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Chapter 19

Knightsend, Western Region

Baron Marvin had been staring at the letter for a few minutes now . He never thought that the King would do this . The letter, of course, came from a person he hadn't met before . But if Timothy trusted Lucia Vanadis, then he will also trust her . Marvin knew that Timothy was not a fool . If he trusts somebody, then that person can be trusted .

If what Lucia Vanadis said was the truth, then Timothy is in danger . Marvin leaned on his chair . A second letter from Mathias added to his worries . Mathias won't help Timothy . His reasoning was simple, it will be better for Leo's Tear to lose one member rather than two . Marvin doesn't think of Mathias' reasoning as cowardly . In fact, Marvin believes that it was the right thing to do . It will be suicidal to face the Tulosan army . Cavalry was dangerous in the battlefield .

Lucia Vanadis got one thing wrong . She probably thought that Mathias would help Timothy . But Marvin knew that Mathias was a very pragmatic person .

Marvin stood up and looked outside his window . Well, she got two things wrong . She probably also thought that there was no way for Knightsend to help Timothy . Lucia Vanadis underestimated Timothy's popularity among the soldiers of Knightsend . They love Timothy so much that they will break any walls just to rescue him . Marvin smiled . It's time for the lion to wake up from its slumber .

He called for a meeting .

General Marvin gathered all the officers inside the meeting room . There were 40 Centurions, 4 Prefects and General Marvin himself . The most basic unit of the Castonian Military was the Century . One Century was composed of 100 soldiers and was led by a Centurion . Ten Centuries made up a Cohort which was headed by a Prefect . An army, under a general like Marvin, was composed of several Cohorts . The number of Cohorts an army had varies . Of the four western Castonian Armies, the garrison of Knightsend had the least number of Cohorts at four . Knightsend is so far away that the crown can't handle the logistics to support a larger army .

Marvin looked around . Timothy himself handpicked these men . According to him, every single one of them was capable, loyal and brave .

"I had just received troubling news" Marvin started . He stood in front of them with both his hands tugged behind him . "It seems Prince Timothy is in danger . "

Marvin then told them part of the story . He cut some parts of the story like the King's role in all of this and the Wismarine Prince . He only told them about Timothy's predicament . After he finished, the officers were in an uproar .

"General . . " One of the Centurions stood from his seat "if your information is correct, then Prince Timothy is indeed in danger . We need to do something"

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"Should we tell the men of this?" another centurion asked

"You know how much they love Prince Timothy . If they find out we've been keeping this a secret from them, they'll rip us apart!"

" We must first inform the King!" A Prefect exclaimed

"Even if we do, it's already too late . By now, the Tulosan's should have already heard of Timothy's situation and are on the process of cutting off his escape . " A Centurion said

"It won't be treason if we break the siege ourselves and assist Prince Timothy right?" One Centurion suggested . The officers all stopped talking and looked at him .

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" And how do we do that?" the Prefect of the third cohort raised his brows

"Simple" It was Marvin who answered the Prefect's queries . He smiled " Just tell the men that the rooster prince is in danger and they'll rip the Tulosans apart . "

At midday Marvin gathered all the soldiers at the castle grounds . The sun was at its zenith yet the 4000 men of the garrison stood without saying a word . Luckily, the midday wind started blowing and provided relief . Marvin looked at the men, their postures were firm like rock against a tumultuous sea, their gazes were so powerful candles would melt, their wills were unbreakable like what the men of Castonia should be .

Marvin spoke . His voice was loud and clear . Even though everyone was silent, it will still be hard for his voice to reach all their ears so he ordered the centurions to repeat every sentence he said . He told them of Prince Timothy's situation . He told them that Timothy needs the men of Knightsend . He told them that the rooster prince they love and respect would perish if they do nothing . He told them that it was time to act . Marvin doesn't even need to make his speech dramatic . He wasn't good at giving speeches anyway . It was enough to let the soldiers know of the situation .

Jop gritted his teeth . He never thought that the 'Tulosans' would use dirty schemes to win . Killing the messenger, how despicable . Now the rooster prince is in danger . The Tulosans must be fools for thinking they could get away with this . The must be fools for thinking they could just scheme against the prince and for thinking that the garrison of Knightsend would stay idle . Targeting the rooster prince was the worst decision they made . He gripped the hilt of his dagger . He will make them understand that the Rooster Prince was off limits .

Elisar looked at the sky . He remembered the first time he met Prince Timothy . At first Elisar thought that Timothy was just some noble playing with soldiers . He thought that Timothy must have been bored by his lavish lifestyle at the palace so he went to Knightsend to mess around . The first time Elisar saw the prince personally was that night a year ago . He was sleeping when the centurion wake him up . Apparently the prince commanded the garrison to assemble at the castle grounds . The centurion that time was as confused as he was . An assembly at night? How absurd . If he wanted to meet them, he should do it in the morning . It was dark and they couldn't see clearly anyway . Nevertheless, they had no choice but to obey . In the end, the prince gathered them all . He said, "Those who drop or move should then immediately pack their things and leave Knightsend . Castonia doesn't need weak men" . After that he remained silent and stood in front of them the entire evening until dawn . Some people were not able to endure that night and left the castle the next morning . In the end Knightsend lost a few hundred men, but it gained something more valuable- the guidance of Prince Timothy .

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The prince gave him the pride and the identity of being a soldier . At first he didn't care about Castonia at all . He became a soldier because he wanted the high salary and impressive retirement benefits . But everything changed after Timothy came . A fire was lit inside his heart . Ever since that night, Elisar was never the same . He became a man of Knightsend, a defender of Castonia .

John could still remember that night when the rooster prince caught him drunk while on watch . The prince was so angry that time he ordered the entire garrison to stand all night . John was a little drunk but he still endured . Honesty he was able to endure because he was challenging the prince that time . After understanding that the prince planned on standing the whole night, he felt challenged . How could a boy, few years younger than him, think that he's better than him? Just because he's a royal, he thinks that he's better? So John didn't want to move a muscle before Timothy did . He wanted to prove to himself that he was better than the prince . In the end, both of them didn't move until dawn . It wasn't just a test of strength but also a test of will . Standing all night was a hard physical task . But most of those who failed did so because they lack discipline . Boredom was painful and standing all night without doing anything rips apart a man's sanity . Days became weeks and weeks turned to months . Their drills and exercises under Prince Timothy turned more rigorous and tiring . Many people complained at first, but they always shut their mouths whenever they see the Prince struggling like them and not complaining at all . Eventually, the Prince won the admiration of everyone including John . The soldiers started calling him Rooster Prince for his habit of waking up so early in the morning and ordering a march . After a year, the garrison's loyalty to the prince was absolute .

If John could meet his earlier self, he would give him a slap on the face for being so stupid . By drinking while on watch duty, he endangered the entire garrison . Timothy taught him many lessons . He gave him a sense of purpose . He gave him a reason for existing . He owes the rooster prince so much that only his life would be able to cover his debt .

All the soldiers of the garrison felt the same . Some clenched their hands, others gripped the hilt of their swords . The Tulosans need to pay . If they had forgotten how to be afraid, the garrison of Knightsend will teach them .

The stallion had taunted the lion for so long .

And the Lion's patience had finally run out .

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