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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:16:55 PM

Chapter 20

Dimwald was leaning against a tree when Tyre approached him . The heat of the sun was scorching . Thankfully, this tree was here to shade him .

"Fresh supplies just arrived" Tyre stretched his arms to Dimwald offering the apple that he was holding . "I happen to grab some . "

"You mean steal . " Dimwald laughed "Well, it's about time . I'm starting to get sick of eating salted food every day . My tongue is starting to have blisters . " Dimwald said as he accepted the apple and took a bite from it .

Every week, fresh food from Tulosa arrives along with other supplies . Tyre was one of the people in charge of storing the supplies so of course he would not let go of his chance to 'acquire' some resources .

Tyre was a strange man . He was a lanky man in his mid-twenties with a curly hair . Dimwald just met him about a month ago, but he acts like they were best of friends already . At first Dimwald kept his distance, but Tyre did not stop on pestering him . In the end, he gave up and accepted him as his friend .

"Did the letters also arrive?" Dimwald asked as he took another bite .

"Yes . " Tyre sat beside him "You've been waiting for a letter? I didn't know you are literate . "

"From my sister . " Answered Dimwald .

"Your sister is also literate?" Tyre looked at him with a surprised expression

"Yes" Dimwald smiled . "An old merchant taught us to read and write a few years ago" He explained . What he didn't reveal though was the identity of the merchant . It was their father . Their father was a small-time merchant in Tulosa . He was a good father and taught both he and his sister how to read and write . But one day his father was killed by bandits and stole everything from them . Dimwald did not want to discuss or even remember his father so he just labeled him as a 'merchant' .

"Oh . Good for you then . My father is literate and he sends me letters from time to time . But I can't read so I still have to pay an officer to read it for me . " Tyre said .

"You want me to teach you then?" Dimwald offered

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"No don't worry about it . " Tyre shrugged . He leaned on the tree "I paid a merchant to teach me once, but I gave up after a month"

Dimwald couldn't help but feel pity for his friend . Like many people, Tyre must have once dreamt of being able to read and write . Literate people can have high-paying jobs . It was a shame he gave up .

"Well if you change your mind just tell me . I'll do it for free . It looks like we're stuck here for a long time so why not make use of the time . " Dimwald smiled . It will help him pass time anyway . Sieges were boring .

"Yeah I'll think about it" Said Tyre . He then pointed at the Castle in front of them "These damn Castonians are stubborn though . They would rather starve inside the Castle rather than surrender . Are they still hoping that help would arrive?"

"Well you know how the saying goes, 'If something is as stubborn as a Castonian, then it probably doesn't exist'" Dimwald said with a laugh .

But his laugh was interrupted by cries that can be heard at the distance .

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'Get your weapons! Get your weapons now! They are sallying forth!'

'Formations! The Castonians are attacking!'

'Form up! Cavalry units get your horses!'

Dimwald and Tyre looked at each other . The Castonians were the ones attacking them and not the other way around? Why would they attack? Are they stupid? Knightsend's walls were their biggest advantage . Why would they give that advantage up?

"I think we should get our weapons . . "

The two ran back to their tents to get their weapons . While on their way, they saw three Castonian columns approaching their camp . Most of the horses were still being grazed so the cavalry units were unprepared to counterattack . Most of the Tulosans were either sleeping or unarmed at the moment . The Castonians were all sprinting towards their camp . No, not marching or running, sprinting!

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"Dear God! How can they run that fast on full armor?" Tyre exclaimed . Dimwald agreed with him . Moving with armor was very tiring . He knew this because his gambeson armor alone makes marches feel like hell . The Castonian heavy infantry wore both gambeson and chainmail that covered most of their bodies . So how could they rush towards them at this speed? .

The Castonian Column on the left slammed against some dismounted Tulosan Knights . The knights were swept like dust on a windy day, completely trampled by the Castonians . The Castonian center reached part of the camp and started slaughtering unarmed soldiers . Meanwhile, the remaining column of Castonians were rushing towards them!

Courage started to escape Dimwald's heart . He went to his tent and donned his armor . He grabbed his dagger and spear . At first planned to fight, but after seeing the massacre in front of him he changed his mind .

"Tyre we need to flee!" He shouted . They need to run . There was no point in fighting the Castonians . The Castonian column was like a wall blades . Anyone caught by them were cut into pieces . What can they do against that force? He cursed himself for being a coward, but sometimes being a coward was the right thing to be . They really need to get away as far as possible .

Tyre just nodded and followed Dimwald . The pair ran but two Castonians saw them and chased . Dimwald was never a good runner . He broke his leg when he was a child . Since then, his legs ached from time to time . So although the Castonians were bugged down by armor, they still managed to corner them . There was no point in running now . They need to fight . One of the Castonians went after Tyre while the other faced him .

The Castonians had halberds while Tyre and he had spears . Dimwald bent his body a little and held the spear with his two hands . The Castonian also did the same . It was the Castonian who first made the move . He thrust his halberd towards Dimwald's face . The iron tip of the halberd stabbed towards his face . Dimwald dodged the attack and also stabbed his spear towards the Castonian . He aimed for the chest . The Castonian deflected Dimwald's spear with the other end of his halberd . Dimwald took a few steps back . The halberd was a versatile weapon, but it was a little heavier compared to the spear . Coupled with the fact that the armor of the Castonian was heavier, Dimwald knew that all he needed to do was tire his opponent . So Dimwald's plan was to keep his distance and tire the Castonian . But the Castonian must have already seen through his plans . Like a madman, the Castonian charged towards Dimwald . Dimwald was surprised but he quickly regained his senses and stabbed at the man's chest . The Castonian deflected the stab with his halberd and rammed his shoulder on Dimwald's chest . The impact was so hard that Dimwald lost balance and fell . Dimwald recognized the danger he faced . The Castonian swung his halberd towards Dimwald's chest . In a nick of time, Dimwald was able to roll to his side and avoid the blow . That was close . The bladed end of the Halberd could have split his gambeson armor like cutting through paper . He grabbed his dagger and pushed himself up . Since the Castonian wanted a close quarter combat, he will give him just that . Dimwald charged towards the Castonian and aimed his dagger towards the man's belly . The Castonian threw his halberd and grabbed Dimwald's hands preventing his stab . The two wrestled for the dagger . But the Castonian was stronger than Dimwald . He was able to tilt the dagger towards Dimwald and stabbed him on his shoulder . The stab was powerful enough to penetrate his gambeson . The Castonian then punched him in the face . Dimwald fell down . The Castonian kicked him in the chest . It was so hard that he felt one of his ribs broke . The Castonian sat on his chest and started punching him . Each punch blurred Dimwald's vision . He felt some of his teeth separate from his gums . One of the punches hit him in the nose . He felt his nose break . The Castonian was wearing a chainmail gauntlet so each of the punches shredded a part of his skin and flesh . A few meters away, he saw that Tyre had already fallen . The other Castonian lodged his sword into Tyre's skull . Tyre's body twitched for a while, but after a few moments he died . Although he had known Tyre for only a short while, he was already his friend . Dimwald could only say a silent goodbye to his friend because his mouth had already been deformed beyond use . Dimwald looked at the face of the Castonian that would soon become his killer . Dimwald closed his eyes . His last thoughts were that of his sister .

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