Tales of Demons and Gods


Nie Li, the strongest Demon Spiritualist in his past life, stood at the pinnacle of the martial world. However, he lost his life during the battle with Sage Emperor and the six deity ranked beasts. His soul was then returned back in time to when he is still 13. Although he is the weakest in his class with the lowest talent of only a red soul realm, with the aid of the vast knowledge he had accumulated from his previous life, he shall train faster then anyone.

This time he will try to protect Glory City which, in the coming future, would be assaulted by beasts and ends up being destroyed, as well as protecting his lover, friends and family who died by that beast assault. And to destroy the Sacred family whom abandoned their duty and betrayed Glory City in his past life.

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6 Hours, 32 Minutes ago

227manga is200 novel

1 Day, 40 Minutes ago

Para el men que preguntó anteriormemte sobre que capitulo de la novelas sería el cap 227 del manga: Estaría cerca del cap 200 de la novela. . . Pd: yo tambien acabo de llegar de leer el manga, y ahora a seguirlo en la novela. . .

1 Day, 17 Hours ago

what chapter should I start at if a read to chapter 227 in the manga?

3 Days, 1 Hour ago

Well it finally happened I caught up to this gem last month. I was hoping for monthly releases but atlas it has been 30 days. I’m going to come back to this in 2 years and hope it has atleast 5 chapters added to it. If not then I’m satisfied with ending it at chapter 478. The way this is written it should last another 300 chapters and at the rate this is going itll never be done in my life time. My only hope is that the manga or anime passes the novel

6 Days, 21 Hours ago

WTF..!! After reading those sht comments, I’ve started to doubt if am I still goin to read this novel

1 Week, 1 Day ago

The author is impressive to make this wonderful story. im not like those impatient readers thats being hasty they didnt know if the author of this story had troubles and problems in life they always ask for fast update and they didnt realize the effort that the author spent to create this novel which is natural to those narrow minded guys please be considerate

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

How can we all show mad snail we really care for his work this novel /its manga is really spectacular I hope he doesn’t drop cos honestly one chapter per month is literarily ending it at least 2 chapters in 9 days or a chapter a week If its fund he could always create a donation platform I for one is willing to donate and all tdg fans too are equally willing

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Did Mad Snail die Cos its only when you are dead or you seek death would you dear end such a lovely, lively heavenly piece of art One chapter per month is fucking torture If he is low on funds we all the TDG fans can definitely donate some funds well only if he opens a donation site Honestly this is a real gem it has potential to surpass legendary works like bleach, naruto, and Dbz look at its story line alone I really hope mad snail take TDG manga and novel serious its really captured all our hearts

4 Weeks, 1 Day ago

One of the best Novel!!! To all FILIPINO out there. Join us on Let’s talk about this site and novel :D

1 Month, 2 Days ago

why is it only once a month ? a great artist like you should already make 1000+ chapter of this. its not good. guys maybe we should rate it.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

hey can we please for the love of god have nie li get some? can he at least hook up with xiao ning er or long yuyin? 476 chapters some of us have been waiting and im very displeased i thought him and ning er were finally going to hookup but no i was so mad.

2 Months, 6 Days ago

Like any adaptation the manga has some details left out from the novel, I do not remember anything big for the history but some funny parts like… When Nie li is attacked by 3 silver ranks from the dark guild at his home, the alchemist director stays in a house of the clan, wanted to have fun with nie li innocence, and nie li “attacked” she takes a bath and masturbate to the sensation feeling guilty since she is much older than nie li… Or something like that, i read that part a long time ago

2 Months, 1 Week ago

Im already reading the manga and i want to read novel too. But i have a question. is manga and novel same or there is any diffirence? should i continue to in novel or should i start from first chapter?

2 Months, 1 Week ago

It’s a shame the author lost interest. The first few hundred chapters were very well done for a light novel and totally had me hooked. I could tell that the quality and started to suffer and he was rushing the plot a while back, probably around the time he lost interest. While it doesn’t seem to be his style, I think the earlier arcs are already good enough to flesh out and publish officially as a book series. I hope he takes his time and eventually gets interested again so he can flesh out and finish the series properly as he put a lot of work and planning into this.

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Chapter 190 chapss…

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

can anyone tell me from where to start reading if i have read manuha Chapter 216: Purple Smoke Stone

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

The author isn’t dead.  Around chapter 350 he lost interest so it went from a chapter every day being released to whenever he feels like it.  Which sucks because 1 he can get you interested in his stories, and he has done this with other stories where he loses interest and slowly stops working on them.  If I had to guess he probably wouldn’t work on this story at all if he didn’t have a bad rap for quitting projects or giving the terrible endings so he could stop working on them.

4 Months, 3 Weeks ago

The author has other works ongoing, he’s known for starting projects and leaving them mid-way. His current focus is Star Martial God Technique.

4 Months, 3 Weeks ago

You’re an idiot if you think the author is dead. Mad Snail (the author) only releases one chapter a month. If he died, there would have been an announcement on wuxiaworld where they do the translations for this novel. It always did amaze me when people complain on here about the bad translations. Y’all do realize this site doesn’t do any translations but just hosts translated chapters from other sites, right? They just add double paragraphs sometimes for some reason.

4 Months, 3 Weeks ago

is the Author really dead

5 Months, 2 Days ago

The author is already dead.. How sad..

5 Months, 2 Days ago

The author is already dead??

5 Months, 5 Days ago

It seems author releasing a new chapter every month for the past few years. Which is extremely slow. Even a 30 min animation was made in 7 days.  I don’t know why the author cant gives its full attention to this project. Either please release the novel in full sincerity or drop this series all together. Please don’t keep this hang it like this forever. By doing this you doing more cruelty to the readers. Honestly, i do not have good hope for fast updates any soon. And i can’t wait a month for every new chapter. Hence I stop following this Novel. And from Future I will be extra precaution before start reading any novel from this author. Good wishes to the author.  Reader signout. Please send this message to the author.

5 Months, 3 Weeks ago

i really love this novel but the update is really long

6 Months, 2 Weeks ago


7 Months, 14 Hours ago

@Tsend start at 170 or higher

7 Months, 18 Hours ago

Can someone tell me which chapter of light novel is manhua’s chapter 198? I really want to read it. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

7 Months, 1 Week ago

They update every month or so, meanwhile there are light novels releasing twice a day, with more story filled chapters.

7 Months, 1 Week ago

i think before the story of this novel is finish the life of this author is end first

9 Months, 1 Week ago

updates is so slow and so late.. please even if you can’t update every day, try every week…. the suspense and waiting is too much, not good for the readers.. when the waiting is too much people starts losing interest and it will be a shame because this is a wonderful story.

1 Year, 1 Month ago

One of my favorites so pls update

1 Year, 3 Months ago

Please update, everyday i looks at it and hopes that itll be updated, but what a sighhhh

1 Year, 4 Months ago

I was hooked and finished all chapters for 3 days! I hope the author updates more and won’t drop the series.

1 Year, 5 Months ago

More chapters please

1 Year, 7 Months ago

I wish the author wrote chapters more frequently because now the readers only get 12 chapters a year. We are all wanting more chapters please give us more chapters.

2 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Amazing novel, love reading it. Definitely one of my favorites.

2 Years, 3 Months ago

at A.B. CANT TRANSLATE WHAT DOES NOT EXIST, they cant translate what the author has not written, the author is currently writing 4 other series and he is releasing 1 chapter per week on whatever series he feels like writing for, if you like his writing I recommend if you have not already read Cult of the Sacred Runes which he is also currently writing.

2 Years, 3 Months ago

You do understand that any comments you have about translation speed are pointless? All this site does is copy content from where it is originally translated. Check Novel Updates to find out where you should REALLY be reading it before you whinge!

2 Years, 4 Months ago

Come on when people actually like the series don’t you usually keep on translating.

2 Years, 4 Months ago

Mad Snail basically abandoned the series for the new one he’s writing…..He’s done this before

2 Years, 4 Months ago

I’m caught up like in the past I was with many different mangas now…. From now on I will just start reading complete novels!

2 Years, 4 Months ago

the translations have caught up with the raw. the raw’s are only being released once a month

2 Years, 5 Months ago

Why is the transition so slow only one chapter a month or two why

2 Years, 5 Months ago

When update new chapter?

2 Years, 5 Months ago

Thank you for the new chapters : )

2 Years, 5 Months ago

guys be patient with the translator Mrs. or Mr. Snail was their name i think? they’re having some family issues, and their baby is keeping them busy so be patient with them cause they are trying hard to get new chapters out to us. and this will not be discontinued as some heard it might, that was for the manga they are releasing and thinking of discontinuing it. not the light novel so dont worry we’ll keep the silly obstructive Nie Li and bunch in the web novel series if they discontinue the manga that is being made. hope that helps everyone out and gives you some understanding on why the chapters may be delayed at times or about the rumors concerning Tales of Demons and Gods.

2 Years, 5 Months ago

I can’t wait for the next chapter. Please update this novel before the manga

2 Years, 6 Months ago

The author is also the artist for the Manga and he want’s to focus on that for right now. He should switch focus over to the novel at the end of the year. See this as a chance to check out some new novels for now :D

2 Years, 6 Months ago

Update please…. Please… Please..

2 Years, 6 Months ago

What Happened? Why is there no update. Please, update.

2 Years, 7 Months ago

wait about 23-30 days before new chapter. couse as i have said before translator and author is on the same chapter right now and author is only doing a once in a month release ono this novel (atleast that the latest info i got about it). so calm down and read some more novels while you wait.

2 Years, 7 Months ago

Please update more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Years, 7 Months ago

when to update forward right beats me

2 Years, 7 Months ago

Please more update!!!

2 Years, 7 Months ago

the author release about one chapter every month and he released chapter 445 this week if i remember correctly. So to those that want to read more of this novel i welcome you to the waiting club.

2 Years, 7 Months ago

NEED MORE ChAPTER….........btw Thank you For you hard work :D

2 Years, 7 Months ago

Please more update!!!

2 Years, 8 Months ago

Hoping for more chapters tp be released.. Hehehe.. Keep up yhe good work!!! It’s much faster than the manga translations.. Hopefully that the translation helpers with numbers to be filled out at the bottom of each chaper.. Always looking forward for more work well done!!

2 Years, 8 Months ago

@Kaine, Currently the updates are about 6 chapters a week, sometimes a bit less.  Mon-Sat.

2 Years, 8 Months ago

how often does this story update?

2 Years, 8 Months ago

Love love love this novel story, amazing adventure and so mysterious story, many thanks to authors and translator

2 Years, 8 Months ago

@Jenny One of the best ones I’ve ever read was “mahou mushoku tensei” It’s comedy, romance, action and some slight bitter Situations. Its comedy is charmingly gold, its action/battles are realistic and well thought out, but the most memorable thing to me was that the author created a plot that even though it isn’t meant to be a huge romance base plot like let’s say ‘twilight series’, I’d even go as far to say his portrayal of different love between races in in this world is more beautiful and charming then twilight ever could be. And yes I have read the series multiple times. Well I won’t spoil the bittersweet situational stuff with spoiler. The closest feeling I got from this work, is the tight feeling you get in your chest when you become attached to characters And watch them grow. I’d say this work is very nearly as good as eragon ‘I inheritance series’. And in the romance part arguably better. Just that the world was so expansive the author didn’t get to introduce everything in the world like how Paulini was allowed to do.

2 Years, 8 Months ago

Does anyone have any light novel suggestions? Something worth reading with a bit of romance and comedy? :)

2 Years, 10 Months ago

I m joyfully while i m reading this Tales of Demons and Gods and so, i felt i could’t wait to read its ends. I hope I can read to the end of story. Many thaks to the Great Author and the Great Translator.

2 Years, 11 Months ago

Author basically hit a brick wall for chapter releases, hes slowed down to one a month.  Also working on another series.  Hope author does not end up dropping this series without completing it.

2 Years, 11 Months ago

Anyone else noticed the new function on the end of the chapters? The visit the translation website thingy. I have to say well done. Although i still prefer this lag and advertisment free website it’s not so bad visiting the translator site every once in a while.

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