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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:17:16 PM

Chapter 8

Timothy opened the doors of the throne room . The first person he saw was his father, the King . And then he saw a woman . Their eyes met for the first time .

But neither of them talked .

A strange feeling of familiarity enveloped Timothy's heart

Who is this woman? He of course knew that she was Lucia Vanadis . But she felt… familiar . I need to say something . Why can't I? Tongue . Move, he ordered . But Timothy remained silent

He examined Lucia . She was also the same . She was frozen in place . Neither of them made a sound .

The two of them looked at each other for a long time until the King broke the silence .

" Why are you here?" The King said coldly "I did not summon you" There was annoyance in his voice

Timothy snapped back to his senses .

" I'm seeing our guests your Majesty" he explained and gave the King a bow .

" They're tired . Leave them . " The King commanded "Next time if I don't summon you then don't come"

" In that case, let me escort them to their chambers then . Nothing is more hospitable than the prince himself leading the delegates to their chambers" To this, the King remained silent and just waved his hand as a sign of agreement .

Timothy smiled and went to Lucia . His heart was beating fast . He looked at her . She was a little dusty from her journey, but her beautiful appearance still radiated a dazzling glow . Timothy couldn't help but feel delighted . She was the prettiest woman he ever set his eyes upon . Timothy was nervous .

" I . . I am Timothy Castonia . " Timothy stuttered "Please follow me" he forced a smile and tried to look at her in the eyes . To his surprise, he couldn't .

" Tha . . Thank you, Prince Timothy" She also stuttered " We'll be in your care"

It seems she's also nervous, Timothy thought . To this, he felt slightly relieved . If he was the only one who was nervous, then his self-confidence would drop to rock-bottom .

Lucia, Sylvie and the Vanadian royal guards followed Timothy . The rooms prepared for the Vanadian guests were located on the sixth floor . For safety purposes, everyone on the sixth floor was transferred to other floors except for a few maids . Their walk to the rooms was filled with silence . Timothy actually planned to talk a lot of things to Lucia on their way to the rooms but now he was completely silent . He wanted to see Lucia's personality . He wanted to know if he could trust her . But now he couldn't say a single word . He wasn't usually like this . He was good with words . But in the presence of Lucia, he was speechless .

The royal guards were stationed in a room that was only a few meters from Lucia's . If anything happens, they would be able to respond quickly . Sylvie's room was next to the Princess .

"Get to your rooms and rest" Lucia said to the guards and Sylvie .

"If you need anything, just tell us your highness . " An old guard said to her . Timothy guessed that the old man was the Captain of her guards . He seems capable and experienced .

Everybody went to their rooms except for Lucia and Tim . They were left alone . Lucia turned to him but avoided eye contact again . Tim was no better either because he kept his head down .

If you really think about it, this awkwardness between them was not that surprising . They will be married to each other and will become as one . She will be his wife, and he her husband . They will spend their whole lives together . This was the first time they've met . So this atmosphere was just normal right? Before he went to the throne room, he thought talking to her would be easy . He doesn't have much experience in these kinds of things, but he had always been good when it comes to dealing with people . Now he was conscious of how he should act .

He shouldn't be the first to experience this . Political marriages were common so those nobles must have felt the same when they first met their betrothed . How about his two brothers? Did they have the same experience as this? Timothy didn't know what to do to break this atmosphere between them . He wanted to know her as soon as possible .

There was one more thing that troubled Timothy . Princess Lucia's presence felt so familiar . It was like they had met before . He finally found the strength to look at her in the eyes .

" Have we met before?" Timothy blurted .

He quickly realized how stupid his question was . Think before you talk Tim, he cursed himself . He needs to get out of here before he further embarrass himself . He will just talk to her tomorrow .

" I'm sorry . Forget it . " He quickly said . "If you need anything just call one of the servants . Welcome to Castonia" he forced a smile and turned away from her . But before he could, she stopped him

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" Wait" she immediately said .

He turned to Lucia again . She was lowering her head .

"When is…the ball?" After a while she asked . She was still lowering her head refused to look at him .

Timothy's head was in chaos . Why? Of all times, why would she ask about the wedding now? The atmosphere was awkward between them because of the wedding . Also, why does it make him feel slightly embarrassed? She was just asking a question . Dammit Tim . You are the infamous rooster prince . You'll lead armies in the future, but why can't you control your emotions! You have no experience in romance but this is not the way to go Tim . It's just a question Tim . Relax . Answer her with dignity . Show her that Castonians are matured . Don't embarrass the Castonia family . He lectured himself .

"Next month . Grand Cathedral . Father send invitations next week . Hope this union strengthens the alliance!" Timothy answered in a very fast manner . His heart was racing . Talking about the wedding really stressed him .

Wait! Timothy felt shivers down his spine . Did she say ball or wedding? Because if she meant the ball…In that instant, Timothy realized his stupid . . stupid answer . He wanted to bury his face into the ground . What's wrong with him?



What followed next was silence . It was so quiet that he could hear the wind blowing . It was so quiet that he could hear the birds flapping their wings . It was so damn quiet that he could hear his heart thumping like a horse on a full charge . But he doesn't care about the wind or the birds . He looked into her eyes with his mouth agape . Although he was almost certain that he had made a big and embarrassing mistake, he still wanted to know if he really did .

"You said… wedding right?" Timothy stammered .



"hahahahahahahaha" Princess Lucia burst into uncontrolled laughter . She bent and held her stomach with one hand while laughing . Timothy's heart melted . Yes, it melted . She was beautiful . The scene in front of him was more beautiful than the best paintings in the world . It was more relaxing than the bluest skies . Making a beautiful girl laugh, even at the cost of some of your dignity, was one of the best things in this world . On top of that, she was not just a beautiful girl, she's Lucia Vanadis- his betrothed .

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After a while, Timothy joined in laugher . Both of them laughed for a long time . Lucia tried to contain her laughter and tried to speak" I… hahaha . I asked about the ball Prince Timothy" she grinned at him "not the wedding"

Well, he made a mistake . But after seeing her laugh, it was not embarrassing anymore .

" I never thought that talking to you would be this intense" Timothy admitted .

" I know, right?" Lucia agreed . "It feels like talking to my grandfather . " By now, the earlier awkward atmosphere was gone and the two of them talked as if they were old friends .

" Well to answer your question, the ball will be tomorrow . " He smiled at her "And I'm looking forward to seeing you there Princess Lucia" He bowed slightly .

" I'm also looking forward to having more 'intense' conversations with you Prince Timothy" Lucia grinned and they bowed like a lady .

" Yes, to more intense moments" Timothy also grinned " Have a nice stay Princess Lucia"

" Thank you Prince Timothy" She smiled at him .

Princess Lucia went to her room and gave Timothy one last smile . Timothy turned the other way and headed to the garden .

He was happy and humming a song when Erik interrupted him .

" Happy, aren't we?" Erik joined his walk and teased him .

" Oh shut up Erik . Is it illegal now to be happy from time to time?"

" It's not illegal actually . But it is suspicious" Erik winked at him

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" Suspicious?" He stopped walking and turned to Erik "Why?"

" Well, it's just the timing . The Vanadian Princess arrived today and then I saw you smiling from ear to ear" Erik said nonchalantly "Suspicious"

" Ah . . is that so?" Timothy avoided his gaze . He was starting to sweat so he changed the topic "Did you see James?"

" Changing the topic . Not effective against me you know?" Erik grinned

Timothy just glared at him . Erik needs to stop asking questions .

" Fine, fine . I won't pester you anymore . " Erik finally gave up "James is in his room"

Timothy and Erik then went to James' room . Timothy knocked on the door . After a while, James opened it .

" Your Highness" James was clearly surprised "What brings you here?" James was now able to relax in front of Timothy after only a short period of time .

" I need . . " Timothy hesitated . He tried to find the best words . " Get me the best clothes you could find . I am attending a ball tomorrow"


After Lucia closed the door to her room, she leaned on it . Smiling, she thought of Prince Timothy . He was not so bad, she thought . She doesn't know why, but she was so anxious in front of him at first . But now that anxiousness was gone .

Lucia went to her bed and lied down . She thought that her first day in Nirvana would be filled with longing for Holm . But that awkward Prince made her day .

"Prince Timothy" She muttered "I think we could get along"Please download our sponsor's game to support us!