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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:16:05 PM

Chapter 39

Luther was hungry . His stomach was growling and his body felt weak . The past few days had been hellish .

If it was already hellish for him, then it should more so for the rank and file . The Castonians really had them in checkmate . Without food, an army can't function properly . Marches can be tiring and a man needs to eat .

Luther put his hand inside his pocket and cupped a piece of dried meat . He took it out and secretly ate the whole thing in one bite . It was salty, too salty . But a person forgets his tongue's protests when the stomach talks . Luther wasn't satisfied with a single bite . He was really hungry . He put his hand inside his pocket again, but to his surprise and disappointment, there was nothing left .

"Centurion Lyn, do you have food left with you?" Luther asked the Centurion beside him

"No, Prefect . I ate the last of my rations a few hours ago . " Centurion Lyn answered . There was annoyance in his voice . Luther doesn't care, he bought their loyalty so he shouldn't expect the Whistlers to be genuinely friendly with him .

"That's a shame then . " Luther said with a melancholic tone . "I would have offered you a gold coin for a piece of dried meat"

"Keep dreaming . I wouldn't sell it to you even if you offered me two gold coins per piece . 'If' I still have dried meat, it would probably cost five gold coins each . " Prefect Lyn gave Luther a meaningful smile .

"Sometimes I suspect that you Whistlers are merchants disguised as soldiers" Luther laughed "You really know how to haggle"

He then took a pen and started writing a promissory note .

"No Prefect, I want the real thing . I don't want your notes" Centurion Lyn stopped him .

Luther frowned . He only had about twenty gold coins left . He was saving it in case of emergency . Now Centurion Lyn wanted to take his coins . But his stomach was growling and his mouth was salivating at the thought of food so he agreed .

He took fifteen gold coins from his bag and handed it to Centurion Lyn . "Three pieces"

The Centurion took his coins and handed him three pieces of dried meat . "An honor doing business with you" he mocked .

Luther grabbed the food and ate it . It only took him a minute to finish his meal . Fifteen gold coins, Luther lamented, that was the worst deal he ever made . It would take a common soldier more than a year to save fifteen gold coins, yet he just spent the same amount on three pieces of salty dried meat .

But hunger makes one desperate . He looked around . Most of the soldiers marched lazily . They were weak from hunger and exhaustion . His uncle's decision to march at full speed didn't help either . A couple of weaklings had already fallen . They just left them on the road to die . They can't save the weaklings anyway .

Although they could just eat the horses, they refrained from doing so . More than half of the army worshiped the Great Rider . In many parts of Tulosa, eating horses was prohibited . The Great Rider loves his steed so much that eating horses was a sin for his followers .

Fools, Luther thought . Outdated, foolish and dangerous beliefs . They would rather starve than disobey their deity . Luther was not a believer of the Great Rider, so he was a little biased . But the Great Rider would forgive them right? It's a life and death situation so he will understand . Unfortunately most of the soldiers doesn't think so .

His uncle actually ordered the slaughter of horses at first . But the order was met with fierce objection from the soldiers . Even those who do not believe in the Great Rider opposed the order . Mutiny threatened the camp so General Sigurd changed his mind . It was really a shame and Luther cursed the Great Rider for making such an absurd request to his followers .

The three pieces of dried meat wasn't enough to satiate Luther's hunger . He wanted more . He was used to a life of luxury so his tolerance for hardship was not that high . He wanted to spend his last coins to buy more food, but he stopped himself . He needs money in case of emergency .

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Maybe his uncle would give him rations? Luther thought . He was afraid of his uncle, but he needs to eat . Additionally, his Uncle won't beat him in front of the soldiers just because he asked for food . It's not like he was doing something illegal . So Luther decided to head to the front of the column and ask his uncle for food .

"I am going to the front . Centurion Lyn is in charge" he shouted to the Whistlers

"Why?" Centurion Lyn creased his brows

"The reason does not concern you Centurion"

"It does . " Luther could feel that the Centurion was angry "These past few days, you have left your responsibilities as Prefect to me . The men always complained about our situation and I was always the one who faced them . Rations? Yes I was the one who distributed what meager food we had . Protests? I was the one who prevented them from having a mutiny . These are volatile times Prefect Luther . Face your responsibilities as Prefect . I'm tired of doing your job for you . You are the Prefect of the Whistlers . "

Luther doesn't really care . He bought them so he had no responsibility towards them . "What if I order you to do so? You will have no choice but to obey my orders . Like what you said, I am the Prefect of the Whistlers so I have the right to make you do my will . You're just like that because the Whistlers right now are a mess . Besides, I am going to the front for the sake of the army . General Sigurd needs me at the front . We still need to plan our strategy . " Luther lied .

Centurion Lyn did not say anything . He just glared at Luther .

"In case you did not catch my words Centurion, I am ordering you to take over for a while . Do you understand?" Luther said

Centurion Lyn was still silent . He then slowly nodded but the Centurion was still glaring at Luther .

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"I asked you a question Centurion . Answer me!" Luther shouted

"Yes! I nodded didn't I? Just go . Go now . " The Centurion conceded .

Luther smiled . Finally the Centurion gets it . He mounted his horse and went to the front of the line .

It didn't take him long to find his uncle because the General's banner was huge . There were also many officers at the front, including Centurion Stan .

"Good morning General" Luther gave his uncle his most radiant smile .

"Why are you here? Your cohort was supposed to be at the back" General Sigurd said grumpily .

"My second-in-command can handle them . I just want to see Knightsend as soon as possible . "

"Who are you kidding?" His uncle scoffed "You just want food . Well tough shit, we don't have any left . And even if we still have food, I won't give you special treatment"

Luther's heart broke after hearing that . He just wanted a few more bites, but fate wasn't good to him .

"No Uncle, I wasn't here for that . I just wanted to see Knightsend as soon as possible . " He gave a nervous laugh . "Besides, I can't eat with that around . " He turned his head towards the thing that was being dragged by the General's horse .

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It was the body of one of the sentries who failed to guard the food wagons . General Sigurd tied the man to his horse and dragged him . The sentry's hands and feet were tied so he was dragged while lying down . The rocks and the ground shredded his body like minced meat . The wails of the sentry lasted for a few hours until the poor man died . After a few more days of marching, the sentry was reduced to grounded meat . It was revolting . Luther can't stomach seeing such a disgusting display .

Many soldiers, especially the Knights, protested after seeing such horrendous sight . Centurion Stan even tried to cut the rope once, but he was stopped and the General himself cut one of the Centurion's fingers as punishment .

"What? Do you want to follow Centurion Stan's footsteps? My punishment for the Centurion was not severe because of his good performance in the past . You, on the other hand, failed to kill even a single Castonian . Don't test my patience nephew . " He warned "So endure it . I know you're weak but I need to show the soldiers the price of failure . The sentry deserves it anyway . Isn't that right, Centurion Stan?" he turned to the Centurion . His muscular appearance was terrifying .

Centurion Stan was silent for a long time until he said softly, "Yes General"

"I can't hear you Centurion Stan"

"Yes General" Centurion Stan gritted his teeth .

"Good . See? If righteous and noble Centurion Stan understands, then you should shut your mouth Luther . Now, go back to your Cohort"

Luther was just about to turn his horse around when the General stopped him .

"Wait" General Sigurd called . Luther turned to his uncle "You said that you wanted to see Knightsend . That's Knightsend . " He pointed forward .

Luther squinted . At the distance, he could see a white dot . The dot grew as they approached it . After a few minutes, the figure of the castle became more apparent .

The finally arrived at Knightsend .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!