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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:16:58 PM

Chapter 18

City of Solon, Western Region

Cobert doesn't like the current atmosphere in Solon . The people were restless so business was slow . For a merchant like him, wars are bad for business . Well, it actually depends on the type of merchant . There were merchants who benefited during war time . They were those that sell weapons, iron, food and sometimes, 'experts' like assassins and saboteurs . But Cobert was not one of those merchants . His goods were gems and jewelries . These things were valuable during peacetime and worthless during wartime .

Cobert decided that he needs to Nirvana soon . Staying in Solon will not do him any good . He had been going back and forth between Solon, Nirvana and Holm for the past decades . He buys cotton and silk from Holm, gems from Nirvana, and Ironware from Solon . This was his life, a merchant's life . But Cobert's heart still lies with Holm . He wass a Vanadian and that will never change . His wife lives in Holm along with his sister-in-law and nephew . Oh how he miss little Ben . That nephew of his was very cute! He was slightly jealous of his brother for having such a wonderful son . Cobert had always wanted to have a child but his wife was barren, or maybe it was him who's impotent? Who knows .

Cobert went inside his house . He sat down and poured himself some wine and took a sip . Ahhh . . Hadean . Hadean wine never changes . The sweet taste of the Hadean wine tickled his tongue . Cobert sighed and thought about Holm . He missed the city . He miss little Ben . The little rascal should have grown so much by now . He will buy him a present along the way . But first he needs to go to Nirvana .

Cobert grabbed his pen . He will write a letter to his brother regarding his decision to come to Nirvana . Solon right now is not good for business . His merchandize was left unsold . Luckily, all he had right now were gems and light products so his travel will be light even though he failed to sell them all . Of course Nirvana would still be the same .

But before his pen could touch the paper, a carrier pigeon arrived . He recognized the bird . It was the bird his brother uses in sending letters to him . Why would Escanor write me a letter…letters, he corrected himself after seeing that there were three letters attached to the pigeon's leg . Cobert looked at the letters, every single one of the letters was sealed with a red wax! But only one of the letters was addressed to him . The other two were addressed to Earl Mathias Beyron! And Baron Marvin Blunt! Good riddance . These were all powerful people . What was his brother up to this time? Cobert can smell trouble brewing . He opened the letter addressed to him .


Vanadis needs our help . I have met Princess Lucia just a few days ago . Yes, the same Princess Lucia who helped my wife give birth . Brother, I feel indebted to her and I know that you respect the Royal Family too . The princess is asking you to give the two letters to Earl Beyron . This is important brother . The fate of Vanadis depends on this .

Escanor Melin

So it was trouble after all . He doesn't want to get involved with politics, but the involvement of Princess Lucia made this different . He wanted to help the princess . She helped his sister-in-law give birth to little Ben so he will return the favor . He was a Tulosan and it was his duty to help the princess . Escanor said that the fate of Vanadis depends on him delivering the letter . Cobert closed his eyes . It seems he needs to postpone his trip to Nirvana .


Earl Mathias Beyron received a request for audience from a merchant . Normally, Mathias doesn't meet with merchants but this particular merchant really insisted by standing outside the gate of his villa from evening to dawn . In the end, Mathias received the merchant .

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" What is your name merchant? What do you want to talk about?" Mathias asked . He was slightly annoyed that this merchant had the guts to force him into a meeting . But he was also impressed by his courage .

"Cobert Melin sire . I bring letters addressed to you " the merchant was shivering from the cold so Mathias ordered one of his maids to prepare some hot tea . The maid prepared two cups and poured tea into them . Mathias took a sip . His face lightened . He always preferred tea over wine .

"I'll call you Cobert then . " Mathias took a sip again "Cobert, you should have given the letters to my assistant . "

"But they're red-sealed letters sire . I want to hand them to you personally . " Cobert protested

"Red-sealed?" Mathias questioned "Who sent them?" If it was an order from the King, then he won't be getting it from a merchant but from a soldier . If it was from an important noble, then they have carrier pigeons bound for Solon . Who would send red-sealed letters through a merchant?

"Princess Lucia Vanadis" Cobert said . Mathias frowned . Lucia Vanadis . He had heard of her before . She was the princess Timothy will marry next month . Their marriage will seal the alliance between Vanadis and Castonia . But why would the princess contact him? He hadn't met her in the past . They should be strangers to each other .

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"Where are the letters?" Mathias opened his palms and demanded for the letters .

"Here sire" Cobert handed him two rolled papers . Mathias examined the letters

The wax of the seal was red . And the seal…Mathias' eyes widened . Why…why would she use this seal? How did she know about Leo's Tear? Did Timothy expose them? One of the letters was addressed to him . The other was addressed to Marvin .

"Thank you . " Mathias trembled . The contents should be very important . He cursed himself for making the merchant wait all night . " I . . I will read these . You can go now . "

"Thank you sire . I'll be on my way . " Cobert bowed and turned around .

After the merchant left, Mathias immediately opened the letter addressed to him .

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Earl Mathias Beyron,

Timothy is in danger . The King sent him along with 2000 militia to face the 10,000-strong Tulosan army . The plan was for him to meet with the two armies from Thespelae and Munico so that he'll have 12,000 soldiers against the Tulosans . But the King tricked Timothy . The Wismarines sent King Leopold an alliance request on one condition-to cut all ties with Vanadis . To prevent the alliance, our wedding must be canceled . The King decided that the only way to cancel the wedding without ruining Castonia's name is to let the Tulosans kill Timothy . The king did indeed sent messengers with actual orders to the two castles . But he also told the Wismarine Emissary to kill the messengers . They managed to kill all four messengers, but my guards managed to retrieve one of the letters intended for Thespelae . Despite of this, Timothy would still be outnumbered . He's in danger . Before he left, he entrusted me with this seal . He trusts me so you must also trust my words . You know Timothy is not a fool . Please do everything in your power to send him assistance . He should be somewhere in Mercus Plains in four days as of the writing of this letter . Timothy needs you .

Lucia Vanadis

Mathias was silent for a long time . He was slightly annoyed that Timothy told the princess about Leo's Tear . They will have no choice but to let her join too . Well, another member wouldn't be so bad . Furthermore, she was the second princess of Vanadis . Their fellowship needs people like Lucia . The only question is, does she have the same ideals as they?

Regarding her letter, Mathias felt his anger surge . He knew that the King dislikes Timothy but who could have thought that he would do this? Let his son be killed for an alliance? What an evil thing to do . He was a father himself and he would never even think of doing such a thing to his daughter . He loved his daughter so much and he would never trade her for anything in this world . Regarding Lucia's request, he felt defeated . Mathias can't do anything to help Timothy . Solon had 2000 militia at the ready . But mobilizing the militia would mean going against the King's orders . If he mobilized the militia, then the King would brand him as a traitor . Mathias would be sentenced to death . It will be worth it if his efforts would be able to save Timothy . He would gladly give his life for his friend . But what could 2000 militia do? Even if he mobilized, they would have a combined strength of 9,000 against 10,000 Tulosans . In the end, they would both die . Mathias decided to not help Timothy . It will be better for Leo's Tear to lose a member rather than two .

The only assistance he can provide Timothy was to send the other letter to Baron Marvin . He knew that the Baron can't help Timothy but it was his duty to send the letter anyway . Solon still had pigeons bound for Knightsend so he sent one .

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