Tales of Demons and Gods - Chapter 468

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Chapter 468: Ingenious Ploy

"Supreme Lord, by being alone in the Heavenly Note Sect, you will be in danger . You have to be careful . " Phoenix Feather gave Nie Li a glance as she said gently and softly, her eyes appearing to have infinite charm .

Phoenix Feather was a peerless beauty . Her gentle mannerisms were even more alluring, enough to make Nie Li's heart stir .

"Elder Phoenix Feather, don't worry . Those people in the Heavenly Note Sect can't do anything about me . With my strength, I am free to come and go as I wish," said Nie Li confidently .

"Supreme Lord, you are indeed brilliant and stately . " Phoenix Feather's charming voice reached Nie Li's ear, making him feel like his heartstrings were being tugged at as his heart seemed to enter a tumultuous storm .

Nie Li suddenly jolted as he realized something was amiss . Phoenix Feather was indeed not that easily fooled . She had thought of using her charming arts to probe the truth out of him .

He had nearly fallen for her ploy!

"Elder Phoenix Feather, I am flattered," said Nie Li with a loud laugh as though he was intoxicated . "Although my reincarnated self's strength is inferior to what it was in the past, I'm adept in the Art of Charming Hallucination . Once I cast it, the Heavenly Note Sect's few Martial Ancestor Realm experts can forget about stopping me . "

Upon seeing Nie Li's flushed face, the charming look in Phoenix Feather's eyes turned more vibrant . She said blushingly, "Supreme Lord, what is the Art of Charming Hallucination? I have never heard of it before . "

"Elder Phoenix Feather, you have never heard of the Art of Charming Hallucination? Has Yue'er not mentioned it to you before?" Nie Li asked, appearing perplexed . He stuttered as his breathing turned slightly heavy .

"Yue'er?" Phoenix Feather was taken aback for a moment before coming to realize that Nie Li was referring to her sect master, Mu Yue . She never expected Nie Li to address her sect master so intimately in private . "I have never heard any mention of this Art of Charming Hallucination from sect master!"

"It's no wonder . This art stems from the ancestral grounds . It is one of the top ten mystic arts that are not to be easily imparted," said Nie Li .

"Ah! So it stems from the ancestral grounds!" Phoenix Feather said, feeling enlightened . "It's no wonder I have never heard any mention of it from sect master mention . Regarding the ancestral ground, did Supreme Lord also…"

"News of this shall not be spread!" Nie Li hurriedly gestured for Phoenix Feather to stop talking .

"Yes, I understand," answered Phoenix Feather immediately . The charming look in her eyes gradually dissipated .

Nie Li looked as though he had snapped out of his reverie before giving Phoenix Feather a glance . He said in a deep voice, "Elder Phoenix Feather, I order you to immediately return to the Demon God's Sect . Protect it until sect master comes out of closed-door training . She is currently at a critical stage, so you must be wary of anyone who attacks the Demon God's Sect's to take advantage of its moment of weakness . "

"Yes, Supreme Lord," answered Phoenix Feather immediately .

"Leave the six Divine Sects to me . Once sect master is out, we shall wipe them all out in one fell swoop!" said Nie Li solemnly .

"Yes . " Just as Phoenix Feather was about to bid him farewell, she suddenly recalled something and halted in her footsteps . "It was a coincidence for me to meet you today, Supreme Lord . If there is anyone from the Demon God's Sect who doesn't recognize you and accidentally hurts you, it would be too late for regrets . I have here a token . Keep it well, Supreme Lord . With this token in hand, no one from the Demon God's Sect will dare injure you!"

Phoenix Feather gestured with her right hand as a golden token appeared in it . On it wrote three ancient-looking words—Demon God's Sect . Furthermore, it was filled with all sorts of mysterious runes . She reverently raised the token up and handed it over to Nie Li .

"My identity is a secret that must not be made known to others . " Nie Li appeared to be placed in a spot .

"Supreme Lord, you just need to keep this token well, using it only when absolutely necessary . " Phoenix Feather looked at Nie Li and said earnestly, "Supreme Lord, please accept it . "

"In that case…" Nie Li pondered for a moment before saying, "I'll accept it then! I'll just not meet the rest . The fewer people know of my identity, the better!"

"Yes, Supreme Lord . I understand," Phoenix Feather said with a nod .

"Go back then . I'll be returning to the Heavenly Note Sect," said Nie Li as he looked at Phoenix Feather . After bidding her farewell, he transformed into a stream of light and vanished with a whoosh .

Phoenix Feather hesitated for a moment as she saw the direction in which Nie Li disappeared to . Finally, she turned around and flew off .

Xu Hu and Xu Long had waited all day before seeing Elder Phoenix Feather return . They hurriedly rushed forward to receive her .

"Xu Hu, Xu Long, pass my order . All Demon God's Sect disciples are to retreat and return to the Demon God's Sect with me!" Elder Phoenix Feather bellowed in a deep voice .

"Elder Phoenix Feather, you can't do that . We have yet to figure out the reason for the Heavenly Note Sect experts' increase in strength . How can we return so simply?" Xu Long said anxiously .

"That's right . How can we spare those bitches of the Heavenly Note Sect?" Xu Hu immediately felt displeased .

"Do you dare disobey my orders?" Phoenix Feather frowned and harrumphed .

"We don't . Us brothers naturally view you as our leader, Elder Phoenix Feather!" Xu Long said immediately as he quickly signaled to Xu Hu with his eyes .

"Since Elder Phoenix Feather is saying so, us brothers shall retreat," said Xu Hu, feeling a little depressed .

Xu Long found the matter odd . Phoenix Feather's sudden order for a retreat had likely to do with Nie Li . It was unknown what their conversation was about . However, Phoenix Feather was the sect master's closet aide . He did not dare cross her .

With a series of whooshing sounds, beams of light rose up from the Heavenly Note Sect's extended mountain range before vanishing .

At that moment, Nie Li was standing on top of a tree's crown while looking into the distance . A smile suffused the corners of his mouth .

With Phoenix Feather and company's strength, it was not so easy for them to wipe out the Heavenly Note Sect . After all, the Heavenly Note Sect had gone to great pains to operate for millennia . Their deep heritage was not something so easily perturbed . However, it was still possible for Phoenix Feather and company to strike a severe blow on the Heavenly Note Sect .

If a huge war ensued, the present Heavenly Note Sect would definitely suffer severe losses in strength . It was not something Nie Li wished to happen . After all, the six orthodox Divine Sects were all in the same boat .

Nie Li's present strategy was to make Phoenix Feather and company leave, buying more time for the six orthodox Divine Sects .

With the Sacred Elixirs' potency, buying another half a year's time would definitely increase the six Divine Sects strength greatly . By then, they would have greater confidence when dealing with the Demon God's Sect .

Nie Li could not help but think, "Once Mu Yue comes out of closed-door training, Phoenix Feather will mention all the things I said to that woman . I wonder what her reaction would be . " Just repulsing such an arrogant woman was quite an elating matter .

After all, she was his opponent in his previous incarnation!

He wondered when Mu Yue would come out of her closed-door cultivation, wishing that it was at least half a year later . For experts at Mu Yue's level, it was common for them to enter closed-door cultivation for a few years . He wished that this matter could be delayed as much as possible . At his present strength, it was still extremely difficult to deal with Mu Yue .

This was something headache-inducing!

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