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Tales of Demons and Gods - Chapter 479

Published at 7th of July 2019 11:10:17 PM

Chapter 479

Chapter 479: Medicinal Liquid

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Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios


Demon Lord's gaze landed on Nie Li as a strange glint flashed in his eyes . He took a sip of his tea, appearing completely unperturbed .

Nie Li could sense a terrifying aura from him, and he felt that if they really came to blows, he wasn't necessarily Demon Lord's match .

Upon seeing Demon Lord, Ye Ziyun could hardly repress the hatred in her heart . She yearned to charge forward, but was stopped by Nie Li in a timely manner .

"I never expected your cultivation to improve so significantly after this period of time," Nie Li said coldly . The vendetta over Ye Zong's death was absolutely irreconcilable .

"The Draconic Ruins Realm is indeed filled with experts and the various cultivation techniques here are innumerable . To cultivate to a top expert isn't something difficult," Demon Lord said with a faint smile . "Compared to Tiny World, they are two completely different domains . "

"You cultivate in the Soul Consumption Divine Skill," Nie Li's eyes narrowed into a glare at Demon Lord as he said .

"That's right . I never expected you to notice," Demon Lord said naturally after the teacup in his hand paused slightly .

"Although the Soul Consumption Divine Skill can raise one's cultivation in a short period of time by consuming the souls of demon beasts, allowing it to reach an astonishing stage, it's a treacherous skill . Any slight mistake would lead to a backlash, causing you to explode to your death," Nie Li said with a sneer . "The higher you raise your cultivation level, the more dangerous it becomes . I do wish to see how far you can cultivate this Soul Consumption Divine Skill of yours . "

"I never expected you to know that much . What a pity," Demon Lord said with a sigh .

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"Why so?" A cold glint flashed in Nie Li's eyes .

"It's a pity that you are a foe and not an ally . If you help me, with the two of us, how difficult would it be for us to control the Draconic Ruins Realm?" Demon Lord said with a laugh .

Upon hearing Demon Lord's words, many people in the hall revealed looks of displeasure .

"Who is he?"

"To think he said something like that . How arrogant . "

Everyone clearly appeared irritated .

Nie Li smiled faintly and said, "There is little common ground between two people when they share different principles . Besides, there's an irreconcilable grudge between you and me . "

"Are you talking about Ye Zong?" Demon Lord laughed . "Does a person from Tiny World deserve such attention from you?"

"He is my greatest kin," Nie Li said coldly .

"Then it's truly a pity . I do not wish to be your foe; at least, not now . In fact, we have a common enemy . Perhaps we can work together . " Demon Lord's eyes flashed a mysterious glimmer .

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"Common enemy? I would like to know who . " Nie Li scoffed .

Demon Lord stared at Nie Li and after a long period of time, he said slowly, "Sage Emperor . "

Upon hearing Demon Lord, Nie Li's body stiffened up slightly . He, too, stared at Demon Lord for an extended period of time . Nie Li was puzzled inwardly . How did Demon Lord know of Sage Emperor? Although Sage Emperor was attempting to refine the entire Draconic Ruins Realm, no one inside knew of it .

It was because people at their level had no means of knowing that .

For millions of years, anyone whose cultivation level exceeded that of the Martial Ancestor Realm would die for some baffling reason . No one knew how these experts die, but Nie Li knew that they were killed by the Deity-servants under Sage Emperor .

Back then, after Nie Li broke through the Martial Ancestor Realm, he had hidden in the Temporal Demon Spirit Book for centuries, allowing him to escape unscathed .

But later, he still had to face Sage Emperor in a battle to the death .

Seemingly very pleased with Nie Li's reaction, Demon Lord smiled faintly as he leisurely took another sip of his tea .

When the surrounding crowd heard their conversation, they could not help but feel puzzled as they broke into a discussion .

"Who's Sage Emperor?"

"I've never heard of him . "

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"Neither have I . " They were all trying to guess who it was that could make two super geniuses of a generation—Nie Li and Demon Lord—take to heart .

"How would I know that you aren't one of his underlings?" Nie Li tightly clenched a teacup beside him .

"If I were his underling, you would already be dead," Demon Lord said with a smile .

Nie Li held the teacup, but slowly lowered it after a long while .

"I can choose not to make things difficult for you, but you killed my father-in-law, so it's impossible for us to cooperate . " Nie Li looked up and shot a glance at Demon Lord . "I was still wondering how your cultivation level rose so quickly moments ago . Only now do I realize that you must be the reincarnated Spiritual God from ancient times . "

"It's not difficult to guess that . I've just awoken in the past month or so," Demon Lord looked up at Nie Li and said . "I believe you know how powerful Sage Emperor is as well . By joining forces with me, we might not even have a 1% chance of victory . Fighting alone will only lead to a quicker death . "

"Not necessary . I don't think you can provide me with any help," Nie Li said in a very cold manner .

"From the looks of it, you still hold a grudge over Ye Zong's death . " Demon Lord laughed as he moved his right hand, producing a porcelain bottle . He placed it on the table and said, "This is for you . Although we might not be able to cooperate, at the very least, we can forgive and forget . "

Nie Li glanced at Demon Lord, unconvinced . He picked up the bottle and took a slight sniff . A gladdening fragrance emitted from it .

"Spring of Life!" Nie Li's eyes widened as he wore a look of disbelief .

"That's right . The Spring of Life at the ends of the universe . I believe you know how it can be used . " Demon Lord looked at Nie Li . "At the very least, this thing should be able to prove my sincerity . "

Without waiting for Demon Lord to say another word, Nie Li put away the Spring of Life .

"Thank you . Although it's not obvious that we can cooperate, our grudge is wiped clean by you giving me this," Nie Li said with a nod . With the Spring of Life, together with Nie Li's storage of Ye Zong's soul, he could use a secret art to revive Ye Zong!

If Ye Zong could be revived, then his grudge with Demon Lord naturally didn't exist .

"By giving me the Spring of Life, I doubt it's as simple as you trying to bury the hatchet, right?" Nie Li looked at Demon Lord, his sharp gaze seemingly penetrating Demon Lord .

"That's right . Apart from burying the hatchet, I would like some things from you," Demon Lord said with a nod .

"What things?" Nie Li asked .

"The Divine Phaseless Fruit's medicinal liquid, regardless of the amount," Demon Lord looked at Nie Li intently as he said .

"How do you know that I have it?" Nie Li asked .

"The Sacred Elixirs you handed out are likely concocted from the medicinal liquid of the Divine Phaseless Fruit . However, those so-called Sacred Elixirs are too low in concentration and are useless to me . I want the purest medicinal liquid," Demon Lord said .

"And how do you know I'll give it to you?" Nie Li said as he glared at Demon Lord .

"Since you can produce so many Sacred Elixirs, you definitely have one Divine Phaseless Fruit in hand . Giving me some of the medicinal liquid would not result in any losses on your part . " Demon Lord looked at Nie Li as he slightly squinted his eyes and said, "Of course, you can choose not to give me . However, you wouldn't wish to have an additional enemy, right?"

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