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Chapter 41

Nearly nine thousand men were charging towards Knightsend, half of them on horseback .

It was a spectacular sight . The soldiers were like bees, swarming and flocking towards their poor target . The combined sound of hooves and boots shook the earth . The glistening tips of their spears and swords were like a bed of needles . It was a grandiose moment, a scene worthy of songs from the bards .

Centurion Stan put his weight on the stirrup . This habit of his was dangerous . He could fall or if the horse's momentum was suddenly interrupted, he could break his legs . Despite this, Stan had no intention of stopping or even curbing this dangerous habit of his . He likes to put pressure on his legs because it makes him calm down .

Stan was anxious, so anxious that his sweat was as cold as morning dew . The next few hours will decide their fate .

When the Prefect of the Knights suddenly ordered a charge towards the castle, Stan was actually hesitant . The Prefect said that the Castonian envoy revealed that the front gate of Knightsend was broken and General Sigurd ordered the most of the army to seize the opportunity and assault the castle .

But even if the front gate was broken, Stan still felt anxious . He felt that the General's order to commit most of the soldiers was too impulsive .

Something felt wrong . He experienced firsthand the deadliness of Prince Timothy's soldiers . He still feels a little afraid whenever he thinks of the battle in the forest . Prince Timothy's subordinate was cunning, and the prince should be more so .

It just felt strange that they could just enter the castle through the front gate . It was too simple . It was too easy . He expected that they would spend thousands of Tulosan lives just to break through the gates . But now most of the soldiers were entering the front gate unopposed . He was really anxious about this .

Stan closed his eyes and mumbled a silent prayer to the Omniscient . Unlike most of the Tulosans who prayed to the Great Rider, the Knights worship the Omniscient .

'Omniscient guide my ways for I am your son . May your light shine brightly even in the darkest times . May your will be done for it is good . Omniscient guide my way for I am afraid . Protect me with your light . Save me from the darkness of the night . Omniscient guide my way for you are great . Your wisdom illuminates ignorance and your power is divine . Omniscient, protect me and my brothers . I am Stan, your servant, your follower and your son . '

He opened his eyes . By now, most of the soldiers had entered through the front gate . The Knights were at the back because it took them a long time to don their armor and prepare their steed .

The front gate of Knightsend was large, able to fit three wagons side by side so congestion was not so bad . It didn't take long for the Knights to finally reach the gate .

Stan's century entered the castle .


Luther was not happy . After witnessing the betrayal of the Castonian envoy, he thought that his uncle would let his cohort join the battle . Even if the front gate of Knightsend was open, they still need all the men they could get .

But his uncle forbade his cohort from joining the battle . Although Luther promised his uncle to stay idle and to not join the battle, he hoped that the General would forget about his promise or at least change his mind . But no, his uncle personally reminded him of his promise .

The whistlers were guarding the camp along with the General's personal guards . Cavalry as camp guards? What a waste! His cohort was supposed to be fighting at the front, gaining back their lost honor . This was supposed to be his chance to get his revenge . He spent all his fortune just to buy the loyalty of the Whistlers . He needed to join the battle soon to at least get his money's worth . He won't gain prestige by guarding the camp .

"Can't you really talk to your uncle about this?" Centurion Lyn slapped the saddle of his horse and asked angrily . Although the General prohibited them from joining the battle, they were currently on horseback in case of emergency .

"I did . But he was adamant in keeping the Whistlers away from the battle" Luther answered

He understood the Centurion's resentment . Not being able to join the battle meant that they will receive little to no loot . Now Centurion Lyn is angry even at the General . Greed really makes a man brave, Luther thought .

"Dammit" Centurion Lyn cursed . "Why do I feel that this is your fault?"

"My fault? Don't blame everything to me" Luther answered awkwardly . This was really his fault .

But he was as unhappy as the Whistlers with this arrangement . He spent about 25,000 gold coins just to guard the camp .

"You know what?" Luther looked sternly at Centurion Lyn "I don't care anymore . Let's go!"

"What?" Centurion Lyn asked . He gave Luther a questioning look .

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"Do you want to join the battle or not? If you don't, then remain here and enjoy the view or something . But I'm going inside the castle with the rest of the cohort"

"But" the Centurion stuttered

"But I'm going against the General's orders? I don't care! I just spent a huge amount of money on bribing you . Maybe he will forget, I don't know . But I'm getting my money's worth . "

Centurion Lyn smiled . It was a greedy smile like that of a merchant . "Let's go . " He then turned to the Whistlers to announce the order "The Prefect…"

But Luther interrupted him . "No! Let me do it . " Luther coughed a few times to clear his throat . He turned to the soldiers

"Whistlers! Charge!"


Sigurd watched his men enter the Castle . He felt excited and at the same time, anxious .

He remembered fifteen years ago when they attacked Knightsend . It was a bloody battle that lasted from sunrise to sundown . They assaulted the castle three times, but the walls were just too strong . The Century under his command fought like madmen, scaling the walls, ramming the gates, forcing their way inside the castle all while the enemy hurled rocks and fired arrows from above .

It was grueling . They bled and fought like men that day . They killed and died, it was chaotic .

But it was glorious .

Battles always excite Sigurd . Maybe his excitement stems from his violent nature or maybe battles were really just exciting for men, but the chaotic appeal of battles fills his heart with an unexplainable calmness .

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He stared at the wide-open front gate of Knightsend . Fifteen years ago, many of his comrades died trying to snatch control of the gate . Now it was open .

Sigurd then went inside his tent . If he stayed any longer, he wouldn't be able to stop himself from joining the battle . The appeal of battle was just too strong .

Sigurd flapped the entrance of his tent and was greeted by the sight of the tied Castonian envoys . Sigurd went to his desk and grabbed a bottle of wine . He poured some wine into his cup and enjoyed the unique aroma . It was a cheap wine, but it was Sigurd's favorite . Hadean wine was overrated . He turned towards the envoys and took a sip .

"I really must thank you for your help . Don't worry, I will give you Prince a quick death" he mocked .

Sigurd felt proud of himself . Seeing the pitiful state of his enemies made Sigurd happy . He took another sip and studied the expression of the Castonians .

Suddenly the envoy whose name was Adrian laughed . He laughed so loud that Sigurd wanted to cover his ears .

Did he finally lose his mind? Sigurd knew that guilt could sometimes turn a man insane but he never expected to see something like this in his lifetime .

"What are you laughing at?" Sigurd asked angrily

But Adrian continued his laughter . Sigurd felt his anger surge . How dare he .

Sigurd put his cup down and approached the Castonian . His footsteps were heavy and his movement was powerful . Sigurd bent his body and lifted Adrian's chin . He looked into his eyes .

"Answer me!" Sigurd roared

The Castonian stopped his laughter and looked back into Sigurd's eyes . Adrian's eyes were burning with anger . Sigurd could see it . It was hatred, smoldering like wildfire . Sigurd considers himself as a brave man . But Adrian's eyes scared him . He was really scared .

On the other hand, Adrian's face had no trace of fear . It's like he was looking at an insect . Sigurd felt small and powerless .

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Instead of answering him, Adrian turned to the other Castonians and started singing 'The Horse and the Castle Wall' . The four Castonians also joined his song .

"And the Knights charged,

But three times they failed .

For a horse can't jump over the walls .

They fought,

they trot,

and injuries they got .

For a horse can't jump over the walls"

After singing the song, Adrian turned to Sigurd and looked at him in a mocking way . Sigurd couldn't hold his anger anymore so he punched Adrian's face . The envoy fell down but he immediately stood up and gazed at Sigurd . It was terrifying . Sigurd felt his blood turn cold and he trembled .

"You want me to answer you General Sigurd?" Adrian's voice was cold . "Then I will tell you this" He paused and gave Sigurd a sinister smile . "Never, ever underestimate the loyalty of a Castonian . Especially if Prince Timothy is your opponent"

Sigurd was taken aback by the envoy's words . At first he was confused . But then thousands of thoughts came flooding inside his head . He felt shivers down his spine . Was it all an act? Did he fall into a trap? His heart beat fast .

Sigurd stood up and immediately ran outside . His powerful leg muscles accelerated him so fast it seems inhuman . But before he could reach the door, his squire entered his tent . Sigurd could see that his squire was in shock .

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