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Chapter 559

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Chapter 559: We Are Family

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Tan Dun had been reveling during this business trip. The people in the city needed his food, and that made him feel like a god. Who the hell did Wang Tong think he was? Without his supply, Wang Tong and his band might as well starve to death.

Although Tan Dun was under Zambrotta's command, he had a special connection with House Lie through a fraternity reserved for only the princelings on Mars. Tan Dun was proudly born on Mars, and he held prejudice against immigrants such as Wang Tong. He outright despised his background as the heir of the Blade Warrior—Bah! Another pesky immigrant from the past.

His mission on this trip, in addition to making loads of money off the immigrants, was to give Wang Tong a dose of reality. He would show the latter that Mars belonged to only Martians, and immigrants like him would forever be under the mercy of their landlords.

"Make Mars Great again!" As he had often shouted at the fraternity gatherings.

Seeing the mess on the floor, Aamir pulled a dark face and scolded the servant girl. "What have you done?"

"Sorry, I am sorry. " Fear struck the girl as she hurried a reply without realizing that it was not her fault at all. Han Dun snorted at the girl and his hosts. "Captain Aamir, is this the so-called hospitality in Maersa? What kind of rubbish is this? You dare openly insult a representative from the Egypt City?" Han Dun gradually raised his voice until he sounded like a squealing pig.

"Xiao Jin, what is going on? Don't worry." Ye Zi pulled the girl to a side and comforted her.

"Mr. Han...not happy with the meal... It is…It is my fault."

"And then, Mr. Han threw this food at you?" Wang Tong asked slowly.
"I am sorry, my lord!" Xiao Jin lowered her head and shook it violently; she was too afraid to meet Wang Tong's eyes.

Wang Tong looked to Han Dun, and then he cracked a smile. "Mr. Han Dun, my name is Wang Tong." Wang Tong said as he extended his hand for a handshake.

Tan Dun didn't reach out his hand; instead, he lolled in his chair and said, "Aren't you the heir of the Blade Warrior? I think you are nothing but a fraud! Discipline your servant first before talking to me." Tan Dun said as he shot Xiao Jin a cold glance.

"I will talk to her after we are done here. I am here to talk about a setback in a recent business agreement we had made with you. I was told that you had changed your mind after everything was set in stone. Is that true?"

"Ah…yes. You know better than me how tumultuous the current state of affairs is. Price fluctuates, and that's just the way it is. Mind you that I am a very busy person, so if you can't pay up what you owe me, I will pack up and leave for home tomorrow. I can't stand one more day of this inhumane treatment! "Han Dun said as he spat on the spilled dished on the ground.

Although Aamir still wore a smiley mask, Ye Zi's face was already contorted by anger. The food prepared for Han Dun was the most expensive meal the city could offer. They were saved for special occasions, and not even the leaders could get their hands on those delicacies.

If Wang Tong was pissed, he didn't let his mood change his warm and welcoming expression. "I understand that. So, I urge you to transfer our purchase right now... The sooner it arrives here, the sooner you can get out of this horrible place."

Aamir was shocked by Wang Tong's threats. Maersa needed friends, but he was not helping at all.

Han Dun paused for a second and then burst out laughing. "How dare you? Haha! Do you even know who I am? Take your words back before I crush your city!"

"Hehe, I really didn't get the memo on your background. But, regardless of who you are, you need to ship out our purchase and let me decide if I will regret my words."

"You are courting death!" Han Dun shouted as he slapped Wang Tong's face using his famous move, the butterfly palm.

Seeing that the situation had gone out of control, Aamir heave a sigh. In the next moment, Han Dun shrieked painfully and was rolling on the ground in agony; his hand seemed to have gotten injured. Hearing the commotion, Han Dun's guards, both level eighteen warriors, rushed in and were ready to fight.

Suddenly, Yin Tianzong picked up the two guards by the back of their collar. Not sure what had caught them, the guards panicked and were rendered motionless by fear.

"Throw them out." Wang Tong ordered.

Yin Tianzong yanked his arms and threw the two guards a few dozen feet away. Even after they gathered themselves, the guards refrained from making any moves as they didn't want to face off a legendary warrior.

Wang Tong picked up Han Dun by the hair and asked, "Mr. Han, I assume you have agreed to our terms. So, let's talk about the unpleasant service you have received. Why don't you start by apologizing to Miss Xiao Jin?"

"Dream on, you b*stard!" Han Dun shirked. "My daddy will not let you get away with this! You will be facing the ire of Zambrotta for disrupting the order!"

"Mr. Han, I am from the Earth, so of course I can't follow the order on Mars. But anyway, let's get back to our topic. Are you going to apologize?"

"It's alright, my lord. " Xiao Jin shook her head as she didn't want any more trouble. Deep down, she was touched by Wang Tong's gallantry already.

"That is not alright, Xiao Jin. Remember this: we are a family! And as the leader of the family, I will not allow prick like him to get away with bullying you." Wang Tong turned to Han Dun and smiled again. An unseen force struck the princeling as he let out an agonizing cry. It only had been a few minutes, and Han Dun was already drenched in his own sweat.

"I am sorry..." A few words finally escaped Han Dun's clenched jaws.

"What? Did you say anything? "Wang Tong pretended that he didn't hear anything while he doubled down on the pain he unleashed.

"Sorry! I am SORRY!" Unable to cope with the pain, Han Dun shouted.

"That's it! Xiao Jin, would you accept this idiot's apology?" Wang Tong asked.

"Yes. I'm fine now. Thank you, my lord." Xiao Jin was on the verge of crying. Never had she thought that Wang Tong would serve justice to her in person.

Wang Tong nodded and then picked Han Dun up. "Well, since Mr. Han didn't like our food, we just won't serve him any."

"Sounds like a plan!" Ye Zi was lit up with glee as she hailed Wang Tong's decision. Aamir heaved a sigh; Wang Tong was too young and too powerful to understand the importance of allies. The harm had already been done, and Aamir wasn't sure what he could do next.

"My lord, you acted too spontaneously back there. Mars is a complicated place, and we need to be careful and always watch our words and actions." Aamir advised Wang Tong on the way back. He was concerned about the consequence of not giving Han Dun any food until the goods had arrived.

"Captain Aamir, with all due respect, I don't think I was unfair at all. We had an agreement with him, and he screwed us up. He needs to be taught a lesson before he thinks he owns the world."

Ye Zi chided, "I agree with Wang Tong. Captain Aamir, why are you so afraid of this b*stard?"

"Dear Ye Zi, I hate him as much as you do. But, we have to be responsible to our people who are still waiting for the food." Aamir complained. If not for the wellbeing of all citizens in Maersa, he would have beaten that prick to death a long time ago already.

Wang Tong patted on Aamir's shoulder and then said, "Captain Aamir, I understand you fully. But like I said, we are a family, and we look after each other."
Aamir paused for a second as he realized that it had been a while since someone called him a family.