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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:17:26 PM

Chapter 2

Knightsend was an old castle . Despite this, the castle was well maintained and provisioned . This was because Knightsend was the first defense of Castonia against the western Kingdoms . The castle was actually named Kimpler at first after the name of the noble that built it, but it was later renamed after the invasion of Tulosa .

15 years ago, the Kingdom of Tulosa invaded Castonia for political reasons . The leader of the expedition boasted that the knights under him were the best in the world and they would trample Castonia's heavy infantry in one charge . To be fair, the Tulosan Knights were powerful . But cavalry, even when knighted, can't jump over the walls of a castle . The Castonians hid inside the castle and waited for reinforcements to arrive .

The initial plan of the Tulosan General was to siege every castle in Castonia one by one and fighting off any Castonian reinforcements . This was actually a very good plan because any reinforcements Castonia sends must get past Tulosan cavalry to relieve the siege . A large portion of the Tulosan army was composed of cavalry and cavalry was deadly in field battles . The Tulosans were prepared for a long war . Unfortunately, there was an internal struggle in Tulosa and the commander of the expedition received only half of the number of soldiers . Worse, he received fewer Knights . Instead of postponing the invasion, the commander risked invading Castonia because of pressure from the Tulosan King . Tulosa was renowned for its Knights . Their charge was like thunder that melts courage like butter in a pan . Their long lances were designed to shock the enemy into submission . To make up for the deficiency of Knights, the commander knighted every person riding a horse and called them knights to scare the Castonians into believing he had more heavy cavalry than he actually had . In reality, this was all just to mask their weakness .

Unfortunately for him, the Castonians inside Knightsend never surrendered even though they were outnumbered 7 to 1 . The Tulosans had 3 options- retreat, siege or attack the castle . Retreating won't do because the attrition, coupled with harassment from the rear, will haunt them on their way back to Tulosa . A siege won't work either because Castonian reinforcements were already approaching . They can't fight the reinforcements because of their numbers . The only option was to attack the castle . After all, conquering even a single castle was already a victory for Tulosa . But the commander underestimated Castonia's heavy infantry . The Tulosans attacked thrice, each time failing . The battle was bloody and corpses lined the castle walls . The control of the gate switched dozens of times and every person inside the castle aided in the defense including cooks and medical personnel . There was no use in treating the wounded anyway . If the castle falls, everyone will die . In the end, half of the castle's garrison died and the Tulosans surrendered after seeing the approaching Castonian reinforcements . Since then, the castle's name was changed to Knightsend- a name that serves as both a mockery and a warning to Tulosa .

Many people thought that such humiliating defeat would destroy Tulosa . After all, internal struggles already weakened it . Castonian revenge would be the final blow . While Tulosa eventually descended into civil war, the Castonian coup de grace didn't come . Castonia was drawn into another war .

Tulosa and Castonia never signed a peace treaty after that . Nevertheless, such large-scale aggression never happened since then . Several skirmishes occured from time to time, but that was the end of it- until a year ago . News of Tulosa's preparation for another invasion reached the ears of the Castonian King . Castonian spies reported large scale recruitment in Tulosa . The import of horses and steel production were increased . As a response, the King sent additional soldiers and his third son to Knightsend .

The involvement of Timothy was actually due to an argument he and his Father once had . The King was so furious that he ordered Timothy to pack his things and exiled him to Knightstend .

After arriving at the castle, Timothy saw its deplorable state . The provisions were plenty and the castle stood strong, but the garrison was composed of men with big bellies . The relaxed atmosphere in the western region all these years led to a decadence in discipline and morale . The first person he saw was a drunk soldier who was on watch . If the invasion 15 years ago happened that night, the castle would not repel the attack of 20,000 Tulosans . That night Timothy ordered the entire garrison to stand in the castle grounds in silence . Of course seeing that the prince is standing with them, most of the soldiers were too scared or too embarrassed to move . Most of them stood until dawn and those who failed to endure were kicked out . Castonia had no need of such men . Timothy spent the whole year reforming the garrison .

His strict attitude may seem the perfect recipe for a mutiny, but such a thing never happened . The soldiers only have respect for him . That was because he does everything the soldiers do . Morning marches? He was always at the front sweating like them . Bad food? He eats what they eat . Castle maintenance? He was the first one to pick up the shovel .

Furthermore, Timothy's charisma charmed the garrison . He was strict, yes . But he knew how to connect with them . He was serious but approachable . His personality gave a feeling of a person you can trust but not cross .


Timothy stared at the window . After reading the letter, he cancelled the march and went to his office with Erik .

The two were silent for a while until Erik spoke with a worried tone "Tim, you don't know anything about women"

"Yeah" he answered lazily

"And…" Erik paused as if recalling something "you never had a lover before"

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"That's true" Timothy agreed

Erik leaned on his chair "Some people even say that you" he paused and whispered "like men"

Tim shot Erik a piercing look that almost made him fell off the chair . While it was true that he never had a lover before, it was not because he likes men . He just doesn't have interest in romance . For him, romance was a privilege only commoners could enjoy . Every noble family uses marriage as a political tool so he already knew that someday he would marry someone for political reasons . But now that it finally happened, he was slightly scared . He will live with this person possibly his whole life . Although Castonian law allowed divorce, he will still be tied to her . He was young and still had many ambitions .

He wanted to experience his youth and discover the secrets of this world . He wanted to travel north where the sea spans the horizon, to visit the howling mountains of Ninev, the lush fertile plains of sond, the ghambit desert . Most important of all, he wanted to find the person in his dreams, that woman whose presence fills his heart with both joy and sadness . If he will marry, he can't do these things .

"Baseless rumors!" Erik immediately clarified "but Tim, are you alright with this?"

"It's father's orders . I don't have a choice . As long as she doesn't shackle me, then it's alright . "

Timothy stood up and went to the cabinet . He took a bottle of aged Hadean wine . The bottle was one of the best ones in his collection . He then took two cups and offered one to Erik .

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"Drinking before breakfast . Is that wise?" Erik cautioned .

Timothy ignored his question . "We will leave the castle and head for the capital tomorrow . You're not unfamiliar with the King's patience . Besides . . " he poured some wine into his cup . The aroma of aged hadean filled his nostrils with glee . " we also need to visit your father in Greenwater along the way" he took a sip . The rich taste of the wine warmed his heart .

"I'll make the preparations then" Erik also poured some wine into his cup . He took a sip and then emptied the cup into his mouth . He let out an ecstatic grunt "After we're done with this of course" he raised his cup and took the bottle again to pour some more .


Erik and James prepared for the journey while Tim went to see General Marvin and gave his final orders . He relinquished his command of the castle to the General . The castle must hold just like 15 years ago . If not, Castonia would lose control over its western mines .

News of the imminent departure made the mood in the castle somber . Several officers and even common soldiers went to Timothy to confirm the news .

In the afternoon, Timothy decided to give the soldiers his farewell . 4000 men stood silently . Their discipline was absolute and their eyes were brimming with pride . Timothy remembered the same scene a year ago when he punished the soldiers by making them stand all night .

"Garrison of Knightsend" He started . His voice was loud and clear . His posture was powerful but not overbearing "I am Timothy Castonia, your garrison commander" he paused "You know me as rooster prince" he gave a playful grin .

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The soldiers contained their laughs and the mood was lightened .

"You may have heard of the news . I'm leaving Knightsend . But no, I'm not abandoning you" he assured them "the entire Castonian army is behind you so don't be anxious . "

"I only have one request" he paused to catch everyone's attention "If the Tulosans dare invade us, make them kneel . Make them understand that Knightsend's name still stands . When the lion roars, even the wildest stallions tremble . Show them that they had chosen the wrong land to invade . " Timothy's voice echoed throughout the castle .

"15 years ago they tried to invade . Our predecessors broke them while defending the walls" Timothy pointed at the walls "these very walls" he stressed each word

"Now it's your turn to break them . It's your turn to defend your Kingdom . Because one thing is clear" Timothy looked at them .

"Knightsend will not fall!" With these words, he ended his speech . Filled with emotions, the soldiers saluted by pounding their fists into their chests . The assembly was disbanded with the soldiers in high spirits .

The afternoon gave way to evening, and evening became morning . Timothy, Erik and James took one last look at the Castle . Although Timothy might not want to admit it, he had grown fond of Knightsend . The walls were not that tall, but they gave an aura of strength and vigilance . The towers were not so imposing, but Timothy knew that only a fool would underestimate these towers . The gates were not the strongest in the word, but the enemy would have to sacrifice a lot to take it .

The three of them turned their horses around and started their journey . Their destination- The City of Nirvana, Capital of Castonia .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!