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Chapter 27

Timothy's army had been forced marching for days . They only stop to sleep for a while, and then back to marching again . They even march at night . Despite all these hardships, the Tulosans were still closing in . Every day, the distance they bought by burning the bridge shortens . Every single day, the Tulosans were getting closer to them . But Timothy had a plan .

The path they took was actually not the shortest one . Timothy took the path that will pass through a forest south of Mercus Plains . He knew that he needs to delay the Tulosans using the terrain . Timothy also planned to set up guerilla forces that will disrupt the enemy's march .

"Your father is a medicus right?" Timothy asked James who was behind him . They were not on horseback because all the horses were being used either as a mounts for the scouts or as supply carriers "If I'm not mistaken, he's one of the leading experts in the study of medicine"

"Yes" James answered . "Why?"

"Do you think your father would accept an apprentice?"

"It's Princess Lucia right?" James correctly guessed . He thought for a while "I think he would . But my father is a little strange . I don't think it will be good to let the Princess be his apprentice"

"Why?" Timothy gave a confused look . James' father was a good medicus and Lucia wanted to learn . What could go wrong?

"My father is strict when it comes to teaching . He will not consider the princess' rank and will not hesitate in reprimanding her . " James revealed a shy smile

"That's good . That means he's serious . " Timothy disagreed "Don't worry, Lucia won't mind . In fact, I think she would want a strict mentor"

"Are you sure? Tim, she's a royal of a rich Kingdom . Why would she let a mere commoner reprimand her?"

"Trust me" Timothy smiled and put his hand on James' shoulder "She's different"

Timothy then heard the sound of a horse approaching . He turned and saw that it was Erik . Timothy could see his grave expression . Erik then dismounted and gave Timothy a salute .

"Tim, they're near . " He took a map from his pocket "Our scouts reported that their vanguard is currently in this location . " He pointed at the location of the Tulosans "Most of their cavalry went ahead of their infantry"

Timothy examined the location on the map . It was near the entrance of the forest . At this rate the enemy cavalry would be able to harass them from behind . Timothy believes that the cavalry won't attempt a full-scale attack . But if the enemy cavalry were able to harass them from behind, then their strength would be slowly nipped away on their way to Knightsend . They still need to break the siege of Knightsend so every loss of manpower was fatal .

"Tell Prefect Adrian to take all our horses and form a group of guerillas from the veterans . Set up traps around here" Timothy pointed at a choke point "Remind him to retreat if the enemies give chase . They must not engage the Tulosans . "

"About that Tim" Erik smiled and put his fist on his chest "I volunteer to lead the guerillas"

Timothy immediately frowned after hearing those words


"I know Tim . I am the heir of the Connel family so I shouldn't put myself in danger . But you need me . You know I'm the only one capable of accomplishing this task . "

"Do you think Prefect Adrian can't do this job? But you could? Aren't you getting full of yourself Erik?" Timothy's reply was as sharp as a whip . He didn't want to use Erik's safety as a reason for refusing his request .

"Thank you for your concern Tim . But you know that you can't refuse me"

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"I refuse . You're not ready to lead an army yet . " Timothy said firmly

"Come on Tim . We both know that you're just looking after me . You're afraid that something will happen to me" Erik teased "But we both know that only I can do this"

"I can also lead the guerillas . But why am I here?" Timothy questioned him .


"Because I can't risk myself" Timothy interrupted . "If I die, then the army would lose the only thing that's keeping it intact . " Timothy lectured . He twisted their conversation a little, because he was a little afraid of Erik's argument . It was true that apart from him, only Erik had the ability to lead the guerillas . This was a complicated task which involves timing, precision and adaptability . Erik was only second to Timothy when it comes to leadership and cunning . But he can't risk Erik .

"You're still the most eloquent person I know Tim . " Erik grinned "Unfortunately, you can't twist our conversation this time . Apart from you, I am the only person capable of doing this . "

"If you die, your father would kill me . " Timothy said

"I will surely die if we fail to slow them down . We will both die"

"Then maybe I will lead the guerillas . "

"And risk yourself?" Erik scoffed "Do you think Lucia would want that?" he purposely struck his weak zone . At the mention of Lucia's name, Timothy felt uneasy .

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"Don't bring Lucia into this"

"Lucia has done so much to protect you and this is how you use her help? I wonder what she would think"

"Okay stop . I will not lead the guerillas" he didn't let Erik finish . He really felt guilty "But you can't either" he pointed at him

"I think it would be better to let him lead Tim" It was James' turn to persuade him . "This is war . You can't be picky . You also can't play safe all the time . You have to take risks and use everything"

"Thank you James . " Erik then glared at Timothy "You think I like risking my life Tim? I don't . Like a normal human being, I don't want to die . But look around you . We are in the middle of nowhere while being surrounded by enemies at all sides . We are battered Tim . There are Tulosans from behind and Tulosans in front . Our food reserves could only last us a few more days and the men are afraid . I'm not trying to be a hero . I'm just doing what I think will save our asses . And you should too . Being a leader means playing with the lives of people, even the lives of your friends . That is both your privilege and your curse . So man up and accept your responsibility . "

Those words silenced Timothy . Erik's words struck him like a huge wave of truth . Being a leader meant accepting bigger responsibilities . Sometimes a leader must take risks . If the result of the risk he took was not favorable, then he must accept the responsibility, but he must take risks nonetheless . Life was all about taking calculated risks . People who were afraid to take risks don't achieve much . In their case, not taking risks now could mean their end . Prefect Adrian was smart and loyal, but Timothy doesn't trust his abilities as much as he trusts Erik's . General Bourgis was also smart, but he also can't be compared to Erik . Only Erik can lead the guerillas . This was his responsibility, his curse . This was his payment for accepting the role of a leader . He must play with lives, Erik's life .

Timothy gritted his teeth and slowly nodded "Take all the horses with you . I mean all of them . It should be enough for six centuries . If something goes wrong, retreat at full speed . "

"Leave it to me" Erik saluted and knelt "I will not fail you Prince Timothy Castonia . "

"Rise Erik Connel" Erik stood up . Timothy then looked at him sternly . "If you die, I won't forgive you"

"I won't" Erik assured him "I am the demon squire of Knightsend"

Timothy chuckled . Erik was indeed the demon squire . " If you die and the soldiers of Knightsend hear that the demon squire who made their lives a living hell was killed by mere mortals, they would be very disappointed"

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" So what did the soldiers called me back at Knightsend?" James butted in .

Timothy and Erik looked at each other and burst into laughter . So James didn't know after all . The soldiers also gave James a nickname . It was Stiff Neck because he was so stiff and formal back then . But they can't tell him this because he might lose his reason for living or something .

"What?" James frowned "Was it that bad?"

"Not really" Timothy tried to compose himself

"Yeah it's not that bad" Erik snorted the last of his laughter "Just ask around when we arrive at Knightsend"

"Fine" James conceded . He then offered his hand to Erik "I can't take care of Timothy alone . You're the senior squire . Come back safely"

Erik then shook his hand . It was Timothy's turn to say his goodbye to Erik .

"I'll repeat, your father would kill me if something happens to you" he offered his hand

"He would probably drown you in Greenwater Bay" Erik grinned and shook his hand . "I will go now"

"Make them bleed Erik"

"I will"Please download our sponsor's game to support us!