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Chapter 14

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It is evening . People finish practicing . Qin Shaofeng follows the crowd to the hot spring again . At this time, a man next to Qin Shaofeng smiles and says to him, "Crazy man, which hot spring are you going to soak in today? We're all expecting you to go to the last one . ”

Because of the abnormal performance of Qin Shaofeng in his practice and the speed of progress of Qin Shaofeng, people on the training ground call Qin Shaofeng "Crazy man", and Qin Shaofeng also accepts the nickname .

At the man's words, Qin Shaofeng smiles . Then he says to the man, "I'm going to try that hot spring, too . " After that, he walks towards the innermost hot spring . People present see Qin Shaofeng doing so, and they all start to heckle .

Heita and Big Beard are all looking at Qin Shaofeng, waiting for his performance . None of people here dare to try the last spring, but now Qin Shaofeng should try .

When he reaches the last hot spring, Qin Shaofeng takes off his clothes without hesitation and his slim and symmetrical body is exposed . Then he goes down to the bubbling hot spring . At the moment Qin Shaofeng enters the hot spring, all the people present take a breath of cool air .

Sitting not far away, Big Beard shouts at Qin Shaofeng and asks, "Are you all right, crazy boy? Be careful not to burn you . ”

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If you put down a piece of meat in this bubbling hot spring, it will definitely become well-done without much time, which Qin Shaofeng is also very clear about, but he also knows his body well, knowing that his body can withstand a period of time . Bearing the stimulus of the hot spring water, Qin Shaofeng sits down violently and soaks his whole body in .

Seven Emotions and Six Desires devour all the painful feelings . See Demon observes Qin Shaofeng's body at all times . Once Qin Shaofeng's body can't bear it, he will go out immediately . Seeing Qin Shaofeng sitting in the last hot spring, Heita could not help scolding, "What a crazy man!"

Although Heita does not say anything, he still admires Qin Shaofeng . He can reach such a degree in more than 20 days so that his can almost be equivalent to Heita’s current strength . Such achievements are absolutely a pride, and Qin Shaofeng's crazy practice also lets Heita appreciate very much . However, Heita does not admit defeat . He will not admit that until they have a competition .

In that last hot spring for a quarter of an hour, Qin Shaofeng finally couldn't hold on, and immediately comes out from that hot spring without flaunting his superiority, otherwise it may be detrimental to his body . However, the effect of 15-minute stay in the last hot spring is better than that of the previous 20 days combined, which makes Qin Shaofeng very satisfied .

"Crazy man, remember to leave us some food . Don't eat all by yourself . " Seeing Qin Shaofeng come out of the hot spring, one person who soaks in the hot spring immediately shouts, and then the others all laugh loudly .

Qin Shaofeng smiles and says to them, "I am sorry . I'm too tired to practice today . I'm very hungry, so I have to eat enough . "

At Qin Shaofeng’s words, all the people who are still soaking in the hot springs rush out, and Big Beard and Heita are no exception, because they all have seen the Qin Shaofeng's appetite . If they really let Qin Shaofeng eat freely, all of them would go hungry, so when they hear Qin Shaofeng’s words, they do not care much about soaking in hot springs to improve their physique . They all go to grab food with Qin Shaofeng .

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After dinner, Qin Shaofeng returns to his residence . He is sitting on a stone bed with legs crossed, quietly waiting for the arrival of midnight . He has lived here for more than 20 days, but he likes being here . Because life here is very simple and peaceful . But every time Qin Shaofeng thinks of Qin Shaoyang, his anger would surge in his heart so that he will practice even harder .

Holding his fist, Qin Shaofeng mutters to himself, "In fact, I have reached the ninth level of strength training . "

If someone hears Qin Shaofeng murmuring to himself, he must be frightened . Only 20 days’ practice, Qin Shaofeng has actually attained the ninth level of strength training, which is quite shocking .

However, as Qin Shaofeng says, he has reached the ninth level of strength training, and his strength has broken through the boundaries of ten thousand 5000 kilograms . Now his strength has reached 7500 kilograms .

Because of the help of demons of Seven Emotions and Six Desires, Qin Shaofeng can continuously transcend the limit of practice . In this way, the growth of strength is also very fast . Especially, Qin Shaofeng daily practices Palm of the Heavenly Devil, which helps Qin Shaofeng make progress more quickly . It not only makes Qin Shaofeng achieve the ninth level of strength training, but also helps him break through the power of 5000 kilograms .

Qin Shaofeng has laid a solid foundation for his physique in the stage of strength training, and then it is the realm of tendon training, but it is not so easy to enter this stage, because tendon training can be said to be the continuous improvement of strength training .

However, tendon training is more difficult to practice . Every tendon in the body must be practiced more tenaciously, which can not only improve strength, but greatly improve physique as well .

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Crack Whale Boxing and Palm of the Heavenly Devil still play a great role in this stage of training . Qin Shaofeng also decides to continue to practice these two martial arts . Today, when Qin Shaofeng enters the last hot spring, he also aims to break through the ninth level of strength training to reach the realm of tendon training .

Now it seems that the effect is good, because Qin Shaofeng has seen that the material in the hot spring has begun to transform the tendons of his body with the help of See Demon .

When See Demon is displayed, Qin Shaofeng sees the situation of the conscious . Over the past 20 days of practice, demons of Seven Emotions and Six Desires constantly devour all kinds of aches and pains of Qin Shaofeng's body, which makes them grow a lot and the thirteen black fogs are much thicker . But in order to make thirteen demons eventually condense, Qin Shaofeng needs to work hard for a long time . But once 13 demons are formed, the magic power Qin Shaofeng can exert will be even more powerful .

Then he checks the demonic seed in Dantian, and then he begins to practice Palm of the Heavenly Devil again . Every move of Palm of the Heavenly Devil has been fully mastered by Qin Shaofeng . The more he has mastered, the more powerful Qin Shaofeng thinks Palm of the Heavenly Devil is .

However, Qin Shaofeng is still unable to exert the greatest power of the Palm of the Heavenly Devil . Of course, Qin Shaofeng believes that he can display the power of Palm of the Heavenly Devil one day .

Ten days pass . In these ten days, Qin Shaofeng still does not show that he has reached the ninth level of strength training, and he has begun to work hard to break through tendon training . At this time, Qin Shaofeng only shows the power of 4500 kilograms, slightly stronger than Heita, and today is the day when he needs to compete with Heita .

Early in the morning, Qin Shaofeng and Heita stand in the center of the training ground . Big beard stands in the middle of the two people and looks at them . Big Beard says to them, "Haha, I've been looking forward to this competition for a long time . Heita, I don’t mean to belittle you . You see, that crazy man's strength is stronger than yours now . Also, the Crack Whale Boxing he hits is much stronger tan you do . I do not think you can win today . "

At Big Beard’s words, Heita snorts coldly, but he does not speak, just looking at the opposite Qin Shaofeng, and Qin Shaofeng also looks at the him calmly . After all, Heita is stubborn, but he is also very kind . In this period of time, Qin Shaofeng has a good feeling on Heita without hostility .

Seeing Heita, Big Beard does not talk too much . He retreats to the back, and then waves his hand, indicating that Heita and Qin Shaofeng could start . Heita immediately displays the starting style of Crack Whale Boxing . The huge strength is released from his body . The black clothes on his body can move rustling without wind . Then Angry Whale to Sea is displayed at Qin Shaofeng .

At this time, Heita’s power has increased to 4250 kilograms, and this fist’s momentum is also huge with a huge boom as if combined with the voice of wind and thunder, being about to crush Qin Shaofeng . In face of Heita’s fist, Qin Shaofeng directly displays Angry Whale to Sea as well .

But his fist is much weaker than Heita’s in momentum, because Qin Shaofeng's fist looks soft and silent, which seems that there is not so powerful at all .

When facing the fist of Qin Shaofeng, Heita feels danger immediately . The fist of Qin Shaofeng lets Heita see an image of a vast ocean in front of him, and Qin Shaofeng's fist is like a giant whale lurking under the sea .

At the moment their fists collide, Heita sees Qin Shaofeng's fist turn into an angry giant whale, opening a huge mouth towards himself .

At that moment, Heita feels his heart trembling, but he still hits his fist . When two fists hit each other, Heita feels a huge force sweeping toward him .