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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:17:07 PM

Chapter 11

Nirvana, Capital of Castonia

News of the Tulosan invasion quickly spread throughout the city . Upon hearing the news, Bisham went to talk to Lucia

" Your highness, what are your orders?"

" What do you advise me to do?" Lucia was looking at the city from the castle . The city was alive and well . The merchants and the miners still sold their goods . The people were already aware of the invasion, but they were indifferent towards it . Nirvana's walls seems to have given them a sense of security .

"Nothing" The Captain said . He also looked at the City from above "Vanadis and Castonia were not yet officially allied . The official alliance will be announced after the marriage . "

" Exactly . But the King might move the date of the wedding forward . Castonia needs the funding of Vanadis as soon as possible . Just tell father of our situation . " Said Lucia . She knew that the Castonian King would want Vanadian gold as soon as possible . She doesn't care, it wouldn't matter anyway . Vanadis will be forced to join the war and help Castonia .

"I'll write a report to your Father later" Captain Bisham nodded .

" Please do . " Lucia suddenly remembered Escanor the merchant . "And Captain, please contact Escanor"

The severity of the situation had reached to the point where Lucia was slightly worried about the future . Although Castonia could destroy the invading force by transferring all their soldiers on the Western front, it would still take time . She may need the assistance of Escanor soon .

"The merchant?" The Captain looked at her with a surprised expression .

" Yes . We might need his assistance soon" she explained


Timothy heard of the news that morning . The Tulosans have invaded with a force of more than 30,000 . Worse, half of them were on horseback . He went to the War room where the Generals should be discussing the strategies .

Timothy opened the door of the room . There were three people inside, General Peyton, Braun and the King . At the center of the room there was a huge map of Castonia . There were objects lying at the top of the map probably representing armies .

Timothy went closer and heard General Payton talking

" I just hope Timur and Greenwater holds until we arrive . But why would they choose Greenwater over Solon?"

" May I know of the recent news?" Timothy walked towards the map and looked at General Peyton . But the one who answered his queries was not the General, but the King

"You're butting in again uninvited" there was hostility in his voice

" I was at Knightsend just a few days ago . Maybe I could help" Timothy reasoned . He's also worried about the garrison of Knightsend . The Castle was the first defense of Castonia against the Tulosans . It should be under siege by now . But Timothy wasn't worried that the castle would fall . The men he trained with will not break that easily .

" He's right your Majesty . The boy might be useful" Braun said .

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The King signaled that they should go ahead so General Peyton explained the current situation to Timothy .

" Our scouts have not been idle and gave more detailed information about the Tulosans . " The General knitted his brows "The earlier report was wrong . It's not 30,000 but 40,000" he said seriously

Timothy was surprised . 40,000! . How could they assemble 40,000? Just three years ago, Tulosa was in a civil war . How could they recover that fast?

General Peyton continued .

"The Tulosans divided their army into three . They left 5000 soldiers to siege Knightsend . " Payton pointed to the castle on the westernmost part of Castonia "Well it's less of a siege and more of a blockade . The Tulosans learned their lessons . They are not besieging Knightsend to take it, but to keep it from interfering and striking them from behind . Also they wanted to keep their supply lines open . The remaining 35,000 split into two groups . A smaller group of 10,000 went to the northwest while a group of 25,000 went to the southwest . " The General explained as he traced the paths with his finger .

" This doesn't make any sense" Timothy said while looking at the map

" Exactly" General Peyton agreed

The western region of Castonia was divided into its southern and northern parts . In the south lies Greenwater and was being protected by Castle Timur . In the north, lies Solon . Timothy expected the whole Tulosan army to rush north . Solon was Castonia's main source of iron . Capturing Solon would mean crippling the iron production of Castonia . This was the reason why two of Castonia's Western armies were being stationed near Solon .

But the Tulosans not only divided their armies, they also sent the larger one to attack Greenwater . What would they get from Greenwater? Yes Greenwater was a rich city . It was the trade powerhouse and the richest city in Castonia . Although economic losses caused by trade interruptions were severe, trade will eventually recover . On the other hand, the capture of Solon would be catastrophic . If the Tulosans decided to raze the city to the ground and destroy the mining infrastructure, it would take years or even decades to fully restore Solon . The lack of iron will greatly hinder Castonia's strength for years to come . Why do they want Greenwater so much?

" The 10,000 army will probably raid the undefended villages near Solon . They wouldn't want to let go of their chance to wreak havoc in Castonia . On the other hand, we can't reinforce Greenwater without destroying the smaller army around Solon first" He pointed at the location of Greenwater . "The Tulosans really want to take Greenwater"

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" Yes . " Braun frowned . He leaned closer to the table and looked at the location of Greenwater on the map . He then looked at Timothy with questioning eyes " But why would they want Greenwater?"

" I don't know . " Timothy admitted "But we need to decide what to do . I suggest we combine the garrisons of Thespelae and Munico with some militia to attack the smaller army around Solon"

The Castonian generals had already prepared for the invasion . But the thing is, they never expected that the Tulosans would be able to send 40,000 and would directly attack Greenwater . Also, what the Tulosans did was very unorthodox and risky . Their supply lines were vulnerable and their army divided . If it was Timothy, he would take Knightsend first, and then proceed to other castles . That would be the logical thing to do . But the Tulosans went straight for Greenwater . He could understand if they went to Solon, but they rushed towards Greenwater .

There were four Castonian Armies stationed in four Castles scattered around the Western Region . These four Castles are Knightsend, Timur, Thespelae and Munico . Knightsend Castle was located at the westernmost part of Castonia and protects the entrance to the Western Region . Castle Timur protects Greenwater to the south while Thespelae and Munico both protect Solon to the north . The number of troops stationed inside each Castles varied because of logistics but the combined strength of all the western armies amount to 20,000 . Both Thespelae and Munico near Solon have 5,000 soldiers . This meant that there were 10,000 Castonian soldiers stationed near Solon . Combined with militias, this would further increase . It was not enough to defeat all the Tulosans and it was also probably not enough to defeat the smaller Tulosan army currently razing the villages . More reinforcements are coming from the eastern provinces, but they will still take a long time .

"Are you insane?" General Peyton looked at him with disdain "Half of them are cavalry . You want to throw away the lives of the soldiers?" The General seems to ignore that he was talking to a prince . But Timothy doesn't mind . What he suggested was insane though . Cavalry were dangerous in open field, any man with a bit of sense knew that . But losing the villages around Solon would really hurt Castonia .

" We can't ignore the smaller army . " Timothy said calmly "They will burn the villages around Solon . "

" But we can't fight them . " The General insisted "We outnumber them a little with the help of the militia, but half of them are cavalry . Cavalry are dangerous opponents in open combat . We need to wait for further reinforcements . We must be careful about this!"

By now Timothy had some insight on General Peyton's personality . He was not a coward, but he was the sort of person who would only fight battles he could win . That was actually a good trait to have . Unfortunately, the General was short-sighted . He only thinks of victory and defeat as two sides of a coin . Victory and defeat were not as simple as that . Sometimes, you lose to win . Other times, you need take a risk to win a bigger prize . In this situation, they need to take a risk in order not to lose horribly .

" Yes, but we can't ignore them either . If they kill most of the inhabitants of the western region, then it doesn't matter even if we achieve victory in the end . Without the villages, our iron production will stop . The long-term effects of it will be catastrophic . " Explained Timothy . If they wait for the reinforcements, Castonia would lose in the long run even if they win the battle . If they attack now and lose, then at least they bought time for the reinforcements .

" So you want to risk our armies for the sake of iron!?"

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" You twisted it a little but, yeah . " Said Timothy

" Enough!" The king roared . The room was silenced .

" We will wait for reinforcements . We can't risk it . " He then pointed at Timothy "You're not even a general . So stay away from this . What? You think that because I've given you command over Knightsend for a year, you're a general now?"

The King's words were like swords piercing through Timothy's heart . Nevertheless, he kept silent .

" This meeting is adjourned . " The King said . With that, the whole room was emptied . Only the King and Braun remained . Timothy couldn't do anything but leave .


After a while, the King received news that a Wismarine emissary wanted to discuss something with him . Castonia courted Wismar for decades, but the latter only accepted their trade request just recently . Because of this, the King met with the emissary even though he was very tired . A certain rascal pretending to be a general really drained his energy .

" Your Majesty, Wismar extends its greetings to you" the emissary bowed

" What does Wismar want?" The King asked . Wismar had rarely sent emissaries before so he was curious .

" An alliance" the emissary smiledPlease download our sponsor's game to support us!