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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:17:05 PM

Chapter 13

That afternoon, the King summoned Timothy . Timothy was still hurt by the King's words so he was not in the mood to talk to his father . But since it was the King's orders, he had no choice .

" Your Majesty" Timothy knelt and bowed

"Rise Prince Timothy" The King's voice echoed "You're right" he stood up and went closer to him

"I'm right about what?" Timothy looked at his father

"We can't afford to lose the villages around Solon . " He offered his hand to help Timothy stand "The aftermath would be irreversible"

Timothy was reluctant at first . That was the first time his father did something like that . But he grabbed the King's hand and stood up .

" So you're sending the garrisons of Castle Thespelae and Castle Munico?" Timothy confusedly asked . His father changed his mind?

" Yes" The King put his hand on Timothy's shoulder . " and you'll lead them together with a contingent of 2000 militias from Nirvana . You will wait for your reinforcements somewhere in Mercus Plains . "

Timothy was stunned . Him? Why would he lead the army? Timothy trusted his own capability . Defeating the smaller Tulosan invasion force would not be easy, but it would be hard for him to lose either .

But he was to be married to Lucia . What if something bad happened to him? The alliance with Vanadis would be affected . If it was before knowing the importance of his marriage to Lucia, he would have loved to lead the army . Those Tulosans dared to invade Castonia and he will make them pay with his own hands . But Timothy knew that he must be cautious . The alliance with Vanadis was more important . Also, he didn't want to leave Lucia .

" Father I don't understand . " Timothy was still confused . "It's not that I don't want to go, but our alliance with Vanadis…"

" What? Are you afraid that something would happen to you?" The King interrupted him "Don't you have trust in yourself? You are my son . I believe in you . You're capable and I'm sure you won't disappoint me . "

Timothy had been waiting for a long time for those words . The King's words were like music to his ears . 'I believe in you' 'my son' 'capable' 'won't disappoint me' . Timothy wanted to cry . If his father believes in him, then he should not disappoint him .

The King's words had hurt Timothy hundreds of times before . But this single conversation between them made up for all those pains . So Timothy agreed .

" Okay father . I'll lead the army and make you proud" he declared

" I'll send messengers to Thespelae and Munico tonight and the day you depart- that's in two days . I'll make the preparations"

Timothy doesn't want to mess this up so he wanted to handpick the militia . He refused his father's help "No need father . I'll organize the militia myself" he smiled

"Okay then . You have two days to prepare"


After Timothy left, Leopold was left staring at the door . Was he too much? Timothy was a good kid and never disappointed him before . Timothy was stubborn but he knew that the lad loves him . Timothy was also loyal and capable . It would have been nice if Timothy was his own son and not the spawn of that bastard . If Timothy was his son, then he would make him his heir despite being the third in line . It's a shame, he thought .

In the end, his hatred for the betrayal he suffered 20 years ago prevailed . He can't forget nor forgive that bastard . Furthermore, they really need the alliance with Wismar .

" Farewell, son" Leopold mumbled silently


Upon hearing that Castonia was preparing the militia and that Timothy would be the one to lead them, Lucia immediately went to see the third prince . She knocked on Timothy's door .

" Who is it?" Timothy's asked from the other side of the door .

" It's me"

After a while, Timothy opened the door . He let Lucia enter his room and then he closed the door . Lucia felt shivers down her spine . Why did she enter his room? She trusts that Timothy wouldn't do anything to her, but for a man and a woman to be in the same room alone and on closed doors… Lucia banished these thoughts . So what? They were getting married anyway . It was just normal for them to trust each other this much . There were books stacked on top of Timothy's chair so Lucia sat on his bed . Timothy sat beside her .

Timothy broke the awkward atmosphere by speaking .

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"I don't have a choice" He refused to look her in the eye

So Lucia forced him to look at her . She used her hand to turn his face towards her "You do"

" Yes, I do" he admitted

" So why?" Lucia demanded a sufficient reason . Why would he endanger himself?

Timothy sighed "I don't know"

"You don't know?" Lucia raised her eyebrow . 'I don't know' was not a sufficient reason

"Nothing will happen to me" Timothy comforted

"But it's war . You'll be at risk"

"Don't worry" he smiled "I think my father would still continue with the alliance even if I die"

" I'm not just talking about the alliance!" Lucia raised her voice . She was really upset . Alliance? Why should everything be about politics?

Timothy made a surprised expression . He lowered his head . "I'm sorry" he said weakly

"You . . you said that you will court me" Lucia said in a low voice .

Timothy's eyes went wide . His lips curved into a smile " I will . " He affirmed "When I return . I'll court you so much that you'll really, absolutely and surely fall in love with me . " He grinned and held Lucia's hand . Lucia didn't move her hand away . She liked the feeling of Timothy's warm hand . It was both reassuring and calming .

" And what if . . "

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Timothy pressed his finger against her lips and looked at her in the eye "It won't happen . You should learn to trust the capabilities of your future husband"

Lucia felt her cheeks flush red . This prince, she thought, he really knows how to make a girl's heart flutter . Lucia wondered how many women had fallen to his traps . But no, this was not the time to have girly thoughts .

" I do trust your capabilities . It's just, don't you find it strange? The King immediately changed his mind and chose you to lead the army" said Lucia . Timothy told her earlier what happened in the war room so she knew that the King's first decision was to wait for reinforcements .

" Maybe father was convinced of my reasoning . " Timothy shrugged .

Lucia doesn't believe that the King would change his mind like that . There must be a reason . Changes happen all the time . But for a change to happen there must be a reason . A thought came to Lucia's mind . Nobles scheme all the time . But royals were still nobles . So can they trust the King? Lucia doesn't want to ask Timothy this question . For a son to be asked about his father's credibility…it was just not right . But Lucia asked him anyway . His safety was her priority .

" Tim?" Lucia hesitated for a while "Do you trust him? The King"

Lucia thought that Timothy would get angry . She was after all, asking him if he trusts his father .

" Yes . " Timothy nodded . There was no anger in his voice . Lucia felt relieved . But she then thought of his answer . He trusts the King . He was probably biased towards his father, but Lucia saw his firm belief in the way he spoke .

"Then I can't change your mind" Lucia gave up . She found the sufficient reason she's been looking for earlier . It was because he loves his father . That was sufficient enough . He will endanger himself because he wanted his father to be proud of him . Lucia can respect that, even though she was still worried about Tim .

" If you're so worried, then I'll give this to you . " Timothy took a small object from his pocket and handed it to Lucia . It was a seal .

"This is?"

"It's a seal, a secret seal . Have you heard of Leo's Tear?"

"No" Lucia shook her head


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"Because Leo's Tear is a secret fellowship of powerful people in Castonia . " Timothy explained " My friends are few, but I trust every single one of them with my life . That seal signifies that I am one of them . I'll lend it to you until my return . If something happens to me, send letters to the members of Leo's Tear and seal it with this . The members of Leo's Tear will immediately read and believe the contents of your letter . I'll give a list of contacts to you later . "

After hearing Timothy's explanation, Lucia wanted to reprimand him . How could he trust her so easily? It's a secret organization! What if she betrays him? He was being too careless

" Why are you telling me all of this? What if I betray you and your fellowship? " She glared at him

" I trust you . I don't know why but I really trust you . I know it's too much . I know I'm putting myself in danger because of the way I treat you . I know giving you this seal would make me look like a fool . But I trust you . I'm not usually this trusting, but when it comes to you it's like you got my back at all times" he smiled

" Strange . I also feel the same . " Lucia admitted . She can't reprimand Tim after all, because she was the same when it comes to him . They have known each other for a few days but they were so close already .

"Then could you let go of my hand now?" Timothy grinned and pointed at their hands intertwined together with his lips "It's not that I don't like it, I really do . But I'm getting so embarrassed"

Lucia saw that she has been holding Tim's hand all this time . Her face reddened .

"You were the one who held my hand first!" Lucia protested as she retracted her hand .

Timothy laughed . He reached towards Lucia's hand and held it again . Lucia let him hold her hand .

" I'm joking . I'm not embarrassed . I like it and I know you also do . But you know, you're cute when you blush" Timothy teased Lucia

"Oh?" Lucia went closer to him . They're so close that she could hear his breaths . "Does that mean you're starting to fall in love with me Prince Timothy?" she smirked

"Perhaps" Tim replied with a grin

Lucia ended up staying inside Tim's room for a few hours . The two talked for a long time . It was already dark when she went out of Timothy's room . Others may think that something indecent happened inside, but they only talked . She enjoyed being with him .

Lucia then went to Captain Bisham . " Captain, I need to meet with Escanor as soon as possible"Please download our sponsor's game to support us!