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Chapter 287

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"Good morning everyone. I have news for you." Simon walked into the room. He had been promoted to the position of Dean. "The school had just heard the Templar say that the top one hundred students would be able to visit the Hall of Valhalla."

"Fat Simon, are you sure? I thought that was only for the top ten students." Karl jumped out of his chair and asked incredulously.

Simon smiled and then said, "You are correct, It was only the top ten that could train with the Templar, but they are opening up the hall for more people. It has been a hundred years since anyone from outside of the Templar's court has stepped inside of the hall of Valhalla."

"So, you mean the competition would be fierce?" Karl pouted.

"Not really. But definitely more people would attend the tournament, that's for sure." Simon answered.

Since no one had ever been to the Hall of Valhalla, it remained as an elusive and mysterious place to most people. Some students who had insisted that the Hall never existed were convinced that it was only a ruse played out by the Templar to increase the number of participants of the tournament.

Upon hearing the news, Wang Tong smiled, cherishing his incredible luck. He was determined to go to the Templar's court, and was ready to search every corner of the court to find the Hall of Valhalla. Yet, he found his ticket to the Valhalla was already set on a plate for him by the Templar.

On the distant Norton, the Confederation alliance had joined forces and was hammering a devastating blow to the Zergs. Although the military expenses piled up high like a hill, weighing on the shoulders of the alliance, it was still a much cheaper option than destroying the planet and losing all the investments.

The news reported one victory after another, without telling the public that there were more human troops on the ground then Zergs.

However, planet Norton was almost hollowed out a few thousand meters underneath the ground, where the humans could not gain access. A few hundred thousand Encephalon and Queens gathered around, and among them stood a humanoid shadow.

A circle of fleshy balls whose surface pulsed as if it were alive surrounded the shadow. The humanoid creature screamed, commanding the Queens to lay more balls. The balls started to undulate and creep towards the humanoid shadow, until a few dozen balls had completely covered it up.

Wrapped in the balls, the shadow started to evolve.

Wang Tong sneaked out of campus after his weekend training. He had been looking forward to the fight with Jie Jian.

When he arrived at the virtual cafe, he saw a crowd of people was already at the gate, waiting to get in. Wang Tong started to worry if he would be able to get a machine.

The receptionist recognized Wang Tong and led him into the café, "Don't worry about it the crowd; we had reserved your VIP room. Quality of the service is our guarantee."

Wang Tong arrived at the familiar VIP room, logged onto the terminal and then signed in as Einherjar Wannabe.

The DREAM had prepared an isolated arena for the fight. Although DREAM had signed the agreement to carry out the fight behind closed doors, they had allowed the public to loiter outside of the arena.

When Wang Tong arrived at the arena, thousands of people were already waiting for him at the gate. Sensing that Einherjar wannabe had arrived, DREAM cracked opened the eastern gate. A golden carpet immediately appeared under Einherjar Wannabe's feet, guiding his way to the gate.

The PA players boiled over at the sight of their hero, the players eager to see him win the fight. Lie Jian had looked down on the IPA player and made a few rude comments before, blatantly calling them amateurs.

Although it was a blatant verbal abuse in the eyes of the earthlings, to the Martians, Lie Jian's comment was not only true, but also gave him a manly and no-nonsense character.

A few hundred thousand people rushed towards Einherjar Wannabe. Thanks to the energy barrier, he was spared from being crushed by his own fans.

Wang Tong was unruffled by the wave of feverish fans; he had seen much worse than fans.

"Einherjar! Send that little b*stard home!"

"Knock his f*cking head off!"

"Kill, kill, kill!"

The cheers of the public were deafening. They had wanted to see this fight for too long, and right then, all that suppressed anticipation exploded into a mindless thirst for violence.

Suddenly, the western, northern and the southern gates also opened up, and three golden carpets found their way to Lie Jian, Michaux, and Patroclus.

The volume of the cheers reached a new height, as the public were taken over by their excitement on seeing so many legendary fighters at once.

Despite their young age, all three fighters remained calm at the sight of the turbulent sea of people.

The four proceeded into the arena as the gate shut behind them.

All news outlets started their "broadcasting". It was barely a broadcast since no one knew what was going on inside the arena, and all the public could do was watch a few experts arguing about their speculations based on the change of soul energy they had sensed.

Doubts towards Einherjar Wannabe had never been uncommon, as many people called him a cheater and a coward. However, all the doubts were washed away after his appearance at the arena.

As soon as the four young men walked into the arena, they found the loud cheers disappear. The four looked at one another for a while, until the three of them decided to settle their gaze on Einherjar Wannabe.

Einherjar Wannabe cracked a smile, "Thank you for coming. I knew all of you have the same question, and I promise that you will get the answer you seek today."

Einherjar Wannabe's words had hit the mark. The mysterious Einherjar Wannabe had held many secrets: his identity, tactics, age, etc. Each answer was more irresistible to the Great Houses than the one before.

"Great! I like your attitude!" Patroclus praised, then he turned to Lie Jian, "Lie Jian, I wonder if you are willing to let me fight on your behalf?"

Unlike Lie Jian and Mi Xiu, who were still wondering about Einherjar Wannabe's real identity, Patroclus had already seen through the cover, because just at the first sight, his tactics of the Deva King had reacted the only way it would in front of an heir of the Blade Warrior.

The legend had returned, and the Dower had been waiting for him for three hundred years.

Patroclus could not hide the anxiousness inside him, and even Lie Jian and Michaux found Patroclus out of his character.

"Patroclus, this is our fight, not yours. You are a witness, so do just that." There was no way that Lie Jian would let Patroclus fight in his stead.

A smile found the corner of Michaux's lips as he unfurled his soul energy and spread it across the arena like a web. The presence of Michaux's soul energy seemed to have soothed Patroclus's mind and evaporated his eagerness to fight "Ah... of course. That was rather...untoward of me. "

"Alright then, let's do it!" Lie Jian announced.

Lie Jian licked his lips, revealing a row of teeth. He wondered what had made Patroclus act out of character, and he conceded that the only way to find out the answer was to fight.

Without even moving a muscle, Patroclus and Mi Xiu pushed back about 20 meters. If there were audiences around, they would be stunned by the two witness' moves.

Lie Jian extended his right hand, and the soul energy that had taken the form of fire burnt brightly on his skin. Lie Wushuang's soul fire paled under the comparison of Lie Jian's much brighter and more intense blaze.

These were the real Tactics of the Blaze.