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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:16:59 PM

Chapter 17

It was already the next day when Lucia heard from Bisham of what happened . The royal guards fought against the two Wismarine . They killed one and captured the other . But they failed to save the messenger . The captured Wismarine spilled everything . The Wismarine Prince failed to hire professional assassins so he used some of his guards to act as one . All the two messengers headed for Castle Munico were already dead . Timothy can't expect reinforcements from Munico . As for Thespelae, luckily Lucia's royal guards were able to recover the second letter . The Wismarine also confirmed that they King was behind all of this . The King and the Wismarine Prince wanted Timothy to die on the battlefield . The King was a careful man so he came up with this complicated and elaborate plan . Apparently, he doesn't want to be suspected of killing his own son . Two of the royal guards took the letter and the captured Wismarine to Thespelae .

To be honest, Lucia felt sick . She felt conscious of the fact that her orders ended up killing someone . Just a word from her and people's lives would change . She felt slightly guilty that her order killed the Wismarine . But in the end, she decided that it was all for the best . If she didn't give the order, then Timothy wouldn't have reinforcements . If given the choice, she would save Timothy even if it means dirtying her hands with blood .

But Lucia knew that she only slightly succeeded in protecting Timothy . Although the garrison of Thespelae will come to his aid, those at Munico won't . Lucia cannot send a warning to him either . It's too late now . It has been a day since Timothy left Nirvana . To reach Mercus Plains faster, Timothy didn't take the main road of the Kingdom and instead traversed the grasslands of Kisma . The grasslands of Kisma was huge, stretching for nearly a hundred miles . Even if Lucia sent all her guards, it would be impossible to find Timothy .

All Lucia can do now is to increase Timothy's chances of survival . She decided to meet with two people, Freya and Escanor .

Lucia first met with Freya .


Freya's body was shaking . She didn't know how to react . She knew that something fishy was going on, but she didn't expect that the conspiracy would be like this .

" Thank you for telling me" Freya lowered her head . "But I never thought the King would go this far . " She said in a low voice . The King really was a despicable father . To kill his own son! What kind of monster is he? What did Timothy do to deserve this? Of course Lucia could be lying . She could be plotting something . But somehow her instincts were telling her that Lucia's words were the truth . The sudden change in the King's decision, the way the King treated Timothy all these years, it connects . Furthermore, she knew that Lucia wouldn't do anything to harm Timothy . Vanadis would lose so much if Timothy died .

"Timothy needs both of us Freya" Lucia's voice was stern .

"Then tell me what to do"

"I need you to stay at Solon" said Lucia .

"Solon?" Freya was surprised . Why would Lucia want her to go to Solon?

"Your father's fief is in Solon right?" asked Lucia . "And your father is well-connected with the nobles . "

"Yes, how did you know?"

"Timothy told me"

"Oh" So Timothy told her . Their closeness irked her again . How can they be so close after only a few days? But this was not the time to wallow in jealously . Timothy's life is in danger . "So why am I going back to Solon?" she asked

"Because I need you to stay there and make some connections" Lucia looked at her "It should be easy for you because of your father . "

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"How would that bring Timothy more soldiers?" Freya asked . She couldn't see the sense in Lucia's plan .

"It won't . Regarding that, you can't do anything . Like what I said, you need to go to Solon to make connections . Your connections might be useful in the future . I also need you to tell me of every piece of news you have of Timothy because Solon is closer to the battlefield . Listen to me Freya . . " Lucia's eyes were brimming with anger . Freya was a little afraid even though she knew that she was not the one that anger was directed to . "They schemed against Timothy . They want him dead . I will make them pay . And even if I couldn't, I would make sure that Timothy is safe . For that I need you . " Her voice was shaking .

" Are you sure that I can't do anything regarding Timothy's current situation? What if I write a letter to my father asking him to join Timothy or a letter to Solon telling them of Timothy's predicament?"

"At most, your father could muster 50 soldiers . And even if you write to Solon, they won't listen to you . Only the King has the right to order them . " Lucia explained

Freya might not want to admit it, but Lucia was right . She can't do anything for the time being . But if Timothy survives the battle, then Freya's connections in Solon might help him in the future . So she agreed .

" Okay I'll go" Freya nodded her head


Lucia then went to her room . She took out the seal Timothy gave her . The seal had the image of a lion inside a teardrop . The seal's design was so intricate that it would be hard to forge it . Timothy didn't tell Lucia much about the Leo's Tear so she didn't know their purpose and history . But Timothy said that she could trust them, so she will .

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Lucia took out a note . It was a list of members of Leo's Tear and their positions in the Kingdom . There were less than ten names in the note . Most of the members of Leo's Tear were stationed far away from the Western region so Lucia ignored their names . In the end, Lucia was left with two useful contacts: Earl Mathias Beyron of Solon and Baron Marvin Blunt .

Baron Marvin Blunt, General Marvin as what Timothy liked to call him, was the garrison commander of Knightsend . Since the Castle is under siege right now, then Lucia can't expect him to provide assistance . The garrison of Knightsend still needs to break the besieging army to send help to Timothy . That would be nearly impossible . Half of the besieging forces were cavalry . To sally forth and attack the besieging army would be suicidal . Nevertheless Lucia sent the Baron a letter informing him of Timothy's situation .

Lucia was more hopeful with Earl Mathias Beyron . He was the governor of Solon so he could rally its militia to provide Timothy with additional people . Of course by doing so, the Earl would be acting without the orders the King . But Lucia hoped that the Earl would save Timothy anyway .

Lucia then went to Escanor and asked him to send the two letters to his brother in Solon by carrier pigeon . One of the letters was addressed to Earl Beyron . The other will be delivered to Knightsend . Lucia knew that the chances of her letter reaching Earl Beyron were slim, but Escanor assured her that his brother will find a way .


" I bring bad news Your Majesty" Skall Wismar bowed his head

"What happened?" King Leopold frowned

Skall was reluctant at first, the problem was caused by his incompetence after all . "The people I sent to kill the messenger bound for Castle Thespelae haven't returned yet . "

The King's face contorted . "You mean they failed!?" the King roared . He's so angry that Skall took a few steps back .

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"Seems that way" Skall admitted . He didn't tell the King that he failed to hire professional assassins so he sent some of his guards instead . If the King knew, he would be really angry .

"Alliance my ass!" The King shouted . He pointed at Skall "I shouldn't have trusted your abilities"

"But it's only Castle Thespelae . Castle Munico wouldn't receive your orders . At most, Timothy would have 7,000 against 10,000 . " Skall quickly explained . The he needs to calm him down .

" You don't understand!" This time the King stood up from his seat and approached him . Skall wanted to run but he knew that the King wouldn't hurt him . So he stood his ground and lowered his head . The King stopped a few inches away . "For you it's okay . Yes Timothy will die, but he will take 5000 of Castonia's heavy infantry with him! Do you have any idea how hard it is to train and equip 5000 men? I shouldn't have trusted you with this! I overestimated Wismar . "

"It's alright Your Majesty . The loss of 5,000 soldiers is nothing compared to Wismar's help . The moment we sign an agreement, Wismarine troops will cross the border and assist you with this war . Compare us with the Vanadians . What can they do? Can they assist you militarily? No they can't . They can't even defend their borders with actual soldiers so they use mercenaries instead . Wismar is different Your Majesty . We will assist you . " Skall assured him . What he said was true . Wismar was really serious with the alliance . Wismar had been losing the trading competition with Vanadis so they need to invade them next year . But with Castonia protecting Vanadis, they can't risk it . Castonians should never be underestimated when it comes to war . It would be better to tame the lion than to fight it .

His promises must have calmed the King Leopold . The King was silent . Skall felt relieved seeing that the King's anger was subsiding .

"So who do you think ruined our plan?" The King asked in a calmer tone .

" I don't know your Majesty" Skall admitted "Maybe your assistant?" He really doesn't have any idea who found out about their plans .

"Braun is loyal to me . He also sees the importance of the alliance between Castonia and Wismar"

"Well whoever it was, we must be careful . He's good"Please download our sponsor's game to support us!