Tempered Immortal - Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

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After doing all this, Lin Xuan decided to lie down and

rest, in an attempt to recover his energy before he began cultivating.

Over the next few days, Lin Xuan did not immediately

begin converting trash pills, but rather decided to quietly observe

things for several days, although Zhao had clearly described

the situation here, he wasn’t convinced that he was told the

truth, even if there was no point for Zhao to lie to him, better

safe than sorry.

Moreover, the people who usually apply to  be stewards are the laziest cultivators, those unwilling to work hard, so then if someone who was known for his hard work were to come work here, wouldn’t that cause doubt?

Anyways, the path of a cultivator is a long one, and Lin Xuan was in no hurry, so he decided to spend time and secretly understand the going ons of his surroundings, ,meanwhile he is also building the image of being very lazy by closing himself off in his room, which will in turn keep others from disturbing him.

As long people fall for this false image he is projecting, later on when he begins to purify and cultivate no one would suspect anything.

After planning out his intentions, Lin Xuan started to put his plan into action over the next few days.

After about a week since he became a steward, Lin Xuan was able to quietly observe that Zhao did not lie that the jobs of the trash shop storage steward was easy, and that there really was nothing to do,except for the first day of every month, where a boy will come from the alchemy rooms to deliver a load of trash pills, other than those times not to even mention other cultivators visiting, even the outer disciples from other areas will not come here.

The entire area is usually isolated, but Lin Xuan is not concerned as this suits him best.

The mess in the trash storage room was worse than Zhao had said when he claimed that it had been thousands of year since anyone cleaned or did the accounts…….

In short, the whole house was full of trash pills that have been accumulated over thousands of years, and no one knew exactly how many there were, it was in other words… a treasure trove in the eyes of Lin Xuan.

Unfortunately, these pills were only purifying essence pills, and this could be considered the only downside.

But Lin Xuan’s need for the higher grade pills was a distant thing, so it’s best not to think about it.

After getting a clear idea of the situation, Lin Xuan decided that he has spent enough time in building the perfect illusion of laziness in the eyes of the other boys.

As far as the other boys know, their new steward spends all day sleeping and lazing about, a true eccentric just like the old man in the main house.

They knew that the new steward hates to be disturbed, so even when the boys went too close once and discovered the formation they were not surprised as they privately believed that he prepared so as to not be disturbed from his sleep.

Understanding this of course, none of them were foolish enough to attempt to enter within a ten meter radius of Lin Xuan’s home, and would take detours around it, all the jobs are also still managed by Zhao.

And this is the result that Lin Xuan wanted, and so Lin Xuan headed over to the storage room for a jade bottle, and returned to his house to begin purification.

Naturally, beforehand he also prepared some bread and dried meat as food, as cultivators who are still at the spirit gathering stage still require food.

After two days, Lin Xuan finished purifying an entire bottle of trash pills, as he cut down his purification time due to practice and experience. He is already extremely familiar with the purification process for trash pills, so of course his success rate is now much higher, and so he received thirty-six useful pills out of one hundred trash pills.

His speed is also a lot faster than before, of course, this is thanks to the added control he gained from being at the second layer of spirit gathering, as well as the size increase of the blue lights.

With the purified pills in hand Lin Xuan finally began cultivating, in accordance with the limits stated in the medical books, as well as his own experience he took  three pills three times a day.

Even though he lacked spiritual roots, Lin Xuan was able to cultivate at fast speeds as he was driven by the powerful drugs coupled with his hard work.

When he used up all the pills he had, Lin Xuan went back to get more trash pills, purified them, and cultivated again.

He repeated this cycle time and time again.

And in the same uninterrupted pattern, six months quickly went by.

Lin Xuan is cultivating in his room still using only pills, as he no longer went to the inner area to cultivate, even though he now has adequate power to do so, and is not afraid of hardships, there is simply no longer a need to do so. Since Lin Xuan took purified essence pills every day, he did not have to worry about the spiritual power in his surroundings running out.

However, Lin Xuan did not completely isolate himself, as he would know nothing about current events if he stayed inside all the time, so every few days he also went to the young hawk pavilion.

Since according to the rules of thundercloud valley, every so often a foundation building expert would come and give lessons to the spirit gathering disciples, and Lin Xuan was not willing to miss out on the lessons.

Even though the lessons were temporarily irrelevant, he still carefully listened, and wrote down the practice method, to save for some time in the future.

Over the past six months, Lin Xuan has taken thousands of purified essence pills, and under the effects of the drug, coupled with his hard work, Lin Xuan finally reached the fourth layer of spirit gathering stage, finally being considered as mid-level disciple.

Lin Xuan’s cultivation now is the same as those of his generation, as they are also mid-level disciples, not counting those who had excellent spiritual roots and were already at the fifth layer, while the majority were still hovering around in the third layer.

This is to say…..Lin Xuan left most of his peers behind.

To know that six months ago, he was at the first layer of the spirit gathering stage, and in just a few months managed to reach the fourth layer….his speed cannot be said to be the highest as very rarely do such geniuses appear who are able to cultivate that fast, but Lin Xuan had no spiritual roots and was no different from a common person.

The main reason is that immortal pills are truly amazing, since after all, in addition to having the purification ability, Lin Xuan can be considered to be the richest low-order disciple, as not even those who come from large sects are able to treat immortal pills as if they were candy.

Another reason is hard work, since Lin Xuan clearly understands that to succeed, you must first pay the price, so even with this purification ability, he still does not dare to be lazy, and works even harder than he did originally.

As a result, Lin Xuan did not get arrogant with the immediate success that he achieved, as he is still seen as a low-level disciple, since other people cannot know about his secret, and he keeps as far away as possible from other disciples and cultivators, in order to take no chances.