhat taken aback . Although he didn’t know how far her seriousness in the plan is, but she really brimming with motivation to help with the work .  Nonetheless, the things that need to be done at the present was too numerous, so there wasn’t any spare time for an outing . Even if he could really go for an outing, it would be after he had finished the grain fields area’s matter before he can have a pause .  「(What a really sociable person . I could understand how she is popular amongst the citizen . )」(Kazura) Kazura looked at the delightful Lieze and felt that he had caught a glimpse of the secret of her popularity .  ☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽