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Chapter 55

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Glanmore laughed loudly, "O' yo mean th' Sea Serpent o' Cromer!" Glanmore pauses and his smile slackens, "Oh . . . I shouldn't have said that . "

I smile wickedly, thank you very much mister pirate, for telling me the password, I shout in my mind while doing fist pumps .

Still, with that evil smile on my face, I speak the password to Glanmore . "Sea Serpent!"

The door of the bathroom slowly cracks open .

The twins turn to Glanmore and start bowing and scraping . "Thank you, good sir, for telling us the password, we are truly in your debt!" They say in a high pitched toned like they are heralds announcing the king's arrival, but smirks on their faces say other ways .

I regard the three of us and reflect amusingly . No wonder the three of us get along so well, we really look and act like proper villains .

Glanmore looked at us, vexed then said, "Get inside, lads, before I shut the door close!"

"Alright we are going inside, but really, thanks for the telling us the password, even if it was an accident," I say to the man in the portrait . Even if he did not mean it, he did us a nice favor and for that, he has my wholehearted gratitude .

Glanmore turned away from us, while he clears his throat, from the corner of my eye I can see that he has a light blush on his face . Who knew that pirates could fell embarrassed .

I speak to Glanmore but this time in a serious tone . "Glanmore, please make sure you do not blabber to every single person who comes around here, about your life story . You will basically be telling them the password . "

The twins vigorously nod their heads, when I say that to Glanmore . Fred speaks up, "Yeah, a lot of people are going to come here now, to see our new shop and some of them will not have the best of intentions . You cannot just blabber away the only thing that his going to defend this place . "

Glanmore looked like he is really ready to jump out of his portrait and then give the three of us a good beating, but I guess, he noticed he couldn't . So, he went for the next best thing, threatening . "Get inside, before I stick all yo with the pointy end of my sword . " He says to us seething, while wave around his short sword in the portrait .

The three of us laugh at the attempt Glanmore had made to get out of his portrait, while we run inside into the bathroom .

From behind us, I think I heard him use curses that are not for children's ears to hear .

I cast the Wand-Lighting Charm and so do the twins since there is not a single light source to speak off in this place . When we do light our wands, I notice that there are candlelight lamps hanging all around the lavatory, but they seem to not be working at all .

As we look around the place, we were greeted to the unpleasant sight of an old rusty, dust-filled, dirty, and smelly bathroom that is major disrepair which really looks to me like a ruin than a bathroom .

The whole place is a round room . Right in the middle of the bathroom are the remains of what used to be a fountain . I say remains because the whole middle section is gone, all that is left is the outer section and there is nothing else in there but trash .

On the right side of the bathroom are two large blue stained glass windows that show a good view of the forbidden forest but the glass is covered in dust and spider webs .

On the left side of the bathroom is all the bathroom stall, which adds up to a grand total of seven . I open them all and see that they are all dirty and filled with garbage .

From across the door we entered from there is another door opposite us, I wonder where it leads I think to myself . Around the sides of the opposite door, three sinks line it from the right side and another three line its left side .

"We really got our work cut out for us!" Said George, after we finished looking around the whole place .

Fred nodded his head, "Yeah this place is no better than a junkyard . "

"I agree with you, Fred but this place is well hidden, and it is protected by Glanmore . I do not think we can find any other place that would be better than what we have right now . So, stop complaining, because this will be as good as it gets . " I say and look each of them in the eyes . I really mean what I have said, this place could use a lot of cleaning up . After we are done, we could get our shop set up here since it is a pretty good place .

I look around the place, man just as George said, our work is cut out for us . I turn to the twins and ask, "Do you guys know any cleaning spells?"

The nod their head, with that I sigh in relief . Good, I do not have to waste time and teach them some, I say to myself .

"Alright get started, I am going to see if I could get those candle lights lamps working . " I say to them and without looking back I head towards the candlelight lamps hanging around the bathroom .

I go up to the first one, I point my wand at it candlelight lamp and wave my wand in the correct movement and say the incantation . Then I breath at my wand and a stream of bright orange light flies out from it to the candlelight . This is a neat little spell I picked up over the Christmas holiday from my mother collection called the 'Breathing Light' spell .