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Chapter 276: Two “Islands”
The giant octopus found on the beach caused a sensation through ‘New Panda Country’. Many TV stations and news platforms posted information about the giant octopus on their front page.

   A lot of popular and beautiful hosts used their strong and calm voices to report the discovery of the giant octopus on TV, creating an uproar all over the country.

   This giant octopus in unprecedently huge. After measuring it, the relevant personnel found that the diameter of the octopus’s head is almost 1 kilometer.

   Its tentacles are even more terrifying, being almost 2 kilometers long. Overall, the giant octopus is exactly 2.8 kilometers long, bigger than most mountains in the world.

   In fact, just the octopus’s head fangs are terrifying. They are almost 50 meters long, which is roughly equivalent to a 16-story tall building. In front of that monster, humans are just parasites, too small to be even registered in that monster’s eyes.

   The giant monster octopus isn’t like an ordinary octopus. It has nine tentacles, which are filled with suckers. Inside the suckers are fangs, which are densely covered with petals like stamens.

   By the way, those suckers are almost as big as a basketball field, and there are dozens of such suckers in each tentacle.

   According to the judgment of the experts, this giant octopus died a few years ago, but its body has no signs of rot. In addition, regular blades and swords can’t even scratch its tentacles, even if swung by a powerful warrior.

   Even their current big guns can barely penetrate the surface of its skin, which is insignificant compared to its monstrous size.

   It can be said that this octopus alone is sufficient to exterminate their entire country and even the rest of the human civilization on the blue planet, fortunately, it’s dead.

   There was trouble with the handling of this giant octopus. It couldn’t be dragged inland. It’s just too big, their current tools and vehicles can’t drag a monster like that.

   Therefore, that beach area was simply enclosed. Apart from the relevant personnel, no one else was allowed to come close. After hearing the news about the discovery of such a monster, experts dropped everything on their hands, then went to study that giant octopus.

   The research process was very difficult. The skin of the giant octopus is too tough, their knives and even chainsaws couldn’t penetrate the skin surface.

   As a last resort, they could only drill into the body of the big octopus, extract some tissue fluids from its body, then analyze it. They can also enter from its mouth and carry the investigation from inside its body, that will be much easier.

   “This giant octopus is not a carbon-based life.”

   The expert group reached a consensus. In its tissue fluid, there isn’t any carbon element. In addition, they found some strange organs in the body of the giant octopus.

   The relevant experts aren’t sure about the use of these organs, but they have a theory. These organs might be used to store some components used in aggressive attacks. For example, acid, ink, poison, etc…

   “This giant octopus is very similar to the monsters depicted in our science fiction movies.”

   The present human civilization does have a lot of fiction, and they are mostly fantasies about the disaster age.

   Many of the current popular movies are monsters and aliens invasion movies.

   The aliens and monsters in those movies are different from humans. Unlike humans who need technological weapons to attack, these monsters can use their bodies to wrack havoc across cities.

  In fact, This octopus monster isn’t the first non-carbon-based creature they found. They actually found quite a few mutants and ancient creatures bodies, the new type that converted to silicon-based life.

  Most of these corpses rotter, leaving only bones, but there are some that still have some rotting meat.

  The flesh and blood of silicon-based life seemingly take a long time to rot.

  However, they didn’t find any special organs in these silicon-based ancient/mutant creatures.

  Actually, apart from them being a different lifeform, having a higher defense and bigger body, they aren’t that different from the native mutant creatures that they have been fighting with for so long.

  However, the giant octopus is an entirely different matter. The biggest and most powerful native mutant creature they found so far is just a bit bigger than the fang of the giant octopus. The so-called strongest monster is just a fly compared to the giant octopus.

  The discoveries inside of the giant octopus weren’t announced. However, the ‘New Panda Country’ nobles are encouraging people to look for giant monster bodies, offering sky-high rewards for just their news.

  The adventurous people began to set off in large numbers. They took a variety of boats and went deep into the sea, some looking for fortunes, and some looking for…


  What a passionate word.

  The huge octopus body is showing that the ocean has many hidden and magnificent things waiting for them to explore.

  Over the next period of time, the islands near ‘Panda Country’ have been discovered one after another, even those small countries with archipelagos as their main living area have been discovered.

  They discovered humans on these islands. Many adventures clashed with the indigenous people over there due to various differences like differences in language and appearance;

When such news circulated back to ‘New Panda Country’, the adventure heat died off a lot. Their governement sent many people over to these islands to communicate with the people over there, establishing trade routes and helping them to recreate their former civilization.

  Of course, such help isn’t free. They have many important minerals on those islands, so they were required to use them as an exchange for their help.

  About three years later, the adventure fever finally cooled down, not many people set off to the sea anymore. All of this is due to the fact that they didn’t find a single monster body of the same caliber the giant octopus in these three years.

  However, there are still some people that didn’t give up, such as Zhao Cheng and his friends.

  A year ago, Zhao Cheng and several of his childhood friends bought a relatively new boat with the money they earned from working.

  The boat isn’t big, it’s only 15 meters long, sail-powered, but it’s enough to accommodate the seven of them.

  If this was in the old or disaster age, sailing with such a small boat would be looking for death. Especially during the disaster age, such a boat wouldn’t be qualified to even touch seawater. Fortunately, the sea is relatively calm right now, even small storms are rare.

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  This should be the peace after the war.

  As long as the people on the boat don’t act stupidly, they basically won’t suffer from any harm. Especially due to the fact that each one of them is world-class athletes by old age standards.

  They have been wandering in the sea for almost a year. The boring Seaview didn’t weaken their excitement, they lived happily every day. In terms of food, they are basically hunting every day. As for vitamin problems, they have bean sprouts, pickles, tea, and special medicines.

  Water is even simpler, they have a special purifier that can purify seawater into drinkable water, so they didn’t have any problem in this voyage up till this point.

  In addition, they often encounter islands along the way. They often rest on those islands and collect fruits to supplement their vitamins, then make them into dried fruit.

  Although they didn’t see the slightest trace of a monster’s body, the seven of them weren’t discouraged at all. They mostly like this kind of unrestrained and free life.

  Along the way, they experienced many things and also saw many things that had never seen in ‘New Panda Country’ before.

  They even discovered some creatures that were considered extinct.

  It’s a giant lizard with a hip height of 5 meters, with a body length of more than ten meters. This monster’s appearance is too iconic, whether it’s the people of the disaster age or old age, most of them would have been able to recognize it at a glance.

  It’s a T-Rex.

  Fortunately, Zhao Cheng and his companions relied on their world-class athlete physical fitness to escape unharmed. Although the situation was truly dangerous, it was thrilling and full of excitement.

  ”Brother Zhao, our dried food is about to run out again.”

  Zhao Cheng is thirty years old, with a tall body and an Asian look. As for hairstyles and the like, due to their long time wandering in the ocean it’s quite long and a bit dirty.

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  Zhao Cheng distinguishing characteristic is his baby-face. Even if he is in his thirties, his baby face makes him look like a teenager.

  Besides him, a young man with a slightly thinner body reminded him. This young man is called Du Qiu

  Zhao Cheng glanced in the cabin and said.

  ”Don’t panic. We will wait for to days to look if there is an island. If we don’t find the island, we can only rely on the bean sprouts growing on the boat to pass the next few days.”

  The young man called Du Qiu nodded, then walked to the side and started drawing the corresponding route map.

  Before they set off, they also bought a map with them, but that map would no longer be needed, they are in a completely new area.

  Du Qiu is responsible for drawing their route in this new area.

  Two days later, Zhao Cheng was planning to walk back to the cabin to get some bean sprouts, but right at that moment, Du Qiu ran towards him while shouting.

  ”Brother, brother, it’s not the time for bean sprouts, there are two big islands in front of us.”

  Zhao Cheng was surprised after hearing this. He hurriedly drilled out of the cabin, then looked over to the place Du Qiu was pointing at. Two black points are visible not far ahead from them.

  Seeing this scene, Zhao Cheng was pleasantly surprised.

  Although they have bean sprouts to eat, they don’t have much of it. The fact that there are two islands in front of them caused him to be very happy.

  They can replenish supplies on the island, gather dry fruits, or even find edible plants like tea leaves.

  ”Go forward at full speed!”

  Zhao Cheng shouted with a smile on his face, waving his hands.
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