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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:17:23 PM

Chapter 4

Castonia and Vanadis were neighbors and were on good terms . Trade between the two Kingdoms was good . But this was the first time Vanadis tried to support Castonia militarily . Although Vanadis was rich, its army is weak . Due to neglect on its land army brought upon by decades of peace, Vanadis relied heavily on mercenaries to guard its borders .

Nevertheless, Lucia saw the sense of the alliance . Castonia may have a large and powerful army, but they need Vanadis to fund this army . On the other hand, Vanadis can't rely forever on mercenaries so they need the protection of Castonia . It may look like a Protectorate agreement, but Lucia believes that the two kingdoms will treat each other as equals .

" Castonia is strong, I hope this alliance goes well" Lucia commented . She poured some weak wine into her cup . Since the incident a year ago, the King rarely drinks water anymore even if it's from further upstream . It's better to be safe, he once said to Lucia

The King did not eat his food and just stared at Lucia with a strange expression . "Yes, Castonia is strong" He was slightly sweating "Lucia, we really need this alliance . The wealth of Vanadis would surely attract invaders in the future so for the sake of our Kingdom we need this alliance . These are troubling times . Wars are being waged everywhere . It's just a matter of time before somebody invades us" he stressed

Lucia felt that the King was acting strangely . It was very apparent . She knew her father so much that she was certain that the King was still holding something back from her .

Lucia stopped eating and looked at her father seriously . "Father, I'm flattered that you wanted to discuss national policies with me, but I sense you have more to say . "

"The Castonian King is a very cautious man . " Her father hesitated "he demands a more permanent tie"

In that instant, Lucia realized the whole story . For Castonia and Vanadis to have a long-lasting partnership, a royal marriage was required . With a royal marriage, it would be hard for either of the two Kingdoms to break the alliance . In short, Lucia must marry a Castonian prince .

Lucia lowered her head and tried to maintain her emotions . On the outside, she was calm . But it was chaos inside her head . She did not feel wronged, political marriages after all, were common with the nobility . Furthermore, she doesn't have a lover . Although many sons of nobles and rich merchants tried to court her in the past, she never agreed to their advances . Lucia just felt sad and afraid .

Since she will be the bride, Lucia will be forced to live in Castonia . This meant that she would have to leave Holm behind . She loves Holm . This was the city she grew up in . She had heard that Castonian culture and traditions were similar to Vanadian, but she was still afraid .

Furthermore she will miss her father . Although she would have another father in the form of the Castonian King, nobody could replace her own father .

It took her a long time to gather herself . It was her duty so she needs to do it . It will be hard . There will surely be times that she will long for Holm . But she needs to do it nonetheless . What her father said was true . These are troubling times and they need a strong ally . It was only a matter of time before some Kingdom sets its eyes on Vanadis' wealth . If there was a consolation, it was that the study of medicine was more advanced in Castonia . Being constantly attacked on all sides, the Castonians have high regard on health . But would her future husband allow her to study medicine? Lucia can only hope that would be the case .

"When will I leave for Castonia?" she asked . There was no need to beat around the bush . She looked at her father .

The King gave a long sigh "Thank you Lucia" he smiled bitterly and looked at her with apologetic eyes "You need to leave Holm in three days . The journey to Nirvana will take about 10 days . "

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"I will miss you father" Lucia lamented . She smiled at her father to comfort him . She knew that her father was also troubled by her imminent departure . "But we don't have a choice, don't we?"

"I thought you would be angry with me"

"I know you didn't want this . I know you did your best to offer the Castonian King a compromise so it's not your fault" said Lucia calmly . She knew her father . He was a good father who loved his children . He was not the sort of father who would treat his children like bargaining chips . No, her father was different . That's why she didn't get angry .

"But you're afraid" the King correctly guessed . She was indeed afraid . Coming to a foreign land, marrying a person she hadn't met before, of course she was afraid . Things were moving fast . Just a few hours ago, she was helping someone give birth to a healthy baby boy . Now, she just found out that she will be leaving in three days . Lucia lowered her head and nodded slowly, confirming what her father said .

"Of course you are" The King said guiltily . He remained silent for a while "It's Timothy Castonia . I heard he's a good lad . Otherwise I wouldn't have agreed with their conditions"

Unlike the King, Lucia had not heard anything about Timothy Castonia . " I hope he will be kind to me"

"He better be" her father declared . "Or else I would take you back from him . "

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Her father's protective declaration made Lucia smile . "Thank you father"

"No, I should be the one thanking you . " said the King "Regarding your safety, I will be sending the Royal Guards with you and the best retinue I can assemble" he promised

Although the Royal Guards could be useful in the future, Lucia really doesn't need a large retinue . She only needs Sylvie . "I only need Sylvie, father" she refused "I don't like to have many people constantly following me around . "

"I see . Alright" the King agreed "then write me letters regularly . If you need anything, just tell me . If you're in danger I will muster every soldier I could find and march to your aid . "

Upon hearing this, Lucia can't help but laugh . She may have disagreed with her father several times in the past, but she knew that her father really cares for her . "I don't think they would go that far . " She grinned "I'm going to be a bride, not a hostage"

"Just saying" the King shrugged and started eating his food . The mood between them has lightened .

Lucia and the King finished the meal while talking about the details of her journey . Ten days of travel was not really that long . Merchants from both Kingdoms constantly make this journey . Additionally, the road between Holm and Nirvana was relatively safe . Even if it's not, Lucia will have the Royal Guards with her so there was nothing to worry about .

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After eating, Lucia went to her room and started preparing the things she will need . Of course she could just have Sylvie do it, but Lucia doesn't want to miss anything . She then lied on her bed . The soft cushion provided relief to her aching back . It's been a long day, she thought . She's tired . Lucia closed her eyes and fell asleep .


Lucia spent the next few days checking on the women she recently helped give birth . She checked them and their newborns for any signs of complications . She also informed the city of her departure . Of course many people were sad about this . She was the pearl of Holm . But since it was the King's decision, they can't do anything .

The days went through quickly and Lucia found herself on a carriage outside the city . Her goodbye with her father was not pleasant . Lucia held back her tears and the old man seems to have second thoughts . Eventually, the King made up his mind and sent Lucia on her way . Both of them knew how important her trip is .

She took one last look at Holm . Its grandeur was undeniable . She grew up and spent her whole life in the city . Now she was leaving everything behind to start anew . She will come back in the future not as a resident of Holm, but as a visitor . Castonia will become her new home .

Lucia closed her eyes . She reprimanded herself for being so emotional . It's not like she will never see her father and Holm again . Yes, this wasn't the end . There was more to the world than just the City of Holm . Her life must not revolve on a single place .

She turned her head forward and opened her eyes . Her future was ahead, not behind . To move forward was the only way . It will be hard, yes . But is there a life without hardship and sacrifices? She was already fortunate compared to most people .

From this day onwards, she declared firmly in her heart, there's no looking back .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!