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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Surprise!

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Who is this man?

He’s terribly handsome .



Hm? He’s holding a mirror . That means…





「That’s correct . You realized it pretty quickly . 」


Ell became very handsome . He had silver hair that stretched down to his waist and golden eyes . Even though he has an androgynous appearance, I knew he was a man . He was cool . Like always, he has his bass voice .



Ell came close to me and placed the mirror in front of me .


「Take a look . This is you . 」


The person reflected from the mirror was…


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Naturally a baby .



But who is this?!



Reflected in the mirror was a baby with western looking features and blue-silver hair that looked violet as light reflected off of it . The eyes were a color of transparent emerald green .

The cheeks were plump and dyed pink .



When I opened my mouth out of surprise, the baby in the mirror opened her mouth too . Aside from that, I made several other movements . When I raised my left hand, the baby in the mirror also raised her hand . The baby in the mirror does the same exact movement as I do .



『Ell . Who is this?』


「Lia . It’s you . 」



…………… .


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『You are kidding, right? I mean she’s so……』


Hm? There is something like heat haze in front of me . That is strange .

I wonder what it is . It’s bendy and unpleasant .


「Uu~ . 」



Groaning, I lost conscious .







I woke up in a way similar to that sound .

My head hurts~ . I still feel dizzy and sick~ .

Where is this?

Thinking that, I surveyed my surrounding .

It seems like I was immediately placed in the crib .


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And beside me was Ell .


「You’re awake huh . 」


「Auー . 」


「Lia, you used too much Magic Power . Don’t use anymore today . 」


Eh? I used too much Magic Power?



[Status Open]



Name: Amelia

Age: 0

Race: Human Tribe







Ah . It’s true .

There is barely any MP left . Oops~ .

There is a name on the Name section of the Status!


「When you use up all your Magic Power, you won’t die, but you will feel sick and faint . You should keep track of how much you use . I have not heard about that, as I was absorbed in my telepathic communication . You should be careful from now on . Also, sorry, I didn’t notice your magic consumption . 」


Good grief, I was surprised when I suddenly collapsed . Because I have a lot of Magic Power . I can do things like telepathy, but as expected, Humans have a low amount of Magic Power .

For me to not realize my magic consumption . I still have a long way to go huh .



「Ai . 」

I won’t forget his kind smile .

Ell is very gentle .



「Sleep a little more . I’ll wake you up later . 」

He was honest and cute .


「Ai . 」