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Chapter 1

"Mat? Will you promise me?" Her pretty face was like sunlight on a rainy day, having radiance that melts the heart .

" Promise me that… . " Her voice became inaudible and she completely dissipated like smoke . Fear replaced joy and sadness filled the rest .

Timothy opened his eyes . It's the same dream again, he thought . He clutched his chest . For as long as he could remember, that dream kept haunting him from time to time . Well, haunting might not be the correct word since the dream was neither violent nor scary . There were no monsters in his dream . In contrast, there was this girl- a beautiful girl he could not remember meeting in the past .

Whenever he wakes up after dreaming of the girl, his heart aches . It was a feeling of extreme longing like something is missing . But he had never met this girl before, he was sure of this . And who the hell is Mat?

Timothy looked around . It was almost sunrise so he should not go back to bed . Although no one would judge the third prince of Castonia for waking up late, he wanted to be an example . Being a prince was easy, just win the universal lottery of lineage and you're good to go . There were hundreds of princes in this world, but how many of them are leaders? What was the use of top-grade wheat if you don't know how to make bread? In the end, you will still starve even if you had the world's best wheat . Those princes that don't know how to make use of the power given to them will be the first ones to die in this cruel world . Timothy washed his face even though his body still longs for the comfort of his bed . He didn't want to die .

Timothy then wiped his face with a cloth . The coarse fabric absorbed the wetness of his skin . It was time for the morning march . The men won't hate him for making them do it so early right? Well it won't kill them to be industrious every once in a while . If he, the third prince of Castonia who was raised at the palace, could wake up before sunrise, so could they .

"James! Erik! Wake up . Bring me my armor . " Timothy called his two squires . His squires' room was just beside his . After a while, someone knocked on his door .

" It's us your highness" A voice came from the other side . It was James . Timothy opened the door . His squires still have a sleepy look .

"We . . We are very sorry your highness . It looks like we failed you again" James stammered . The lad lowered his head, clearly ashamed to look at the prince . It was commonly the duty of a squire to wake up before his master does, but Timothy doesn't mind .

"Don't be sorry . It's his fault for waking up so early" Erik gave him a small grin as he entered his room with the armor .

" Oh? Is that the proper way to talk to your prince?" Timothy raised his eyebrows as he allowed Erik to help him with the armor .

" Prince?" Erik looked at him with questioning eyes "How many princes do you think wakes up before sunrise?"

" How many princes do you think are as good looking as me?" Timothy smirked . If Erik's going to play with words, he'll show him how eloquent his opponent is .

" Dammit Tim can you please be a bit lazier? Your family's sigil is the white lion but you act more like a rooster . " Erik complained while fixing Timothy's chainmail .

He ignored Erik and commanded James, "Tell General Marvin to change the watch and prepare the men"

"Your servant shall do as you will your highness!" James saluted in a very stiff manner and left . Timothy and Erik looked at each other .

"He's so… polite" Timothy couldn't help but shake his head .

"Ah don't worry Tim . He's been here for a month . He'll learn to 'adjust'"

"By adjust you mean disrespect me like you do? No thank you" Timothy chuckled . He doesn't need another Erik . One is enough .

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"Oh I'm touched . " Erik laughed . "So you'll only let me be your best friend"

Erik was indeed one of his closest friends . He knew him since childhood . His father, Benedict Connel, was the governor of Greenwater, and the Marquis of the western region . Timothy knew that the King made Erik a royal squire in order to undermine Marquis Connel's strength . Being a squire to a member of the royal family meant that Erik was sort of a hostage . The Western Region of Castonia under the rule of Marquis Connel had become semi-autonomous these past years . Furthermore, the peace and prosperity of the region made it the richest region of Castonia . Marquis Connel's independent stance on ruling also estranged the people of the Western Region from the rest of the Castonians . Despite the scheming and political rivalry, Timothy and Erik remained good friends .

He always viewed Erik as his brother and the same can be said with the latter . Erik was even more of a brother to him than his real brothers .

Erik only shows his 'friendliness' to Timothy when no one was around . When the soldiers are watching, Erik takes the lead in giving the third prince the respect he deserves, sometimes even taking the initiative to punish those who slack . Since he was an heir of a powerful family, he was entitled to discipline the soldiers even though he was not an officer .

"You woke up earlier than usual . Same dream again?" Erik asked him seriously . There was a hint of worry in his voice . Tim was a little touched .

"Yeah . I don't know Erik . I've been trying to understand what the girl said after but she always disappears . And then I feel…sadness . " Timothy clutched his chest . He had been trying for years to understand the meaning of his dream . If it was just a random dream, he wouldn't be having it every few days . And the emotions…they felt so real and vivid .

"Well, I hope you stop having that dream in future . It'll also be good for my sleep . " Erik let out a gentle laugh .

"You can sleep for as long as you like when you're dead . Let's go . " Timothy stood up . It was a little dark but he knew his way around his room . He went out and headed to the castle grounds . The coldness of the morning greeted him .

"So how many rounds of marching are we doing this time?" Erik asked as he followed Tim .

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"Depends on the weather" He lied . Smirking, he turned his head towards Erik . Sunrise was still about half an hour away so most of the soldiers were asleep . But with General Marvin's call, it shouldn't take them long to wake up .

"Ha! Who are you kidding? It depends on your mood . You had that dream today . I can only feel pity for them . "

"Oh so the demon squire still feels pity?" Timothy playfully asked . He was well aware of Erik's reputation among the soldiers . They nicknamed him the 'demon squire' because of his strict attitude .

"Who are you calling demon squire, rooster prince?" replied Erik . And yes, the garrison also gave him a nickname- rooster prince for his habit of waking up so early . It was actually a good nickname, he thought, queer but good .

But before they could reach the castle grounds, a soldier went to him and saluted . The soldier balled his hand and put it in his chest . This was a common salutation to a person with a higher authority .

"Report!" Timothy's voice was crisp "What's so damn important for you to interrupt me from giving my men their daily gift?" he said mischievously .

The so-called gift he was talking about was the daily march he and the garrison do . They would march every morning from the castle to the nearby village in full armor . Marching in full armor was not difficult at first, but it drains the stamina . How many rounds of marching? Just like what Erik said, it depends on his mood .

"A letter sir!" The soldier answered

Timothy doesn't care about letters . Being the third prince, he receives a few of them every day .

"If it's from one of the nobles, give it to me later . If it's from the other castles give it to Squire Erik . If it's from Baron Randy from the nearby village throw it . " He shrugged and explained to Erik "He always invites me to dinner trying to secure some royal favors . He sent me dozens of letters already it's getting annoying . "

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Erik gave him a weak smile as if indicating that he would do the same .

"But the seal is golden sir! I thought you may want to read it as soon as possible" the soldier insisted .

Timothy was shocked . "The seal is golden?" he repeated as if confirming he didn't misheard the soldier "give it to me" he immediately said .

Letters with a golden seal meant one thing- the sender was a royal . Timothy took the letter and saw the seal . His eyes went wide . It was a letter from the King! His father, the King, never wrote him a letter before . In fact, his father rarely talked to him . The old man treated him like he doesn't exist and even exiled him to this castle near the border . In the past, whenever the King had orders for the castle, he would write to General Marvin . But now the King actually wrote him a letter! A hand-written letter that took effort to make . Timothy was overjoyed .

With a smile, he broke the seal and opened the letter . But after reading of the contents, his face contorted .

"Erik" he called


"Father…um . . ordered me to come home…" said Timothy

"Well you will be recalled sooner or later . You should have known that already . Why are you so surprised?" Erik questioned .

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