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Published at 19th of October 2020 06:42:38 PM

Chapter 214: The Divine Snake
The human civilization is still under the attack of the kaiju, and their number is constantly increasing.

  The current situation of humans is very bad. Countries are constantly shrinking their defenses as more and more kaiju are joining the war. All coastal cities have been abandoned, becoming a human restricted area.

  Furthermore, many countries have been destroyed, or have become Anarchies. Others were on the verge of doing so, such as the African countries, South American countries, and Australian countries.

  Among them, Africa and Australia are in the worst condition.

  Needless to say, in Africa, there are a lot of small countries with poor military strength and discipline. Sometimes just a few level 2 or 3 kaiju is enough to destroy one of them.

  That’s without mentioning that Africa is the closest continent to the Grass sea, so the number of kaiju that boarded it is the largest.

  As for Australia, this continent has too few countries and populations but has a huge land, resulting in a situation where there are too many kaiju boarding it, but very few humans to defend.

  In addition, Australia’s military strength isn’t very good. it mainly depends on the support of its Western allies. But in this era, where everyone is struggling in the face of countless disasters, who has the power to support other countries?

  So the people in Australia became unfortunate victims.

  The people on the Blue Planet are frantically looking for a way to deal with the level 5 kaiju without having to use nuclear bombs. This is an urgent matter.

  Nuclear radiation is getting more and more serious, and the highly toxic gases left after a level 5 kaiju get injured or killed are seriously endangering human health.

  Some experts predict that human civilization may go extinct in just 20 years.

  They are currently facing an extinction crisis.

  Mutated creatures, kaiju, nuclear radiation, air pollution, adding to that the energy crisis caused by the Oil/Gas that have appeared lately. The crisis that humans are facing has seriously gone over the chart.

  The most important thing is that the black hand behind the scenes has not yet appeared. The moment the people/aliens that caused this disaster truly comes to this world, it might be the moment when the human civilization is truly destroyed.

  However, humans are still struggling, they will never give up.

  They began to study a variety of new weapons, amongst which the “Monster Weapon” program initiated by the ‘Bald Eagle’ is the most popular.

  If they can create a controllable level 5 kaiju, supplemented with various thermal weapons, they may be able to reverse the war.

  They might even be able to strengthen that kaiju by their genes research and create the most powerful kaiju, level 6!

  They will use the kaiju to destroy the kaiju!

  However, some people objected to this plan. They feel that the Kaiju will not become a knife in the hands of humans, but a dagger that will stab them in the back.

  The aliens or the thing that created the kaiju may have the corresponding technology to guard against this. Perhaps, they have planted an anti-control switch in the genes of the kaiju.

  The moment they trigger that switch, the kaiju that were guarding humans previously will immediately turn against them.

  Although the number of people holding such an opinion is very high. The major countries still continued their research regardless.

  Many countries were conducting this type of research, such as ‘Panda country’, ‘Polar Bear’ country, ‘Sakura country’ and so on.

  However, the ‘Bald Eagle’ has the most mature technology.

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  They had experimentally proven that the last pair of chromosomes in the Kaiju is what makes them so aggressive to humans.

  Furthermore, they announced not long ago that they have almost deciphered all the genes of kaiju.

  The ‘Panda country’ is also advancing in their research about kaiju. However, that wasn’t their only way, they are also analyzing the flesh and blood of the giant serpent.

  They put the flesh pieces salvaged from the seawater into the research room, and thorough research, they found that the tissue cells in those flesh pieces are particularly strong and stable.

  Even after such a long time, the are still alive! The cells inside are still dividing!

  Related research experts exposed the giant serpent cells to various rays, including nuclear radiation and toxic gas, and found that these cells died relatively slowly, moreover they usually divide before they die.

  In addition, the process of splitting is particularly stable without any distortion.

  ”Not only that, but its immune cells are also particularly powerful.”

  Some researchers put some pieces of flesh into a special container, then added some virus cells to the same container. After checking on them a few minutes later, the virus cells have completely disappeared.

  They have also discovered that these cells can engulf aberrant cells, even cancerous cells.

  ”It would be nice if there were more pieces of meat.”

  The researchers sighed deeply. Unfortunately, too little meat pieces were brought back, so it’s too difficult for them to do further research.

  However, just these discoveries are shocking enough.

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  As long as the secrets of the giant serpent’s immune cells can be analyzed and applied to the pharmaceutical industry, humans won’t need to worry about any kind of disease or viruses.

  Even incurable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, would be easily solved.

  These cells can even increase humans resistance against nuclear radiation, poison/venom, and even the environment itself, (Cold/Heat)

  Fang Yun is now wandering along the coast of the African continent, hunting Kaiju and mutant/ancient creatures. With a large number of kaiju lately, he can eat one every two or three days.

  As for the mutant and ancient creatures. He doesn’t even have to hunt for them, they will take the initiative to come to him.

  With the overabundance of prey, his bio-energy increased very quickly. He accumulated 12 million bio-energy points in just two months.

  His level has now been raised to level 26.

  He used the points he obtained this time to directly max out “Thunder Domain”.

  The maxed-out “Thunder Domain” is so powerful it’s unbelievable. After activating this skill, a circle with a range of 3 km will be formed around him, composed of pure natural thunder. He can be called now a mobile-disaster.

  With a newfound confidence in his strength, Fang Yun continued his journey of hunting monsters.


  The giant serpent’s activities on the coasts of Africa have greatly alleviated their crisis. Now, most of the African countries regard the giant serpent as a god of salvation.

  Many people carved statues of him to worship. Others made up new identities for him, saying that he is the embodiment of God, descending to the mortal world to save them.

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  Other countries also hope that the giant serpent can go to the coast of their countries, such as the ‘Panda country’, the ‘Bengal Tiger’ country, ‘Sakura country’, etc…

  The ‘Bald Eagle’ country felt a bit awkward.

  They also hope that the giant serpent can go to their coast to alleviate their situation, but they have offended it before.

  Even they can’t help but feel embarrassed at their actions.

  As time went by, half a year quickly passed.

  Fang Yun has been wandering along the coast of the African continent. No matter how people in other countries pray, he isn’t planning to leave this place.

  The food here is too rich.

  Kaiju of various levels, mutant and ancient creatures. There is countless prey here!

  However, he doesn’t attack all the kaiju he sees.

  Many times, the Kaiju appear in groups, usually led by a level 5 kaiju. Sometimes, even a group composed of level 5 kaiju will appear, which even Fang Yun has to avoid.

  Within half a year, Fang Yun noticed that most kaiju are appearing in teams. Single kaiju are getting less and less.

  Up to now, he rarely attacks kaiju, mostly focusing on mutant and ancient creatures.

  During this period, he has evolved again.

  This time his total skill points have reached 42, which he used to upgrade “Overclocking Resonance” twice. This skill is also on the verge of being maxed out.

  In addition, he finally got new skills.
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