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Chapter 562

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Chapter 562: Champion Security Guard

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"Boss, don't forget about the Flame Squad. Give us a chance please!"

Hearing the eagerness in the soldier's voice, Lewinsky's face turned black. "Who do they think they are? They are supposed to be afraid of us."

The soldiers in the Maersa city were so undisciplined and rowdy that they looked only a little better than street hooligans. Even the security staffs at the site, who were supposed to maintain order, had raised their hands and stuck their neck out in order to be noticed by Wang Tong.

"Shut up! Shut up all of you! We have guests today!" Wang Tong shouted. Lewinsky felt that Wang Tong didn't shout at his soldiers to install order; instead, that was just the way he talked to his men.

"Boss, we are in charge of the security in the city. Pick one from my team, please." Tan Bu pleaded to Wang Tong. His crew had been urging him to put in a good word for them as soon as they heard that he would need a few champions.

"Buzz off! You all have a job to do! Brother Bu, can you help me chose one of your men?" The warriors who had come back from the crystal space had been separated into three groups, and each was lead by Tan Bu, Lun Duo, and Bu Zhihuo.

"Yes, my lord!" Bu Zhihuo mostly kept things to himself. However, he was trustworthy and honest. Ever since he came back from the crystal world, he had found his place in Battle Wolf. He found hope in Wang Tong, which gave him strength and determination.

"Valentin, make it quick." Bu Zhihuo pointed randomly at a soldier. As Valentin scurried toward the battleground, the rest of the soldiers' heads drooped in disappointment.

"Well, well! Cornwall, have you seen how full of themselves they are? I believe that you will know what to do." Lewinsky was beyond furious. The casualness in Bu Zhihuo while he picked the champion was in stark contrast to the process of hand-picking the soldiers Lewinsky had brought with him.

Champions of both sides arrived at the battleground. Cornwall unsheathed his long blade and let his powerful level twenty soul energy pour out of his sea of consciousness. He was confident that he would be able to prevail in any fight as long as he was not facing against faction leaders such as Aamir.

Sensing his opponent's soul energy, Valentin stood unflinchingly. He took his time and channeled out a trickle of soul energy. His action went against the rule of thumb of fighting, to crank up the soul energy as soon as possible.

Cornwall's face blackened as he felt being insulted by the security guard's action. He was a level twenty lieutenant; how dare the latter not take him seriously? This was unacceptable!

Cornwall didn't want to waste any more time, so he attacked directly. His long blade sent out numerous razor slashes of burning lights at his opponent. Valentin dashed left and right to dodge the attacks coming from all directions, not wasting any of his energy on unnecessary moves.

Even after a few seconds, none of Cornwall's attacks had landed on Valentin, making the former anxious. It was evident that his opponent was much faster than him. He still had the initiative right now, but sooner or later, Valentin was going to counterattack. The thought scared Cornwall greatly, as he didn't want to be defeated by a no account security guard.

Hence, Cornwall gathered strength and released all of his power at once while charging at Valentin, hoping to end the battle with one powerful strike. His move was the most common technique used by Martians, the Belligerent Dash.

But, right before the powerful attack was about to land on Valentin, the young security guard's soul power suddenly surged. A fire of deadly power burned inside his eyes as he cranked up his GN force and poured it into his weapon, slashing at his attacker.

After an ear-deafening explosion, the battleground became so quiet that the audiences could even hear a pin drop. Even the soldiers in Maersa were shocked by the power in Valentin. No one inside the city had seen the power of warriors who were trained by Wang Tong himself until today.
After a single exchange of blow. Cornwall's blade was snapped in half. A cold blade now rested against the nap of Cornwall's neck as blood trickled along the sharp edge and dripped to the ground. Holding the blade, Valentin no longer looked like an ordinary security guard; he was a bloodthirsty demon straight from hell.

The guests from the Egypt city were high-level warriors, but even they were shocked by the display of strength.

Lewinsky hurried to the stage and admitted defeat in the first round before Cornwall received more wounds. The citizens and the soldiers alike cheered and applauded for Valentin's decisive victory.

"I hope I didn't disappoint you, my lord." Valentin bowed to Wang Tong.

"You have done well. Take a rest." Wang Tong dismissed Valentin with a wave. Lewinsky wanted to say something, but he failed to find words in his mouth.

"Mr. Lewinsky, that's round one. Who would you like to fight in round two?" Wang Tong asked with a smile.

"I have heard a lot about the famous mastery caster Guan Dongyang, and I wonder if I will have the honor of fighting him today?" The quiet warrior who stood in the middle of his teammates finally spoke out.

"This is the legendary sword master, Flame Blade Chamucha." Lewinsky introduced the warrior to Wang Tong with a smug smile. He represented the strongest power in the Egypt City, and had always been Han Dun family's "fire-fighter."

Ever since the farce started, Lie Xuan and Guan Dongyang had kept their silence. After living with Guan Dongyang, Lie Xuan had changed her personality. She no longer saw herself as the privileged princess of House Lie; instead, she was a member of Battle Wolf, just like everyone else around her. Therefore, she rarely spoke up her own mind, since she felt the other's opinions were equally as important. However, seeing someone challenging her loved one. She couldn't resist speaking up. "Dongyang, teach him a lesson."

Guan Dongyang didn't reply. It was not his place to decide if he would accept the challenge or not, since Wang Tong was the one making the calls.

Wang Tong held Chamucha's gaze for a while and then announced, "Mr. Chamucha, I am not sure if it is wise to unleash legendary spells in this crowded city. Why don't you pick a METAL warrior instead? Yin Tianzong, would you please spar with Mr. Chamucha?"

"Yes, my lord." Yin Tianzong stepped forward. He had been so quiet that no one had realized that he was with Wang Tong. A swell of murmur rose among the Maersa warriors. Everyone had heard that Yin Tianzong had reached level twenty-three.

Lewinsky gasped after seeing that even Guan Dongyang had to obey Wang Tong's order.

Chamucha furrowed his brows as he had never heard of his opponent's name. However, as he scanned Yin Tianzong with his soul energy, he registered that they were on the same level.



Both high-level warriors were extremely polite to each other as they started off the fight.

Zing! Zing!


The audiences heard explosions and saw sparks everywhere, but they were shocked to see that neither of the two warriors had even moved a hair.

"Brilliant technique! May I ask who you are?"

"Yin Tianzong…Master of the Martian Branch, Templar's court."

Yin Tianzong had worked clandestinely on Mars for his entire life, but since Wang Tong was here, he could finally reveal his real identity to the world.
Wielding a blade and a shield fluently at the same time, Yin Tianzong was a much more skilled warrior than people had thought. He had been one of the best students of the grandmaster while he trained in the court.
Seeing this, the court brothers felt their blood boiling. They had to hide their identity and operate under shadows for so many years. Thanks to their young master, Wang Tong, they could finally tell people who they were with pride and honor.

"Who are you?" Yin Tianzong was also intrigued by the power of Chamucha and wanted to know more about him.

"The Flame Blade Chamucha…I trained under the school of the Reckless Blades."

Although not a lot of people had heard the name of Chamucha, everyone knew about the Reckless Blades. Some called him the Blade Demon because of his devastating power. However, he was never interested in helping humans in eliminating the Zergs, as he spent most of his time perfecting his sword techniques. He was an eccentric hermit who was merciless toward anyone who dared to disturb his peace, regardless if the trespassers were human or Zergs.

Like Zambrotta, the Demon Blade had been on the list of the ten deadliest warriors on Mars.

Unlike the onlookers, Yin Tianzong was unmoved by his opponent's background. He studied in the Templar's Court, a much more prestigious and wholesome place than the school of a heartless demon.

The two warriors started to crank up their power; sensing danger, the audiences backed away from the stage. At that moment, Chamucha attacked suddenly. As the natural power gathered in his system, he channeled them to the long edge of his blade until it was red hot and packed with deadly force. The stage was surprisingly quiet, since both warriors tried to minimize their sound to hide their moves away from their opponents.