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Chapter 163: The Beginning of the Invasion
After adjusting his mood, Fang Yun examined this dinosaur. The hip of this dinosaur is 4m high, with a large jaw and an intimidating face.

  ”So this is what a T-rex truly looks like?”

  Fang Yun immediately recognized the identity of this dinosaur. Mainly because its features are too obvious. He had seen no less than 3 movies about it.

  ”The Tyrannosaurus Rex seems to be one of the most powerful predators in history.”

  Fang Yun remembered this dinosaur’s information. He remembered that this guy is one of the top-tier creatures that ever existed.

  This kind of dinosaur is very scary and cruel, but Fang Yun doesn’t really care. His look is even more terrifying, and his body is twice as long as this guy.

  In addition, He has various skills that multiplay his combat power by dozens of times.

  ”I wonder how much bio-energy this t-rex is worth;”

  Maybe because he didn’t directly meet with this t-rex, he didn’t get any system prompt about this guy information. He guessed that this guy can provide him with tens of thousands of bio-energy points.

  Since there is a t-rex on this island, then other dinosaurs should definitely be there. Otherwise, only small animals aren’t enough to sustain this guy’s survival and growth.

  Thinking of this, Fang Yun became very excited.

  He couldn’t wait to get into the space channel and eat the creatures there.

  However, just as he was ready to act. A huge creature appeared behind the t-rex then attacked it.


  The t-rex let out a loud roar. Of course, Fang Yun didn’t hear it. He just saw that the t-rex opened his mouth and assumed that he was roaring.

  He watched as that t-rex struggled madly, trying to escape. Unfortunately, it couldn’t even budge under the weight of the monster that attacked it.

  Then, the giant monster opened its chill-inducing mouth and bit the t-rex neck.

  After killing the t-rex, the monster roared loudly, then started feasting on the t-rex flesh.

  The t-rex is a hegemon that was rampant during the Cretaceous era, but in front of that monster, it couldn’t even escape.

  ”What kind of monster is this.”

  Fang Yun looked at the monster that was feasting on the t-rex flesh and was shocked. This giant beast looks like something straight out from a sci-fi alien movie.

  It looks like a giant lobster, but it’s definitely not a mutant lobster. It just looks similar.

  For example, this Kaiju has four limbs, and its forelimbs are not pincers, but a pair of thick claws. Going by the look of its body, it should be able to walk on its feet.

  It has thick armor, but it’s definitely not a carapace.

  This Kaiju has an astonishing height of 50 meters, but it’s very agile. The t-rex wasn’t able to detect its presence before being attacked.

  Not long after killing that t-rex, that monster has almost finished eating it.

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  After showing this scene, the camera continued moving on the island showing various extremely shocking scenes.

  There are many huge and ancient creatures there, dinosaurs, mammoths, and some big bugs of the cretaceous era. Various majestic and shocking creatures.

  However, these ancient animals and dinosaurs are just the creatures at the bottom of the food chain there. They are just these Kaiju’s food.

  In addition to the Kaiju that has a similar look to a lobster, Fang Yun also saw more than 20 different types of Kaijus.

  Each one has at least a height of 50 meters. The lobster-like Kaiju he saw at the beginning is one of the weakest ones on the island.

  Fang Yun even saw a horrifying Kaiju that is more than 200 meters long. He watched as it grabbed an Argentinosaurus and ate it like a pizza. The largest dinosaur ever was eaten by it in just two bites.

  The Argentinosaurus is known as the biggest dinosaur that was ever recorded. Its weight can even reach 100 tons and it has generally a length of 30 meters. Just its steps can shake the earth. Even the t-rex didn’t dare to provoke it.

  However, such a creature was eaten by that Kaiju like a tomato. It’s totally inconceivable.

  When Fang Yun saw that scene, he was frightened.

  He has a hunch that if he were to encounter that Kaiju in his current form. Even his defense won’t save him from it, he can only escape. In fact, even escaping would be very hard in front of it.

  If that 200-meter high Kaiju has frightened Fang Yun.

  Then the creature he saw next has caused him to be extremely horrified. He hasn’t felt this fearful and helpless since he was a 10-cm long snake.

  A monster resembling a spider, with a body bigger than mountains had tissues resembling umbilical cords extending from its belly. The other end of these tissues is egg-like things. They look like embryos, with transparent creatures inside of them?

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  That spider-like monster is absolutely frightening. Fang Yun can’t even conceive how big it is. The forest looks like small grass in front of it. The mountains look like small earth bump next to it. It has to be dozens of kilometers long and wide, just like a walking island.

  ”This world is over.”

  After seeing that monster, all that was left in Fang Yun’s mind is this idea.

  Obviously, this is a space channel connecting the blue planet and that world. This monster can come at any time, and once they come, Fang Yun doesn’t believe that this world’s humans can stop them.

  ”What should I do now?”

  Fang Yun had originally planned to go to that world through this space channel, but now he is really unsure if he should do so.

  He didn’t see the whole island, just a few small places. Who knows if there are even more terrifying monsters hidden there?

  More importantly, that island is just a small dot in the endless sea. Who knows if there are even more monsters in the sea. With his current size and power, he is just a small fry there. A small fry that can be killed anytime.

  After thinking for a while, he decided to abandon his previous plan. He decided on another strategy. That is to wait in front of the space channel, wait for these giant creatures to walk of the space channel then attack them. He can also escape if a monster that he can’t deal with emerges from that space channel.

  Usually, when there is no creature coming out of the space channel, he can go to the nearby area and search for regular prey.

  Deciding on this, he laid down on the ground not far away from the space channel and waited for the creatures over there to come out.

  The subsequent development showed that this plan is feasible.

  Seven days later, Fang Yun watched as another creature struggled to get out of the space channel. This is a normal megalodon. He naturally attacked and ate it.

  Every few days after that, a giant will get out of the space channel. Including normal ancient creatures and mutated monsters.

  He also discovered that these creatures are more and more frequently getting out of the space channel. The interval between each creature coming out is becoming smaller and smaller.

  This continued for more than a month, After which Fang Yun gather enough bio-energy for his next evolution.

  Fang Yun found a desert island and started his 20th evolution.

  While Fang Yun was in the midst of his evolution, people in the human world were searching for him.

  The fact that the Giant Sea Serpent has disappeared for such a long time has caused the people looking for it to be anxious.

  Especially the ‘bald eagle’ government.

  The ‘bald eagle’ government has become more curious and eager for the giant python after knowing that it sank one of their warships.

  However, no matter where they searched, they didn’t find the Giant Sea Serpent again.

  It’s also worth mentioning that more and more people now support the statement that the Giant Sea Serpent isn’t the only sea monster. In just a month, five more shipwrecks have occurred.

  Two of these shipwrecks happened on the same day, but their location is more than 5000km apart.

  Unfortunately, no other sea monster than the Giant Sea Serpent was ever seen.

  While the world was in turmoil, another shipwreck happened. However, this shipwreck has shocked the entire world. The second sea monster was finally found.
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