Tarros - Chapter 5

Published at 7th of January 2020 09:08:29 AM

Chapter 5

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Suddenly, the temperature inside the room blew up and a blazing infernal flame suddenly emerged beneath her, engulfing her entire body .

Even with the flame surrounding her, it appears it does not affect her . Kyou lowered her staff and suddenly, her staff absorbed the blazing flame . This event makes her staff glowed like a sun that emits destructive flares .

Her elegant gown fluttered and her eyes were full of viciousness . She was like a goddess of death and she's going to unleash all her power .

"Take this!" Kyou started by unleashing one of her destructive spells that can obliterate everything . Her staff released a gigantic ball of fire and it aimed directly at Holden .

Standing on the floor, Holden looked and stared at the incoming burning ball of fire with a perplexed look .

"It seems you made up your mind," Holden chuckled . "This kind of power is nothing to me!"

As he was getting ready to dodge the incoming spell, Holden felt that something was off . He looked below him found out that there was a thin fiber holding both of his feet .

" . . . . . " Holden stared at Fye far away with a serious face .

"Don't ever think that you can restrain me with this kind of trick . " Holden sneered . This was a small matter to him .

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"Diabolic Fervor!" Then, Holden released a demonic aura . It was a skill that greatly increase his overall strength to the limit . A sudden menacing dark aura appeared and enveloped his entire body .

The thin fiber holding his feet snapped unable to contain Holden's tremendous strength .

Holden instantly unsheathed his sword from his back and swung it diagonally . Then, Holden blinks his eyes and returned his sword to his back .

The way he executed it was beyond perfections . It was fast, clear, precise and full of power .

Suddenly, the ball of fire in front of him splits in half and dissolved like it never exists . Holden easily destroyed Kyou's dangerous spell like it was nothing to him . Holden was not just strong, he was too strong .

Even after all of these, Fye remained calm and undisturbed .

"Of course . That's why we will do what we can do . " Fye laughed, they knew this will happened . It was all within their plan . They knew Holden will not fall on this simple tricks, that's why they used something real . That was to used Infernal Meteor Hell as a decoy .

Fye looked up in the air and muttered, 'It's up to you now, dear sister . ' A figure of like a goddess was seen floating above .

Knowing Holden's action, Kyou was already floating in the air and recited the last sentence of her mantra spells . Different kinds of gigantic magic circles appeared above her . These magic circles contain tremendous amounts of magical power .

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You can easily guess the power of spells by looking at the magic circles . Above Kyou, magic circles that have a diameter of two miles are radiating majestic lights .

"Diabolic Malediction! Diabolic Malice! Infernal Strike! Wrath of Babel!" It was the ancient fourfold casting technique!

Casting multiple high-tier mantra spells was only the true god mage can achieve . A mage that can only cast one mantra spell was considered an ordinary . Mages that can dual-cast were considered geniuses within their generations and usually appointed as Empire's Mage Magistrate . Triple casting was even harder, mages that can cast triple mantra spell at the same time were considered gods .

But fourfold casting was something beyond gods can do . Only those who ascended and broke the last barrier can achieve it .

Kyou poured out everything she had . These spells were her own . She painstakingly created them for hundreds of years .

Diabolic Malediction was their racial awakening power . Kyou studied and modified it that will suit her . It increases her magical power tenfold for a short time .

The Diabolic Malice was a forbidden curse spell that invoked thousands of forbidden curses to the target .

The mantra spell Infernal Strike produces a magical sword that depends on the will and magical power of the caster . Behind Kyou, there are millions of sword imbued with magical power . They danced as they waited for their master's command .

Wrath of Babel was Kyou's ultimate and most dangerous spell . This was her trump card . This spell was so dangerous that it can cause her death if she uses it constantly . Behind the millions of swords, a figure of a winged woman holding a staff hovered .
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It was a magnificent sight to encounter . It was majestic .

"Eat this Holden!" Kyou shouted as blood came out of her eyes and nose . Kyou waved her staff and directed her spells on Holden!

"Bastard!" Holden was enraged . He didn't expect to fall into their trap . 'Infernal Meteor Hell as a decoy? What a pain in the ass . ' Holden's body trembled . Not because he was afraid, it's because he was thrilled . "Hahaha! Come! Let's see if you can defeat me! Let me witness your so-called ultimate power!"

Holden spread his arms wide and smiled, "Limit Off! Diabolic God! Berserk God! Hell!"

Holden also released everything he had . There was only darkness surrounding him . The entire area trembled due to the sudden released of his magical power .

"Haha! Sorry, but this place would be your resting place . "

Suddenly, Holden heard a woman's laughed behind him . For Holden, this voice sounds like death .

Holden gulped a mouthful of saliva . Before he can turn his head towards the woman, he felt something hot towards his chest . 'What is this?'

He looked at his chest and what he saw terrified him . A tiny delicate hands were embracing him .

"What are you doing?!" Holden exclaimed . Her face turned ashen white .

He tried grabbing these tiny hands away but they never budged . "Are you out of your mind?!"

Holden was getting anxious . Millions of swords were flying towards him .

"As I said, this would be your resting place! Haha!"

The woman behind Holden was none other than Fye .

She looked up and saw Kyou's shocked face . "Sorry . . . " Fye said in a low voice .

This was not included in their plan . But she doesn't have any choice, this was the only way to defeat Holden .