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Chapter 162: Space Channel

  The warship fell into the sea, creating a large wave of water. The people on the deck were swept by the tumbling waves and fell into the sea.

  The soldiers on the warship are all experts in swimming. However, their expertise couldn’t save them at this moment.

  An undercurrent was created due to the sinking of the warship, all the soldiers were involved in it. Some people fainted immediately after colliding with water.

  In short, the warship and its crew suffered a heavy loss.

  However, Fang Yun didn’t care about these things at all. After doing the deed, he sank underwater, then disappeared into the distance.

  ”Hmph! This is the result of provoking me.”

  Fang Yun snorted in his heart. He actually felt amused at these guys’ thoughts. Their self-control is really pitiful. Maybe it’s their excessive self-confidence? Anyway, anyone provoking him will not end well.

  He is already quite powerful. Although there is still a lot of weapons that can threaten him, with his defense, speed, and protection of the ocean. His safety is guaranteed.

  However, he is still very upset.

  In fact, he just wanted to live his python life quietly, eating enough prey every day, having fun, growing up, then looking for ways back to his original universe.

  Unfortunately, even if he doesn’t provoke anyone, someone will eventually provoke him.

  He doesn’t really like attacking others, especially if he can’t eat them, but he will immediately retaliate if someone attacks him. This mentality might be a little childish and stupid, but he absolutely won’t budge on this.

  ”I have to quickly become stronger. To the point where others will immediately become intimidated after seeing me, without having the courage to attack.”

  This is Fang Yun’s goal, but to what extent does he need to grow to achieve it?

  One hundred meters?

  One kilometer?

  Or, as big as the Himalayas?

  However, it will take him a long time to reach that point.

  The bio-energy needed for him to reach that level is insane.

  Thinking of this, Fang Yun became a little emotional.

  He suddenly thought that he still has no clue on how to return to his previous universe. Going on like this, who knows how many years will it take him to go back.

  Slightly frustrated, Fang Yun swam forward at his maximum speed (without activating ‘Shadow Wind’)

  Finally reaching the place where the Alien civilization is in. He swam downwards.

  He knew that there is an Alien civilization remain hidden at the depth of the sea.

  The surrounding seawater became increasingly gloomy until it was completely dark. After a while, a bright light appeared in front of him.

  ”Finally arrived.”

  Fang Yun was quite happy. He swam straight towards the bright place.

  Not long after, a lot of buildings on a flat land appeared in front of him.

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  Pyramids and sphinxes.

  Reaching this place, his mood calmed down inexplicably.

  Flicking his tail slightly, he swam towards the area 100 meters above the biggest sphinx. Just as he wanted to move forward.

  From the eyes of that sphinx, a white laser suddenly burst up, stopping not far away from him and forming a circular light curtail with a diameter of more than 30 meters.

  Not long after, under Fang Yun’s astonished eyes, a huge creature swam out of that light curtain.

  This giant creature is very similar to a whale.

  It looks very similar to a sperm whale, with a huge head, but its teeth are much more terrifying than toothed whales.

  Its mouth is also larger. After sticking its head out from the circular light curtain, it opened its mouth, exposing its terrifying large teeth.

  Its huge body twisted madly, struggling to get out of that light curtain.

  Fang Yun hid in the darkness not far away and watched all of this quietly.

  ”Melville whale? This whale is the one that is said to be equal to megalodon?”

  After hearing the system’s prompt, Fang Yun was very surprised. According to the information received from the system, this whale is not a mutant.

  However, it’s worth 40,000 bio-energy points, which is very astonishing. Especially considering the fact that it’s not much different from a sperm whale in terms of size.

  ”The previous mutant lanternfish and mutant megalodon all drilled out of this circular light curtain.”

  Fang Yun suddenly realized.

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  This must be the case.

  This also explains why the humans in this world haven’t found the traces of these two monsters before.

  Perhaps they emerged not long ago from this light curtain.

  In fact, it wouldn’t be appropriate to call it a light curtain, perhaps a space channel or a wormhole is more suitable for it.

  However, how did this space channel form?

  Is it really the masterpiece of aliens?

  While Fang Yun fell into deep philosophical thoughts, the Melville whale finally got out of the space channel. Unfortunately, it hadn’t had the time to get happy, a huge shadow was hanging above its head.

  This Melville whale is very big, about 20 meters long. However, it’s still a lot worse compared with Fang Yun.

  He is currently 42 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, his look is especially intimidating.

  The moment the Melville whale saw the giant python above it, it instantly sprang away.

  However, this Melville whale is not only smaller than Fang Yun. It’s also much slower. A few seconds later, Fang Yun was already coiled on the Melville whale.

  Exerting his huge muscle power, Fang Yun crushed the Melville whale bones. After killing it, it didn’t take long for Fang Yun to swallow it.

  ”Behind that wormhole, are there many ancient creatures?”

  Fang Yun looked at the light curtain with a pensive look.

  Going by the current situation, behind this space channel is another world. This world has many ancient creatures that appeared previously on earth.

  There are even mutated creatures.

  ”If I could get into that world, then I wouldn’t have to worry about prey problems anymore.”

  Fang Yun pondered for a while. Since the Melville whale and the other monsters could cross that space channel, can he also cross it to the other world?

  Fang Yun approached the sphinx. No accidents, laser come out again from its eyes, forming a circular light curtain in front of him.

  Images started flashing in the circular light curtain.

  The first thing that appeared on the light curtain is the vast ocean. As the camera slowly zoomed in, a black dot appeared.

  The camera continued zooming in, showing the black dot’s true appearance. It’s a gigantic island.

  ”It’s really very big.”

  The scene he is currently seeing is just a corner of that island. That island is very big, almost the size of a small continent.

  On the light curtain, there was the image of an endless forest. The trees in this forest started trembling. After a while, a giant head appeared on the light curtain.

  After seeing that head, Fang Yun’s pupils suddenly shrank.

  The giant creature took a few other steps, completely showing its body on the light curtain.

  It has four limbs, but its forelimbs are relatively short. It walks on the ground with its thick hind legs, a long and stout tail behind it. It stood upright with its mouth wide open, looking very domineering and majestic.

  ”Is that … a dinosaur? T-Rex?”

  Fang Yun looked at that T-Rex with astonishment. Who would have thought that a creature that was extinct dozens of millions of years ago would still be alive, but thinking of the megalodon and the Melville whale, Fang Yun felt that dinosaurs’ existence isn’t that unreasonable?
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