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Chapter 556

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Chapter 556: The Perfect Man

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Wang Tong flew into the sky, and it wasn't until then that people remembered Battle Wolf's badass Captain.

Yin Tianzong and Vorenus both veered to the side and made room for him in the air. Gun Dongyang and Xiao Yuyu had also paused their attacks and appeared beside him. The rest of the soldiers on the ground cranked up their GN force and pushed the Zergs back for a few dozen meters.

Wang Tong folded his hands and started chanting an unknown spell. As he did so, Guan Dongyang and Xiao Yuyu lowered their elevation and formed a triangle with their leader.

"Is our Captain a METAL warrior or a caster?"

"What a stupid question! Our Captain is a god!"


"Our captain was the only person who had defeated Patroclus. He is the dragon warrior, the heir of the Blade Warrior…He is Wang Tong!"

He was the only human METAL warrior who could also cast spells. The spell he was casting right now required the help of two additional legendary casters. Below them were twenty or so level nineteen casters who were also transferring their power to him.

The soldiers were stupefied by the scene, and they simply couldn't comprehend how powerful this spell was going to be. Hans stared at the triangle formation speechlessly. The incredible scene had made him forgot that he was still in a war.

As Wang Tong chanted, vibrant red lights ran down the sky. The red had a blood undertone to it, which naturally evoked fear in the hearts of the onlookers. The color gradually turned darker until blotches of dark spots appeared. By then, the sky seemed to have been scorched by flames.

The temperature increased, and the soldiers on the ground started to feel difficulty breathing in the boiling hot air. The mastery casters were more sensitive to the changes in the natural energy, and they could tell that a powerful force was driving the natural energies to conglomerate. Wang Tong was not simply borrowing the natural energy; he was outright using it as a weapon. Perhaps that was the power of the god.

Suddenly, thousands of rays of golden lights shot out from Wang Tong's body as he shouted, "Divine Punishment! "

The earth moaned at the release of an unthinkable amount of energies while the sky rained fire. It looked beautiful from a distance, but it was hell for the Zergs. The fire burned so intensely that the Zergs were reduced into crispy fries before they even came to contact with it. Even the dark ones could not escape their doomed fate.

Everyone who watched this spell from afar was stunned by the unprecedented power at display. This was the most powerful spell they had and would ever see in their lives.

One word resonated inside of everyone's heart: God.

The fiery rain lasted for only a dozen seconds; however, it was able to annihilate the entire Zerg force completely. The only few Zergs that survived the Armageddon dashed away from the battlefield in fear and delirium.

Seeing Wang Tong and his heroic cohort approach the city wall, the three leaders of the major factions greeted them with warm smiles.
"Congratulations, Lord of the City!"

Not sure who had started shouting Battle wolf's name, but soon, the entire city joined in. The sun finally reached the zenith, and its light kissed the warriors' cheeks softly.

People had finally seen the light after the long dark night.

Meanwhile, Sanders was still contemplating if he should send in reinforcements to Maersa. It had proven to be a difficult decision to make. He had suffered a few defeats lately, and his men needed to rest. But, he didn't want to lose his credibility to the other factions by changing his mind at the last moment. In the end, he had decided to station a small number of forces just outside the battlefield to help any human soldiers who got out of the battle alive to escape.

"My lord, I have good news!"

"Oh? What? The Maersa City is safe now?" Sanders was startled by the news. "Didn't you say that Zergs had sent in an entire legion? How is it possible? "

"We are not certain either. But, we saw herds of Zergs running away from the city. Our scouts also said that the entire Zerg army was defeated in mere minutes. The soldiers of Maersa are now chasing those runaway Zergs down."

Sanders sat down slowly, at a complete loss. How was that even possible? What had happened?

He knew that there was a legendary warrior inside the city, but he doubted a single warrior would be able to change the tide of the battle so utterly.

"Boss, you are in luck!" The messenger broke Syracuse's train of thoughts. He looked up at his employee and remarked calmly. "They did it?"

"Definitely! They somehow defeated the Zergs."

Hearing the news, Syracuse's employees looked at him with deep respect and admiration for his accurate prediction of the outcome. Syracuse's decision to work with Wang Tong had met strong tailwinds at the board meetings. However, he had forced the board of directors to come to terms with his decision using his veto rights—something that he had rarely used. That being said, the other board members didn't back down entirely because they had given up. Instead, some of them wanted to see him get himself into trouble for his recklessness, and his influence in the company fall.

However, everyone wondered what had given him so much confidence in a small motley crew.

As Syracuse was steeped in the satisfaction of knowing that he had won a risky bet, the skynet rang.

"Grandpa, what's up?"

"It's time to make an end to what you have started."

"Yes, grandpa."

Syracuse's decision had gotten the backing of the most influential figure in the company: his grandfather. From the very beginning, the shrewd businessman knew that there were larger stakes at play.

The victory of the Maersa City was inspiring news to the entire south-east quadrant of the Mars. In the past, a victory of such a scale would not be possible without the joint effort of House Lie, Divine Mastery Sect, and the Kaedeians.

The victory also taught the human soldiers a lesson: only with unity would humanity prevail. The outcome of the war was far less meaningful than the value of this lesson.

Soon after the battle was over, humans started working on rebuilding the city of Maersa.

After experienced the war together, the various faction leaders no longer bickered against each other. Instead, everyone helped each other and worked as a team. Even after the return of Wang Tong, the other faction leaders didn't get marginalized as they were still active at every meeting. Although Yin Tianzong and Guan Dongyang were powerful warriors, their abilities in managing a city were limited. Therefore, the much more experienced managers such as Aamir and Marcos had become a valuable asset to the city.

As a leader, they didn't need to be powerful on the battlefield; but, they definitely needed to be shrewd and experienced while dealing with people.
After the battle, it occurred to all the leaders that the chain of command in the city needed to be consolidated. Leveraging on the expertise of Marcos and Aamir, Wang Tong was able to successfully refine the military structure while keeping everyone content.

After coming back from that nightmarish world, Lie Xuan had also upgraded to level twenty. What had happened in that strange world still played like a lucid dream in her mind. However unreal and incomprehensible that world was to her, her improvement was real.

During the struggle inside the dreamy space, the bond between Lei Xuan and Guan Dongyang was strengthened. She had helplessly fallen in love with the Guan Dongyang on the battlefield; his every move was so manly and brave that they tugged at her heartstrings.

Xiao Yuyu starred at Wang Tong as she reflected on what had happened. From loathing to admiration, her feeling toward Wang Tong had changed drastically during the time she had spent with him. By now, she regarded him as the only perfect man in the world, as even Michaux lost his brilliance under comparison. Having fought side by side with him and witnessed his godly demeanor, she doubted that any girl would be immune to his charm.

Xiao Yuyu glanced at the crowd around her and found Ye Zi on her side. The infatuation on her face told her that the latter had fallen for Wang Tong much harder than she had. If Lie Xuan had not been dating Guan Dongyang, she would be Wang Tong's next victim as well.