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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:17:14 PM

Chapter 9

It was rare for the King to arrange a ball . He was, after all, slightly paranoid when it comes to safety . Since the ball was arranged hastily, only a day after the arrival of the Vanadian Princess, only nearby nobles were able to attend . Nevertheless, the hall was packed with guests .

Baron Braun was bored . It has been an hour but that brat Timothy still hasn't arrived yet . The nobles were busy chatting with each other . This was a rare and good opportunity for a person of value to increase his or her network of friends . But Braun was not in the mood to chat . The brat Timothy was late and the event can't begin without him .

Braun looked around . He saw many familiar faces, faces of people with power . It was the same scene every time these people gather . Everyone wore a fake smile and tried to be friendly to everyone . These people… Braun thought . They're so fake .

He was like them in the past . But now that he was already old, he already gave up on his ambitions . He doesn't have a son or a daughter so his family's noble status will end with him . This meant that increasing his family's status would be meaningless anyway . And his land? Well that piece of land was barren anyway . He will just leave that land to one of his distant relatives . His only concern nowadays was Castonia . Braun was a very patriotic man . He loved his Kingdom and wanted it to grow . He'll do anything for Castonia . But what was the meaning of Castonia anyway? Was it the land? the people? Or the idea? He was too old to think much about it . Leave that question to the philosophers . He just wanted to offer his services to Castonia .

Braun considers himself a very capable person . He was just a Baron with a barren land, but he managed to become the right hand of the King . The King had new laws? Braun will announce it and prepare the required documents . The King wanted a ball? Braun was the man for the job . But that brat Timothy was still late .

Well speak of the devil, Braun thought . Timothy just arrived . Braun stood up to reprimand the lad . The event was delayed because of him . The guests may not mind, but Braun does . Before Braun could approach Timothy, his assistant suddenly went to him and whispered something into his ears . Upon hearing those words, Braun's eyes widened, his face contorted .

" Are you sure?" Braun tried to remain calm but his voice was shaky .

His assistant nodded .

" Let me verify it first . " Braun went outside the hall .


The King suddenly stood up to announce the start of the ball . Everyone stopped talking and listened to the King .

" You already know the purpose of this celebration . " The King started . His voice was as cold as ever . "My son is getting married to Lucia Vanadis . I don't need to explain how this union benefits our two Kingdoms . So to formally begin this ball, let my son say a few words"

Timothy then went to the stage and faced the guests . His posture was dignified, his voice loud and clear .

" The legend tells us of the warrior and the merchant . Well I'm not a warrior, and Princess Lucia is certainly not a merchant . " Timothy smiled playfully . Some nobles laughed " I just hope that this union will strengthen the bond between Castonia and Vanadis . I hope that this partnership will last in perpetuity . Long live Castonia and long live Vanadis . Let the ball begin" With these words, Timothy started the ball . Musicians played their music and food was served . Some pairs of nobles danced at the middle of the hall .

Timothy then looked at Lucia . Noble ladies flocked to her side . She's beautiful, he thought . Her red dress fully complemented her complexion . Her necklace gave her a cute but mature vibe . He wanted to talk to her but some nobles got to him first . This was their chance to be friends with the third prince .


Freya looked at Timothy . He was as handsome as ever . His blue coat was adorned with intricate designs . The rose on his coat's pocket made him look like a gentleman, humble and caring . His hair was combed backwards, which gave him a slick appearance . He had really prepared his appearance for the Princess, Freya thought . She was jealous . What made her more jealous was the fact that Timothy glances at the Princess from time to time .

She looked at Lucia . She was not that pretty . Well, Freya was maybe a little biased . Lucia, after all, was the betrothed of the person she loves . She was really hurt by Timothy's rejection yesterday . It hurts so much that she couldn't sleep last night . So that was how it felt to have a broken heart . It was so painful . Timothy's current actions made it worse . It seems he was starting to like Lucia . How could that be? They've been friends for a decade and he felt nothing towards her . He met Lucia yesterday and now he was like this? She examined Lucia one more time . It seems they had something important to talk about .

She went to her . It took her a while before she finally caught Lucia attention . Noble ladies were in the way . After finally facing Lucia, Freya opened her mouth . She had thousands of things she wanted to say to her . She wanted her to know that she and Timothy were close friends, that they've known each other for a long time . She wanted to warn Lucia . She wanted Lucia to recognize her as rival .

" Ah . . I'm Freya . I'm . . I'm Timothy's friend . " She stuttered . "Nice to meet you"

Freya was surprised . Why can't she say mean things to her? What did she say? Nice to meet you? As if! Why did she say that? She should be cursing her right now . She should be mean, so mean that Lucia would have no choice but to go back to Vanadis . She should be telling her to stay away . Why can't she say these things to her?

" Nice to meet you too Freya . I am Lucia Vanadis" She smiled . It was neither fake nor forced . It was a genuine friendly smile "I hope we could get along"

Freya wanted to inform Lucia of her feelings towards Tim . But seeing how nice Lucia was, she changed her mind . In the end, she was not that kind of person . Yes she loves Tim and wants to be with him . And yes, Lucia was in the way . But she can't find it in herself to hate somebody just because she lost .

" I hope you protect Tim, Lucia . " She said sadly . "He's a good person" Freya forced a smile and left


Lucia noticed the change in Freya's expression before she left . She must be Prince Timothy's lover, she thought . Lucia can't explain it but Timothy having a lover somehow pricked her heart . She went outside . Crowded places suffocate her .

She found herself standing on the garden . The moon was beautiful that night . After a while, she heard footsteps . She turned around and saw Prince Timothy . The prince's attire was shining under the moonlight, highlighting his handsome appearance .

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" Prince Timothy" Lucia forced a smile . Her encounter with Freya still troubled her . Freya was nice to her, but she still felt sad that her future husband likes somebody else .

" Howdy" Prince Timothy greeted as he approached " It means hello" he clarified

" I know" said Lucia .

" You knew?" raised a brow "We'll you're the first"

Lucia just smiled .

" You're sad" Timothy seemed to notice . Lucia nodded slowly .

He approached her and asked, " May I ask why?"

Lucia was silent for a long time . She hesitated . Her reason for being sad was too petty . It was normal for the Prince to have a lover, why does it bother her? But she revealed the reason anyway .

" Your lover talked to me . " She stopped and thought if she should continue but decided to "It wasn't really a long talk but I could sense that she really loves you"

Timothy did not immediately reply . He seems to be confused .

"Are you . . " He paused and pondered "referring to Freya? She's not my lover . Freya is just my friend . I am not oblivious to her feelings, but I have no feelings for her"

Lucia's eyes went wide . She was happy but doesn't know why . She's so childish, she thought

" Okay" Lucia smiled thinly

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" You seem happy now" Timothy teased her

" Well at least I'm not sad anymore Prince Timothy"


"What?" Lucia was confused

" Drop the prince . Call me Timothy or Tim"

She couldn't help but smile after hearing this .

" Then Tim it is . In that case, call me Lucia" she offered

" Okay Lucia" said Timothy "By the way, what did you and Freya talked about?"

" Oh nothing much . " She recalled their conversation "She said that I should protect you and that you're a good person . "

" And am I? A good person . "

Lucia just met him yesterday and he seems kind . But she was too embarrassed to say it outright . So she jested, " Well someone who talks awkwardly to girls can't be a bad person right?"

" Hahaha . You're basis for kindness seems to be a little off . " Timothy laughed . But then he was silent for a while as if thinking of something .

" And will you?" he smiled and asked" Will you protect me?"

Lucia thought of her answer for a while . Of course she will protect him . She will be his wife . A husband and a wife protect each other .

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"Of course . I'm your future wife so I must protect you" she answered . But thinking of their future made her a little shy .

Timothy turned to look at the moon .

" You know standing side by side in the garden under the moonlight, we look like lovers" Timothy teased . He grinned at her .

Upon hearing this, Lucia blushed . This guy, Lucia thought . He was teasing her already . He was not being fair . She must get back at him .

" Oh really?" Lucia grinned back "Well Prince Timothy Castonia, we are not lovers . Not yet anyway" She emphasized the last few words .

Timothy's eyes went wide . He blushed . Lucia couldn't help but laugh and feel proud of her accomplishment .

" Oh stop teasing me" Timothy complained

" You did it first!"

The two of them laughed .

After a while, Timothy asked . " May I court you? Our betrothal was purely political, but it doesn't really have to be . " He looked at her in the eye . Those eyes . Freya blushed again . She got lost in his eyes . Lucia was somehow expecting this question . No, she was hoping for this question .

" Of course" Lucia smiled .

The two continued to talk under the moonlight . It was a beautiful night for Lucia .

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